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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    SAMBA :D
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  2. Q: 10

    R: DNF

    At lap 9 i lost the rear on last corner, took me ages to comeback on track. Once on the str8 i had another moment of distraction, hit the wall on the right, damage suspension and wings. tried to comeback on track and lost it again. At that moment i decide, ESC button is my best friend so far this wet season, so i better use it again. I had about 6-7 trip off road in after 9 laps. No fun.

    Thats the 5th race i attempt this season and 3 of them were wet. I have absolutly no fun driving on the wet so i won't enter any other races where it will most likely rain.

    Hope you had fun.

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  3. Oh the stupidity.

    I was doing quite good, very loaded with fuel to keep options open.

    Past mid race, I decided to pit again with wets and try to go till the end. But because I was going much slower than dry pace, I had plenty of fuel left, so I edited the amount during a couple of laps, losing several seconds on the process.

    And then... must have clicked OK on top of the fuel, DEACTIVATING refueling. Enter pits, focus obsessively on the standings to see where I would come out, pit stop finished, get out, woa, I am so much faster than everybody, these tyres are magic...

    Two laps later the engine starts coughing, what happens? Wha... 0.1l .... 0l just in turn 1.

    Next time I load the bloody extra 10 liters, no editing!

    Besides that, very interesting chasing to Kennett, until finally passed him and then it was his turn to chase. Also Kurt was bungee passing between us for a while, and Steve tested my reflexes in lap 1 more than once.

    It was looking very good, I might have grabbed 10-12th. Arg.
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  4. I'm beginning to think I may be insane. With talk about this being as bad as racing conditions get in Presto, I actually really enjoyed it. I had loads of fun balancing on the wet tarmac here! Though, I guess part of it's my unrefined driving and setup in this car. My basic setup for the car is definitely very "better safe than sorry" still! :p

    I've always liked having changing environmental conditions though. Having to battle the elements is an inconvenient obstacle in real motorsports which has to be dealt with in order to succeed, and it really makes things more exciting when that's brought to the simulation. Not enough leagues use wet weather, and has to be one of the big pluses in Presto for me.

    After my mistake qualifying on the wet tires left me last, I managed to get up to 13th by the end of the race. 9 places gained. No two ways about it, that's something I'm happy with. :)
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  5. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    bad race too mistakes
    Q i planning 2 laps but I met a bit of traffic so not a good performance.
    R. reload the set look the rad and forgot the tires arggg slicks 2laps and lost 10sec at lap no chance for weather so gone in pit fuel and wet tires but the race was gone so manage for finish the race and at last 12mins I put again slicks only right choice:)

    grats all guys not easy on wet:thumbsup:
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  6. One of the best races in PrestoGP, despite 14th position. That was my goal so i'm satisfied. Was hoping for 12th once i saw the track conditions but it got worse rather than better so just keeping it on track and on dryer path was all that i thought. Pace was very much secondary but surprisingly consistent. Lost some time dialing pitmenu (had to let Alberto finally pass, he caught me while dialing and i was so out of rhythm that it was an easy pass.. too bad after long fight but i had to pit. Lost math and tanked 30l too much..

    Q: 15th, on tough condition i consider that a success. I could better on second attempt despite first turn slide. Someone caught me there, sorry mate, i had green on my screen and Team Bosss shouted "push!" so i did. Ended with 6th better lap, 2½s from the lead (who would've thought that lets say... 5 races ago when i was a real crybaby..)

    R: 14th. At lap something, early on i was 14th and that was my goal before the race. Decided to play that position. It worked, allthou at some point i was hoping 12th. Had to pit too early, i really had only dry setup that was undriveable before few panicked suspension changes (which worked.. ). It wasn't perfect but manageable.

    Good fights with Alberto, Kurt and April etc etc (can't remember all of you...), good confidence going into slow corners, medium pace on fast corners as it was at the limit basically everytime a fast corner came.. Forgot to take last turn on 3rd gear about 36 times even when it was clearly fastest way. WHen i did it was like a rocket, torque curve fitted perfectly, rear had enough grip, drivingline was straight to keep throttle 100%. Well, next time i maybe remember to shortshift. Made the race a lot harder, had to feather everywhere.

    All in all, good result and consistent race. No spins but caught many more than i usually do but then again.. i had my left foot on 5-10% brake and quickly stopped all rear grip slips before the tire starts spinning. Very very good form and huge thanks to all that helped me thru the "hard times" when i was just going backwards.

    edit: For the new drivers: this was one the hardest races in prestogp history (or last three seasons at least). Those who finished were either very very careful or lucky ;) my pace was pretty much 1-2s slower than i knew was possible. When it starts from rain, it's gonna be an endurance.. After lap 10 i thought i was half way done..
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  7. Q 7th (I think)
    I made a mistake in my first attempt, so I had only one try after. Surprisingly fast since I make absolutely no training for Q these time (not have much time)

    R DNF
    Very annoying since I really like slippery track. Had a great fight with Anthony, he was defending very well closing all doors so I had to wait for a mistake. We had some contacts but we were both gentlemen.
    I made a very stupid mistake in T1, trying to reduce my braking zone since I felt I could improve first sector, and lost a wheel. It's a shame since I was alone on track at that moment, but it's hard to restrain yourself trying to go a bit faster when you finally have a clear track.
    Strategy was 1 stopper with 90+90. I wonder what my pace would have been at the end of the first stint since I never experienced worn wets.

    Congratulations to all finishers. Many thanks to Daniel for these wonderful conditions.
    CU in Italy.
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  8. BTW, missed Wall of Death by a miracle.. It's like a magnet to me.
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  9. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Qualify (6th):

    I went out quickly on the damp track with fuel fot two laps in a row, so I would get used to the conditions on the one side and have put in an early lap on the other side just in case conditions get worse. Finally it didn't get worse and later drivers put in better laps. Nevertheless I felt ok with P6.

    Race (DNF):

    strategy: 2 stops - 17 laps, 65 liters / 14 laps 53 liters / 14 laps 53 liters

    I had an average start and lost one position to Nicolas. Just made it careful through the first chicane. I had a godd exit and went to Nicolas inside down the straight. Unfortunately I misjudged braking point heaviely, so I over shot T4 on the insed of David and Peter. Peter was very carefull and opend the door for me, which made us all race on. :thumbsup:

    Then I found my rhythm and had great battles when overtaking Peter, David, Tim, Dino and finally Sean to take the lead around lap 12 or so.

    I felt very well with soft dampers, wings 19/23 and I guess less fuel than the others, who migth have been on a one stopper(?). The in the end of lap 17 my first scheduled stop was meant to happen but I never arrived at my crew...

    I think I was a tiny littel bit too fast, as it rained slightly more than on the wet server where I tested one wet pit entry and managed it in 5th gear. This time when turning I slightly lost the tail and when I slightly counter steered, I literally got "thrown back" to the track. I'm so angry with myself, that I didn't play it a little bit safer and take 4th gear instead...

    I was so curious about the outcome of the race, because my even lower fuel in stint 2 and 3 would have made me go even faster. I can only learn to tame myself more in the right moments to make it more succesfull again. :whistling:

    C U all in the next event and thx as always to Nico, RD and every one here! :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
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  10. Sounds like it was a fun and dramatic race.:laugh:

    As I posted over in the incident report thread, I made the stupid mistake of starting on slicks:(. Somehow, I picked up a few positions but lost them immediately after the first set of turns. So I went and pitted to change tires. I must have been like five seconds off the pace because the leaders caught me quickly. I made the stupid mistake of over driving one of the last turns and nearly took out the leaders:unsure:. Anyways, I was getting really embarrassed and quit. Then I made the mega stupid mistake of apologizing in the chat:(. Again, I apologize for everything and take full responsibility for my actions. I have no excuses.

    If this is true, then I feel a bit better. I've been giving myself hell all day and evening after the race (I live in the United States). Hopefully, if you guys accept my apology and I practice more, I'll see you guys two weeks from now;).
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  11. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 4th

    not the best of laps, aborted the first attempt on wets and just sat and waited for the 1 lap when the track was at its driest point, made one too many mistakes and had to settle for 4th.

    race - 1st

    started well, was up the inside of dino into turn 1 but he closed me out of road so i had to try stay as wide as i could losing a position to peter in the process, managed to pick up positions due to others mistakes in the wet weather so managed to be first at my pit, with dino goign 2 stop it was never certain what would happen in the last part of the race but things worked out well for me with the slicks call and very consistant laptimes and minimal mistakes so i was able to take the win on the last lap, one of the most exciting ends to a race ive had in presto.

    grats rest of podium and all the finishers, thanks to all involved for making a great race in crazy conditions :)

    cyas at imola :)
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2013
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  12. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    2 solid laps, maybe not timed perfectly, but still ok

    Start + first laps went ok until my car shifted from 2nd to neutral leading to a spin.
    After a suboptimal rejoin I went on at p4 until pitstop time and then finally had a free track for the remainder of the race.
    Unfortunatly it pretty much stopped raining right after my final stop and I finished the race on wets which were overheating like crazy.
    Still p2 which didn't look like this was possible after the spin, so I can't be unhappy about it.

    q: 2nd / r: 2nd

    Very pleased with the rain on this track. Had some problem corners in the dry which were not that much of a problem anymore in the wet ;) (t1, t3, last turn)

    Thanks for some good racing here (apart from the practice starts) and see you all next time :)
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  13. I hate rain! (In real and sim live)
    Who the - who are you - read thread, know why :D

    but, that it went quite well!
    Q 12
    R 12
    (I had nicolai, peacefully left over because I had thought
    I'm not sure have been unconcerned that the gap has become bigger
    in curve 3 in the last lap.:)

    cyas at imola :) ( i hope, we use the original R07 track )
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  14. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q. 1st Managed lap end of session where track was fastest
    R.3rd 86 88 and slicks near end.

    Race was really great with a touch of pressure mixed with some rain. :thumbsup:
    Managed great start and was able to hold onto the lead for a while which was good considering i was on 1 stop fuel. I think defending from Reik for so long punished my rears abit and towards end of stint couldn't hold on Reik made a nice move only to run out of fuel with his troubles i think would have had a good chance of win to.
    David also got by and i pitted lap early just about managing to repass with a good stop but just missed out. Davids pace was slight better in wet and concentrated on just no mistakes.
    Later stages as Dino and Peter pitted for 2nd time i assumed they had put on slicks and thought they would have passed by end so decide to jump for slicks late David also doing same.
    This made end quite dramatic and in the end i was glad to still make the podium :thumbsup: with hindsight knowing Dino and Peter again put on wets staying out would have been a option for David and me to i think.

    Overall 1 of the best changable weather races i think only thing we need to refine i think is the difference to offline path in drying stages it can be some what tricky and end up make you side to side a bit like we had in barca on straights if this is even possible perhaps Daniel can look at it. Its easy enough to handle this just doesnt feel quite correct. More to do with the some times strange racing lines race07 uses compared to what we actually drive.

    Grats David and Dino and big wd to finishers in this tuff race :thumbsup:

    Thanks Nico and rd , daniel for making it happen :thumbsup:

    Cyas at imola !
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  15. In the end there was 4m wide totally dry line. And yeah, Raec07 AI can not sometimes drive the same line as humans do, it's sometimes hard to find that path.
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  16. No problem Nelson. You didn't know about our no chat in race (and qualify) policy, so that is understandable. And even though it might have been close you didnt create any incidents. And most important you seem to have the right attitude, so i am looking much forward to seeing you at Imola :thumbsup:
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  17. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    1.David Turnbull1:26.8151:03:21.48250
    2.Dino Paolini1:28.5291:03:22.57043
    3.sean greenlaw1:27.3551:03:33.01338

    And hats of for Daniel! Winner of "the years best weather man"!

    Q: 17. Had to abort my best lap because of traffic.

    R: 10. One stop 90/90 Liters. The last laps on melting wet compound rubber:D

    This was a race on very high skill level. The most difficult up till now I think. One needed routine and a good sense of reality (or a tank) to make it to the checkered flag.
    A lot of the race was only against the clock, but at the end Kurt put me under pressure. "Gube" won the fight in the end. Grats "Gube" :)

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel, RD and all drivers!
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  18. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    In my early race report I was under the influence of being frustrated about myself, so I forgott to mention that I had one of my greatest battles with Sean. It lasted for 2 or 3 laps, sometimes side-by-side, allways very close but aware of the other one. A big pleassure! :thumbsup:

    Also when I battled with Peter, David and Tim it was all very clean action with perfect judgment of conditions by all drivers involved. I'm very glad of the high standards we all have. :D

    Thanks David very much for always making very entertaining highlights videos! :thumbsup:

    Unfortunately it also shows my bad mistake in the beginning of the race, when I heavily over shot T 4. :redface:

    I can't thank Nico often enough for running this great league! :thumbsup: And of course RD for providing us with this nice place. :)
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2013
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  19. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Yeah it was as perfect as it can be! (after the T4-missile-attack perhaps - watch for a blue-yellow torpeding car down your inside at some uncertain point in a not so distant future :whistling:)