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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

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  2. Awesome race, my best performance ever.
    I even set my PB in Q, when I ma usually botching the laps...

    Race finish, 14th. I went for a 2-stopper. This meant I could race with mid-pack a lot of time (I was 10th for half of the race). Very nice time, the state of the tyres was giving and taking seconds like crazy. Lots of tense moments in the stint ends.

    Having a fresher set allowed me to catch up and distance Anthony, and almost got to Kurt in the very end, so I spent every single lap of the race pushing.
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  3. My best qualifying and race performance in Presto so far. I qualified 13th, and finished 11th, just shy of top 10. Fingers crossed I can make top 10 at the A1 ring, but we'll see what happens. :)

    A 1 stop race worked pretty well for me. The only thing I did was extend my 1st stint a little, as at about the 31 minute mark, my rear tires were feeling a little more slippy than I'd like. I put up with it for a lap or two extra, just to spare myself the same thing in stint 2, so I could push at the end of the race if I needed to. I think this was the right thing to do, as things got interesting with Nelson chasing me down for 10th in the last 10 minutes. Though it may not have made a difference-- He got the position with plenty of time to spare, and disappeared into the distance! :p

    Though one thing, I have to thank @Reik Major for posting his setups. Your baa setup was the basis for my race setup tonight, which settled the back end and made power delivery much, much nicer. Thanks, Reik! :D
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  4. Qualified ninth-tenth, can't seem to remember. Had a terrible start and nearly all the way back to last place :redface:. Climbed my way through the field- did someone say it was hard to overtake at this track :p? That was great fun and I was going to do a two stop strategy. After a tremendously great scrap with April in the last third of the race, I came out tenth! Not too shabby for my second race ever- eh :cool:? But really, that was great fun fighting with April. Had a few scary moments, but we both lived.

    Very very fun, I enjoyed myself very much and I looked forward to the A1-ring two weeks from now. :thumbsup: Oh, and once again thank you David for posting the setup. I really think I could have made the top five if I did not fall back and did a one stopper.
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  5. A race that doesn't need long post.. i hope..

    Q: dead last. Dewalt joining with a nickname completely destroyed my push lap (i had a backup but no one made two mistakes on separate laps, pace was not good anyway so if anyone, i could afford it....)

    R: Better race pace compared to others than in qualy, still a bit too slow. 1 stoppers were within reach but i spun very early on. Then i decided to just keep the distance, i had almost 40 liters extra fuel. Tanked for 40 at lap 16 and kept the pace. Then came some battles, which were brilliant (thanks and sorry to Anthony) but it slowed me down pretty badly. I had good chance of catching Valerio but i spun total three times, all from inside curbhopping with full throttle ( :) ) and one medium sized accident destroyed all hope. It was my inlap so worst possible time to happen. I tried to see how low i can make that gap forward (i think it dropped from 26s to 14s, half a tank and new tires so it was expected to happen). Leaders were approaching for second lapping, couldn't afford one to give tenth so decided to just give up and rolled over finishline second to last, two laps down :( Oh well.. not really my track..

    Too much mistakes, one click less rear ARB would've been the right choice so it was a bit twitchy here and there. Car felt otherwise great, after Anthony sneaked pass behind leader (grrr but my mistake..) i was properly charged again after that early demoralizing spin. Had real proper couple of corners, too bad i couldn't do full race distance on that pace..

    Oh and make sure that at the end of qualy and race everyone has finished before typing.
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  6. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q 18th
    Race 16th nice race a bit unlucky but nice.Start in T2 Alex was a bit wide so for avoid him iturn a bit wide more but lost contact with slipstream train:D from here until my 1st pit nice pressure with Kennett and then Nicolas. Car was nice, tuesday training was useful just 2 or 3 click for arrange mine set a mix Sean-Reik setup:O_o::roflmao: before my 2nd pit I was back Alberto and when i saw him go in pit i did 2 more laps so when i leave the pits I was just 1 or 1,5sec ahead now front me Anthony, I dont know how many laps but that battle mate very nice only a bit of disappoint for you and me when i hit you and for Alberto easy pass :mad::D but was fun.

    Congratulations Reik David Dino and also well done all;)
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  7. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 2nd :)

    couple of decent laps but not enough to take pole from reik, grats reik :)

    race - 2nd :)

    started well, after a couple of corners it was clear reik was on a 2 stop so had to just be content to stay as close as possible, behind sean was trying to stay ahead of dino and made a small mistake not far into the race which put dino on my tail, managed to keep dino at bay even though he was a bit faster at this point, held out well and was in the lead come my pit on lap 20, good pit and came out 8 seconds ahead of sean, reik and dino were a bit up the road on their 2 stopper and i allowed my mind to think that it was going to be my night, when reik and dino had done their 2nd stop i was 11 seconds in front of reik and sean was behind reik closer to dino, i tried everything i could to stay ahead but reik made the 2 stopper work in the end to bring home his first win of the season 4 seconds ahead of me ;), was a great race, grats reik and dino. :thumbsup:

    this race left the championship wide open, 3 contenders going into the last race of the season :confused:, a1 ring is going to be epic and nerve wracking :sick:, but whatever happens its been a great season and i hope we have much more in future :cool:.

    cya all next race :)
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  8. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Oh yeah -> looks like a great show down for the top 3 in the last race. :thumbsup:
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  9. Qualify: 6th
    I had 2 timed laps of fuel but aborted early in second lap due to traffic, came out of garage again with 3,30 left on the clock. Half way on my outlap the unknown name enters the server. I pull over, kick the person from the server and hope I have enough time for a lap. Luckily I had lots of space and enough time and did my pb 1:31:115. Looking at the replay I see I was very marginally wide with my rear tyre on two occations on my best lap(!)

    Race: 6th (1 stop, first time for me)
    I did a better start than Tim in 5th, but eased off way too early before t1 resulting in Tim being on my outside in t1. We are side by side for the next couple of turns until I have to give it up when approaching the tricky turn 4 (right turn full throttle if line is right) from the inside. The rest of the race I am no more than 4,5 sec behind Tim, but never catching his slip stream either (usually around 3 sec behind). We pit at same lap (20).

    I am very happy with my race, didn't make any medium or big mistakes (only a tenth or two here and there), and was entertained trying (in vain) to catch Tim.

    We lapped a few cars on our way, it all went well from my perspective, well done! I particularly like that Vale doesn't move away too early, but at the same time treat us the same way :thumbsup:
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  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Reik David and Dino :thumbsup:

    Q 14, a lucky lap without traffic

    R 12
    A very entertaining race. Kurt uncomfortably close behind at some stages.
    Had some exciting fights. I lost them all if I remember correctly. Sorry about Anthony getting in some trouble when closing in from behind.The gube(me) is getting slower and slower and opportunities are scarce.

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel, RD and all drivers for a nice warm evening in the race seat.
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  11. Sorry I didn't make this, did not make it home in time.
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  12. Q 10th
    R 9th

    85 / 85 1-stopper (lap 19)
    A lot of close racing, I really enjoyed that race. Since I had not much time to train, I raced with my Imola setup with almost no change, and I was surprised I was quite quick and consistent with it.
    A nasty freeze at lap 3 (I think) put me back in the next before last place, and I managed to make my way back to the 9th spot during the rest of the race. I remember some nice battle with Alberto, Valerio, Kurt, and there are probably more. Hopefully I was with 1-stop strategy, so all the time lost in those battles were no dramatic in the end (that's something I learned from Imola : in those narrow and twisty track, overtaking takes a very long time, so 1-stopper is best).

    Thanks Nicolai & PrestoGP member for great league. CU in finale.
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  13. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Grats David and Dino for completing the podium. :thumbsup:

    From my very few stint tests I knew I would never be able to handle a heavy car well. So I hoped for a good qualy result to go for a 2 stop challenge.

    Qualy (1st):

    I went out when most drivers had left the pits already and it looked like having a small gap between them and those still in pits. It worked well. I had a free first run and tryed to do a safe and smooth lap. It worked so well that I drove my third best lap ever with a 1:29:5xx giving me provisional pole.

    With only 3 minutes and some seconds left I went out again in a very good mood. The first atempt was better than expected so I had nothing to lose and went full attack. When crossing the line for the second timed lap I had dropped to 3rd position, because David and Sean had put in even lower 1:29:5's in the meantime. My delta time was green all the lap and I did my best ever lap with a 1:29:320 in a clean and smooth way. That made me very optimistic for the race. :)

    Race (1st):

    strategy: 14 laps 59 liters / 13 laps 56 liters / 13 laps 56 liters

    I had an average good start but benefitted from my lighter car. So I was able to cover David by crossign the road to the inside and defend through T1. I could hold P1 and calm down during the next laps.

    At this moment I didn't think a victory would be possible, because my gap to David was increasing very slowly and I knew he's always good on a heavy car and the fastest driver at all. :thumbsup: But I tryed to be as quick and as clean as possible.

    When I pitted after 14 laps I think my gap to David wasnot more then 8 seconds or so. Stop went well and I entered behind a few 1-stoppers.

    With fresh tyres and an improved feeling for the car I quickly closed up on Tim, Nicolai and others (I hope I remember well enough). Overtaking wasn't hard, because their tyres were done and mine were new. So losing no time when overtaking helped my strategy very much.

    I was quicker now compared to the first stint and the 1-stoppers pitted for the only time which brought me back into the lead. I attacked all time in a safe way and pitted for the second time.

    David took the lead again and when I rejoined the track I was still in P2 in front of Sean (I think), which made me satisfied already. But the gap to David was about 10 seconds so I wasn't optimistic to get him within the last 13 laps.

    Due to some lapping in the last stint I had laps when I gained more than a second on David and other laps when I gained nothing, so I was unsure about the real difference lap by lap. However I went on pushing and when lapping seemed to be done I did laps ~ 1:31:5xx whilest David drove high 1:32's and low 1:33's, so the gap decreased quickly now.

    4 laps before finish I caugth up on David and had a few atempts on his outside but couldn't make it through. I had to calm me down very much not to make a silly move, because I felt quicker but locations to pass were rare.

    With 2 laps to go I had a good exit at the last turn and got well into Davids slip stream. He covered the inside and we braked for T1 side by side. David gently held a tight inside line so I was able to drive around the outside and cover my position on the inside now into T2.

    The short rest of the race was just pushing it to the finish line to avoid making mistakes when taking it too easy. So I finally finished first, which felt more satisfying than winning a championship with the MMG F1. :D

    I like to add here that overtaking and lapping was very smooth and fair at this tricky, twisty track. :thumbsup:

    Thanky Nico, RD and everyone here for another very nice event. :thumbsup:

    C U all for a breath taking finish in Austria. :laugh:
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  14. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Reik David and Dino :thumbsup:

    Q. 3rd
    R. 4th

    Start was ok managed to keep position and next couple laps felt good and was close to David I made slight mistake power on t1 in few laps and lost place to Dino.
    Rest of 1st stint went ok 2nd stint I was slightly slower than 1st and Dino chasing me especially later in 2nd when was struggling slightly on tires was quite epic that he managed to make the great pass on the last lap, I ended the race with 3.7 laps worth so I also had made a mistake on fuel lol.
    Overall a really enjoyable race with battle of 1 v 2 stops making the race.

    Grats also to everyone who finished, thanks to Rd Nico and everyone involved :thumbsup:

    Cyas at the a1 grand finale :)
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