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Season 12 Final, Race 10 A1 Ring Setup Thread

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. It's the final race and championship still possible for both David and Sean.28 points separates the two so that means David has to place himself higher than Sean. If David wins and Sean comes in fifth, the latter gets the trophy with points tied and more wins, 3 against 5.. David has to finish in the top three if Sean DNFs, something that has happened yet (knock on wood mate). Anything can happen, weather could be tricky so check Daniels forecast when it arrives.

    Reik missed two races so his championship is over but that third place needs dome serious defending. 4 drivers are battling for his place so final race is gonna be a thriller.

    Personally i can say that when i'm inevitably going to be lapped, i'm not gonna waste a millisecond of top 7 time , but you ain't gonna get tow either ;)


    Track itself is highly technical, simple layout with some elevation and camber. Curbs are tricky but you need to lean against them a lot to get the best laptime. That makes setup favor low fast rebound times to make the tires drop down faster with (i guess) pretty high downforces that have been the trend in this season. Turns are high G and loading left side with only two right hand curves, it could be that everyone is 1 stopping. Pit lane is probably the longest compared to lap length in the whole season.

    Two highspeed braking zones are really important to get them right and the mid-section Rauch and Wurth will eat time and tires. First turn is tricky as it launches your car towards heaven, braking there can cause some surprises: it's uphill braking, you got super high grip so temptation to make it super short arrives. You can brake 5 times identically, you start to think it's easy and the sixth one just goes wide.. But good cornering speed is important as the next turn is the main passing place, again uphill braking. Then a shorter straight and high g braking point on the level, it tricks your mind and going wide is very common. Last part of the track is relatively easy, after the last uphill a slight tap on the brakes, two gears down and truly enjoyable corner named after Jochen Rindt where you are dancing at the crest to turn-in and then slam on the throttle before the apex. Then it's "just" the last turn but mistake here will carry all the way thru the main straight.

    A friendly warning: almost all curbs end with a hidden danger, a raised plane that jolts your car (IIRC it's 10cm off the ground). You loose control very easily so make sure you don't ride them too long. Last turn is the worst as taking the curb long there will make it easier to carry more speed thru it.
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  2. Some details on the above post is not correct, i just did quick math and my head is not a calculator :) But what i am is track builder and:


    There are three solutions to this, each with their own pros and cons.

    1: I fix it by raising the boards by 3m. It isn't pretty but it works. This has the major advantage that it doesn't cause mismatches (i need to test it of course first) with the server.
    2: I fix it by disabling the "collideable" parameter set to 0. All clients and server needs to be updated.
    3: I don't fix it and EVERY driver needs to treat that place as "no pass zone". That means absolutely no passing in turn 1.

    I can't find any other solutions to this, the straight line speed is at MAX directly on that point and there are two possible reasons why this huge error has been passed. Either track builder really hates us and wants as many DNFs as possible or it's simple a mistake.

    I want us to vote on this. So post your choice and i'll look in to this matter, provide updates (all reall, really small either the board "xxx.gmt" is updated or A1RING.TRK is updated, both mere kilobytes in size). I can't let this one go, it is unacceptable for me to let this one slide.
  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    i love your first post kennett but the last one above is a bit crazy, why would anyone be off track to collide with the board while trying to pass? everythings been fine with it any other time weve used the track, no point modding it now.
  4. It is literally tens of cm from the track border. The way i found it was very very tiny veer on the grass. The board is larger than it seems, go check it out. Driver can think he is on track bounds and collide with it. It is magnified by the overtaking which happens precisley at that point: you are closest to it there. Driver on the inside can push just slightly on you: bang, your are dead.

    I've repeatedly said we should either skip EVERY TRACK that has such problems or fix them. Why would anyone think this kind of racing is acceptable is beyond me. To make it PrestoGP safe, each and every driver needs to be 3m at least from the white lines. I can drive according to rules so that you will not make that risk but let that pass go. Is that fair? We are far better than this.
  5. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    what kind of racing lol its acceptable coz its fine and never been a problem before, now youve brought it up some might worry about it and stay away but last season i remember going side by side with dino into turn 1 and everything was fine.
  6. Ok, if everyone is fine with a concrete slab on the side of the road, that is fine. For me, it is not ok but i can not fight against what is accepted. I can not understand it bt i guess it's my fault then to think what is best for racing perspective. It's instant DNF, if it happens at the start, it's several DNFs. What ever, i'm wrong again to think that PrestoGP, a series that makes so much effort on drivers safety completes disregards track safety.
  7. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    jeez kennett, why do you have to take it so personal and why do you need to come out with those silly comments, of course presto is all about safety, but your having a fit about a track that weve used countless times and had no problems, remember you were the guy trying to get us not to use watkins glen because it had a stupid horizon, maybe you look at things like that, i dont, and i tend to try stay on the track when racing so track boards that are off track mean nothing to me.

    maybe because your a track builder it means more to you to see mistakes made in others work but the rest of us dont think like that, tbh i dont give a monkeys what the track looks like to either side of the grey stuff and white lines, it could be pure white with no features for all i care, what you should focus on is driving not fault finding :thumbsup:
  8. Hmm... this is a bit different. The board is literally so close that you tires don't have to leave the track completely. Why we are using sub par track when these are sooo easily fixed baffles me still. If you look at that board, it is intentionally moved closer to track than any other board. It is intentional trap and yes, you can race there 20 times and have zero accidents. Or you can race there once and have it happen on the first lap. It is accident waiting to happen. Zero accidents on there is amazing luck and not considering it as a major flaw is.. Well, you can not pass there, period. If you do, you are risking both drivers. If you are fine with that then it's on you. I will go middle of the road.

    Why we can't fix these? Seriously, what is the reason? It just don't enter in my mind to see something that can be fixed not be fixed because of.. i don't know, laziness? I can think of only one reason, to bring new members more easily to the series and that reason is worthy enough but come one, this is final race. I can fix this in mere minutes that won't affect new members (well, they will still have the instant death..). Instead we will race there with, hopefully 15 drivers at least for +40 laps. That is 600 laps of passing a place where you are centimeters from death. How come i'm the only one to see that this is major concern. The fact that it hasn't happened does not mean it won't happen.
  9. [​IMG]

    One centimeter to the left and you are dead. I rest my case.
  10. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    well if you think about your last statement that "just because it hasnt happened does not mean it wont happen" then think of the attention youve drawn to it now, its even less likely to happen, you came up with a good reason not to mod tracks, newcomers who wont have our version, which would put off a lot of potential members, theres still plenty who use the presto servers, another thing is these tracks have been used for 12 seasons, mostly we know their bugs and we drive with them in mind, sometimes we find a new one but its rare these days, the one youve found has came up once before, i think it was peter marshall who got nudged off track and collided with it, went up in the air and landed some 300ft away, but the point of that is, he was off the track, why anybody would be driving so close to the line at that point of the straight is silly anyhoo, if it was 50m board and turn in point then id complain but 150m board you shouldnt even be near wether hotlapping, defending or attacking.

    tell the truth though, you just want to fix things, you were the kid who dismantled his dads vhs to see how the heads worked, or took apart a tv just to see what made it work, dont worry ive been that kid too but ive learned that more often than not, if somethings not broke, dont try fix it. ;)
  11. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    heres my last seasons pb at a1 ring, if you notice my line kennet while trying to take it the fastest way possible, i dont get anywhere near the line until the 50m turn in point, i think this will be the most extreme left line anyone uses, in the race we might even be another foot or two towards the middle of the track but if anyone drives like your picture not only do they risk the board bug, they risk spinning themselves out with having 2 wheels on the grass in the first place.
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  12. You got me spot on.. I'm also the guy who fixes the shopping trolleys wonky wheels on the local super market. :) I just hate when things that could be fixed, aren't. Only exception to that rule is my life. But i'm not giving up on fixing things outside of it, that's how i was brought up.. We are a family that brings home a brand new appliance, find a fault in it and instead of complaining about it, we disassemble it, fix the part that was designed by a monkey and put it back together instead of calling customer support and getting a new one with exact the same fault... :roflmao: It's family tradition, on both sides.. We just celebrated the anniversary of a drill that is as old as i am and chainsaw that is as old as my little brother, most people out there would find that odd . I find that amazing. And i think this world needs more people like me (and everything built today is just crap and it's appalling how wasteful we are when inefficient design and built-in faults are in the majority of things we surround ourselves with. It makes me sick in my stomach)
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  13. Also, i think that this customary pickering we tend to do has awarded enough attention to that board that everyone who reads this know to avoid that place like the plague. So my intention is "kind of*" fulfilled.

    (* I still think we should fix our tracks instead of working around the problems, even if it means one or two new drivers less per year. That has nothing to do with ambition or egoistic recognition, i just want 100% perfect working tracks instead of anything below that... All that is not, is below what our combined talents deserve. If we would've done this from season..hmm , i can't remember but we would've had members that stay and reputation of perfection. Or a dead league, allthou i strongly think that the attention to detail would've trumped the few that have joined thru public servers...)
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  14. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    sometimes we just need to deal with it though, ive done alot of electronic and electrical stuff in my life and it annoys me when someone uses tape to join wires instead of soldering or a proper connector, annoys me if the wrong fuses are used in plugs, stuff like that, just like it annoys you when mistakes are made in tracks, sometimes thats all to do with the persons limited time to spend on bug fixing though, im just happy they decided to release the tracks in the first place, they and others have given me 5 years of enjoyment for free

    p.s can i ask you to relay my congratulations to the drill and chainsaw :thumbsup:
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  15. I will, 40 and 30 years is a lot to ask from a tool. Not enough for a tool like me.
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  16. So is anyone actually going to post a setup in the "setup thread"??? :) I may be finished with the last deliverable on my contract before Wednesday and actually make a race this season.
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  17. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

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  18. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    If 1st alternative to raise the 150m signs is possible, please do. Check my dnf race report from last season :thumbsdown:
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  19. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    its only possible if everyone downloads kennetts fix and installs, it also means nobody except those with the fix can join the servers.

    if you dnf'd on it last season peter, are you likely to again this season?
  20. Found the fault. The signs have been lowered to the ground at the last minute and forgotten to take collideable tag off:


    This is taken at their correct height, exactly 2,5m on height axis lift. And David is right, everyone has to update or no one. Since i already know how this is going to be decided, i won't even bother to upload the fix. I will upload it to NoGrip after the race.
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