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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    another great season is gone Thank's all guys;)
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  2. **** this ****:mad::mad::mad: ffb working perfectly fine all the way up to the race, then its race time and my ffb is completely gone. Not going to race in the rain without ffb so had to pull out, what a way to end the season:poop::poop::cry::cry:
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  3. Well, I needed more practice with these cars in the wet so I kept spinning out. I said "to heck with this, I am too frustrated" and quit. Too bad it rained, I was hoping for a more fun race. I hope I did not disadvantage any of the leaders when they were lapping me, it would terrible if I did.

    Also, I am not a huge fan of these cars so I am not sure if I will be returning for the next season. It is nothing personal, Presto GP is a great community it is just the cars.
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  4. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Well that went tits up!
    For some reason my game started stuttering like crazy at points around the lap during warm up and thought it might clear for the race, but it didn't. Ended up causing my spins and the final one swiped a wheel off.

    Congrats to the winners :thumbsup:
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  5. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I was not sure that wet tires working well (speak about me) but start with wet after few laps front tires was overheated so go in pit and replace tires, slicks this time not have put fuel too for not have much load on slippery track.Less battle this time but great chases.
    Congratulations David Dino and Sean and all guys of PrestoGP.

    CU on server guys;)

    PS see now seems David our champions? Congrats:thumbsup:
    grrr Dino 1point also for you congratulations;)
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  6. Great race for me.

    I must confess I had not practiced for this event (flu, back pain), so I just took the afternoon to test and decide if I would run or not, providing I saw myself not terribly slow compared with the rest. After practice, I was down on the table, but on the same second than almost 10 people, so seemed fine to me.

    Qualy was not good. I waited to exit, then I was a tad to slow so I ended up too close to people that were already in hotlap. Forcing to not be too slow I took too fast the last turn and spun. I hope I did not disturb a lot, I'm sure at the very least I scared a few.
    ESC, try again, first hotlap quite shabby, second improving almost a second... who is on my tail by penultimate corner?, dammin, I think is dino, don't want to distrub, push to finish and not slow him down... again botched last turn.
    So, qualy was not good. Sorry to the affected.

    Now.. race. Race was a breeze. I planned 2 stopper, started on wets. I took it veeery easy at the start and just collected places from people spinning left and right. Made my stop, took wets again, I felt quite comfortable and actually fast compared to the people around me until the last couple of laps. I guessed I was overheating the tyres (I had no telemetry neither track info, so I raced by gut feeling). Went in and gambled for slicks for the final stint. I guess it was the perfect choice because I barely noticed the difference at first.

    For the last 10 laps, I was 6-8 seconds in front of Valerio, trying to keep him away from catching up. Then I saw suddenly Kurt only 3 seconds in front (spin?), and probably I had better tyres, but with only 2 laps left I could not get even near.

    Finished 14th.

    This was my first season in prestoGP. I joined a bit afraid that I would just be the mop car, but I have had immense fun in the mid-low pack. I finished most of my races (6 out of 9, 2 unfortunate crashes, 1 out of fuel) and I would have laughed in the face of whomever would have told me at the beginning that I would end up driving reliably one hour in a wet track just like that.

    I want more!
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  7. Richard: Search for "thunder fix" "race 07". It loads new thunder sounds that take less memory. The original is a bit too long for some soundcards.

    How my event went..

    Qualy: first decided to skip it cause there really is no difference if you start from 16th or 22nd. Except the latter is 100% safer. Well, temptation won and went for it. Not a bad lap, not my pb but managed to kept myself out of traffic.. Oh karma you morbid bitch...

    Race: I had perfect wet setup. Just wonderful, stable, enough turn-in to dance on the throttle. Recounted everything that's learned this season, gentlemen start your engines and go. Kept my nose clean in the opening laps. had to go wide to give more room, Valter April parked his car in front of me and my braking lifted the rear that was on curb anyway.. Lost places but was actually happy to be demoted "honorably" at the back with a hey-ho spin.. Gained those places back on the next corner..

    Then it was just driving in line, no real chance to pass, just tried to find where the grip is and where it isn't. First pitstop came as a surprise, even considered changing to 1 stopper. But no, i had a feeling that the weather is the key, overheated 87% wet tires are 2 secs slower than a fresh set. This time i had prepared pitstop presets for exactly this scenario.. Except i had forgotten to activate tires, and fill up gas on my "short wet stop".. It took two laps and lost about 6 seconds dialing the correct stop.

    Not a good stop but i didn't care. Had some lappings and then a real real good battle with Valerio. Even waited when he spun a little, didn't want to pass like that in the final race. I had pace advantage at that point. Then we fought, i won that (i simply had better grip, it was obvious..) I couldn't escape far either. Started to see more rear of cars that were one lap further ahead.. hmm...

    Second stop was easier, just 4 liters more fuel my head calculator said. Good work, mate. Went on T1 and checked rain percentage.. 36%.. it was 37% just a second ago.. It was my scheduled stop. Quick change to slicks. Out of "general sync", went to the pits. Good stop, nothing wrong there. Right foot had vibrations, you all know the twitching... Tried to keep calm and find the dryline. Then..

    Lapping cars.. ****.. Not now. I knew that i can keep my wet pace but once those tires started to find the groove, temps rose, grip improved. Temps rose, grip improved. But i had to let basically everyone from P13 up pass. At the point when the top 7 had reached the pack and was passing them. Fck.

    I lost over 30 seconds letting everybody pass. It basically went like this. Straight out of pits: had to let people pass in T1.. Managed to keep up with the pack and knew that my pace will only improve. But people at the midpack were slower than me. So i catched 1 guy, had to trail behind him until leaders came. Another round of letting pass then hanging on the midpack, next leader.. That was EXCRUCIATING! I checked the laptimes and Dino was 0.07 second faster on my first semi clear lap.. Once i had free air, i was 0.5 faster. Don't know how long that lasted, stopped looking at laptimes, it was time to freaking go!

    Ditched Julius, pretty brutally (sorries at the appendix III). I had been a good boy for 10 laps and ruined my race. I just went for it. My braking on dry path was miles better but couldn't attack on wet part. One after another, just couldn't be assed cause i just knew that:
    - close in on last turn
    - Keep up in the straight, prayed that someone would defend (why would they?)
    - Slot back inline, on dry path or take a long braking on wet.
    - Take the apex and take it easy wheel to wheel or
    - if still behind, stay in dry line, use grip to release full torque on 2nd gear and pass on uphill.
    - Take the only dryline apex at T2, use it turn around and keep it with force if necessary. Sorry to all but you didn't make this easy... I was really hoping that one would've noticed that it was me, i was not in the same race, no threat and let me pass. I was 2 seconds faster.
    - Make 0.8s gap in the next straight.
    - Profit?

    I wished i had taken that tactic earlier. I was aiming for second round with Vale. With all the time i lost it was impossible. Unfortunate 30 seconds at the pits at the exactly right time in the weather window meant catastrophic traffic. It's nobodys fault but mine. 10 seconds earlier in the race would kept me out of firing line.Still felt a little bit "why are you racing me?" feeling. I had some minor scrapes and bruises, feel a little bit bad but also felt like i was left without a choice. Maybe in the future, people check unlappings cause they might happen. The differences are not that great between the last and the first over one lap. Weather, tires, fuel, they can add 3 seconds. My gap to the top was 2.5 in the qualy. Same happened in Monaco once but that is Monaco and one can't simply let anyone pass (and it was for 5 laps and no positions to gain after disastrous first stint. Now it was closer to 18 laps. Almost half of the race is way too long.).

    Gutted, happy, exhausted, in bliss. Season review later..

    But it's not at all bad way to end the season. For a few glorius seconds i was the fastest man on PrestoGP race. Never thought that was possible, albeit it was because of conditions and luck, both good and bad. Karma, you mother... Was planning to pass Reik when he spun. Few seasons ago, i would've not dared to disturb the Meister but now i was ready to scalp him! Let's hope i can keep this level for the off-season.

    I'll congratulate the Champion later, don't even know who won :)
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  8. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Qualifying - 1st

    Managed a good lap on my first attempt, spun on my 2nd attempt, sat waiting for 3 minutes with my nerves hanging by a thread, fingernails got very short here :roflmao:

    Race - 1st :)

    Started very well but stayed too tight at turn 1 and Sean got a good run on me, managed to defend him for 2 corners but by turn 4 he was past me which made me think it wasn't going to be my night, id banked on a fast opening stint for the 2 stopper to work, lap 6 or 7 while battling with Sean for the lead he had a half spin out of turn 4 and came across my path, i couldn't avoid so we collided and i drove on with Dino now closer, i couldn't tell if Dino was on 1 stop or 2 as my pace was terrible in the opening stint with only 56l fuel on board.

    I pit on lap 15 or 16 for new wet tyre's and 60l fuel and get on my way again, got back to 5th and waited for the front guys to make their stop this was a nervous time not knowing if i could make it work or not, when everyone went in for their 1 stop i was out in 1st again trying to put in the laps that would be enough to give me a chance at the end, during this stint i had a big spin and off into the gravel and in my mind that was me now done, i drove for 4-5 laps thinking it was all over and id be congratulating Dino or Sean at the end.

    My last stop was timed perfectly, i pit on lap 28? at this point the track was around 27% wet which was well within slicks limit so i changed tyre's to slicks and put in 56l fuel and went for it in the last part, i think i came out around 27 seconds behind Dino who had carried on his 1 stop strategy with wet tyre's, after leaving the pit and heading down the straight i noticed the wetness go back up to 29% and at that moment i about cried, i thought AGAIN that my chance was done for, but... Daniel's weather played right into my hands, slicks worked great, i was able to pass Reik around 7 laps from the end and then managed to pass Dino with 4-5 laps to go, ended up 12 seconds ahead of Dino at the end, id made the right calls at the right times after thinking all race that i had little chance.

    This has been a long season and a very exciting one, the battles with Sean, Dino, Reik were epic and we were all so closely matched, its taken me 9 seasons to finally get this championship but thankfully its come and i can relax, you wouldn't believe how happy i am at this moment, i cant wait to try defend it against so many fast fair and friendly drivers. :)

    Thanks to all at presto especially Nico :thumbsup:, but everyone plays their part, thanks to RD and to Daniel for the entertaining weather throughout the season.

    Bring on Season 12 ;)
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  9. That was my first race with my new desktop computer (I changed everything except the disks and the chassis), with a fresh reinstalled Windows version (back to version 7, I still don't understand what they tried to do in version 8). Hopefully I use Windows only for gaming, so reinstalling it was very quick.
    Q 16th
    Slow as usual. Hard to find the correct braking points with a light car, and tires with not the correct temp.

    R 16th
    Strategy : 92 + 88
    Very nice first stint, had a good battle with Jim, Valter and Nicolai, there was some nice sequence worth a video. Pitted at lap 22 for a new set of wets and fuel. The track was drying, my tires beginning to overheat a few laps later. I was ahead of most of the people I had battle with in the first stint, but I decided to switch to slicks since I was making too much mistakes, and I though I could go faster (or at least as fast as with the wets), especially at the end of the race, unless the rain came back.
    So I did but I made a terrible mistake in the last turn a few lap later, and damaged my suspension and lost front wing. Then my race was ruined and I tried very hard not to quit. I managed to make it to the end, without motivation. I couldn't even gain on Vale who was ~15s in front of me.

    Thank you Nicolai and PrestoGP members for this wonderful season. CU on servers
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  10. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Enjoyable event for me :)

    Q: 1st lap was ok, but second I had to abort after a mistake and my try for a final lap saw me closing in to Alberto to fast, so there was no chance to get an extra position on the grid.

    R: Even with the rain right from the start I decided to go for my standart 1 stop, hoping that it would never really stop raining during the race, as like almost always I felt my car beeing much better in the wet compared to dry.

    With a bit of luck I got to p3 quite early on and simply tried to drive as fast as I could behind Sean and David.
    When my planned pitstop came, it was still wet enough for new wet-tires so I took them.
    When it started to dry up more, I looked at my gap to David and concluded that I would be behind him after an extra-stop, so I just drove my a** off with the wet-tires for the entire race, simply hoping for my theoretical chance, that the rain would slightly increase again.
    A slight increase to cool my tires down again would have been enough I think to make all this work and I simply had to try it this way, but it wasn't meant to happen :(

    -> q: 4th / r: 2nd

    I'm still happy with this race and also with the entire season. My goal before this season was to improve on the p5 from last time and to win a race and both did happen :D
    All this was mostly beeing helped by the fact that we had so many rain-races :) During the season when it became harder to motivate myself for practicing for the races, the rain stuff really safed it for me as I had a much better time on a wet-track compared to dry conditions in general.

    Concratulations to David and Sean for very good seasons and also to the others for a very convincing overall performance from the entire field ;) This was the best league-experience I had so far concerning safety on track, including lapping, passing ect. :thumbsup:

    Since this was my last Race07 race after 2652 hours :confused: (according to Steam), I will now take a break from Presto GP but still regularly have a look into these forums to see how you guys are doing and if there are some opportunities to drive with you again :)

    See you all
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  11. Peter Decker

    Peter Decker
    PrestoGP Veteran

    This sums it up: (edit: note to video: Don't read and recalculate pit strats and drive - get a pit wall crew instead.)

    Thanks for an awesome first season for me at Presto. Thanks to all you guys' warm welcoming and especially Nicolai which has built a great foundation for a league like this - without your sensible work, the atmosphere wouldn't be here (don't get me wrong here all others - we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Nicolai!)

    Hope to see you guys for another season! See you in the virtual world :thumbsup:
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  12. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    thats unfortunate peter :( i had something similar last season at bahrain, id went off track and when coming back on i just drove straight in the gravel to get back on quick, all of a sudden a huge billboard popped up, i **** myself, and i can tell you it also wasnt made of polystyrene :roflmao:
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  13. I tested that same board at the end of qualy (I was just letting it roll out of the way). Very unlucky way of ending a race!
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  14. Fckin hell, sorry all, i forgot to say those billboards were made of concrete, everyone should've known that!
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  15. Tim McIver

    Tim McIver
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Qual - 8th, A solid lap.

    Race - 6th, I planned a one stopper but decided late to switch to slicks. I had hoped I could beat Vincenzo with the change of strategy but I think in the end he had me for pace either way.

    Season - 5th, Certainly my most consistent season ever, but far from my best. I finished 6th or 5th in every race except one where I managed a 4th. Congratulations to David for a well deserved championship. And to Sean and Dino and Reik for fantastic seasons and coming so close to the prize. And of course to all who drove, I've enjoyed racing with all you, thank you.

    Future - With a baby expected any day there's a good chance I will be struggling to get much practice in, but it is my intention to remain a fully active presto member. If Reik can do it... I'll post something in the season 12 thread with my preferences for format and platform. Finally thanks to Nico and all who have contributed in various ways this season (Daniel, I loved the weather, thank you), I've certainly been more absent on the forums than in previous seasons but I appricate greatly the effort of those who have been continuing the conversations about races and weather and setups and the future. Which reminds me, thanks to the top 4 for generously posting setups all season long. I could not have raced to the level I did without those convenient options presented to me the night before every race!

    I'm looking forward to race 1 already!

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  16. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran


    Race was great even with a couple mistakes. Got OK start with help.from Reik and managed to pass David even though I was on a 1stop he then got back past few laps later with my small mistake losing rear.
    Tried to stay out late as possible and was going to put slicks on but just before stops but rain% started to rise again so changed to wets again. This was my biggest error as couple laps later it dropped again and with nothing to lose with big gaps to David, Reik and Dino I decided to pit again just for slicks.
    I managed to just catch up with Reik and pass in last couple corners last lap with him on worn wets but still 1 place short of what was needed for championship.

    This has been 1 of the best seasons to date and then I have had a blast considering I didn't think I'd be able to race through the whole season I have been repaid in great racing with the fact I could, now not qualifying spa didn't seem the best idea but did at the time lol.
    Big grats to David and Dino ! For a great season and thanks for the pleasure.
    Also well done to everyone who participated and made the league possible! And obviously big thanks to Nico! and RD.

    Also sorry so late to post been busy at work past couple weeks 12.5 hours with couple hours travelling to, also sad to see people leaving especially Dino :( who was a great member :thumbsup: , I'd hope for some kind of reconsideration as I believe you could be great in races with very little practise anyway, I know its possible as have done same last couple races. If not at least I can race with you in the other rd rf2 league if I can catch up.:)

    Overall fantastic season can't wait for next !! also hopefully with a double season with the addition of rf2 League trial as well :thumbsup:

    Anyways see you guys on servers and here also here on forums for possible fun races off season if I get time, I vote for atleast 1mmg race just for the hell of it :cool: at some fantastic track :D.

    PS. I'm at work ATM so feel like a paid reporter doing my column :)
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  17. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :thumbsup: Grats David, Dino and Sean, for top three this season!

    Q 21th

    R 11th

    It went pretty well on wet track. I did one stop and took wet tires. At the end of the race when the track dried up a bit, I had a hard time. Still this Austrian F1-track and all you experienced drivers made the event very fun to drive. I had a lot of nice duels:p
    Thanks to all of you!

    Nicolai, your ideas and leadership really works perfect :thumbsup:, the league is still the best.
    And with Daniel's weather :thumbsup: we can't wish for more.

    :cool:But the cars are a bit wimpy, compared to the F1 mod:cool:.
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  18. Q 11
    It was a fun race in the rain, I decided to do 2 stops strategy ,I started on wet with 60 litres of fuel for each stint.
    I used Sean setup from Imola , wings were adjusted to 22/23 and used David super accurate gear setting for this track and borrowed Reiks rear spring setting and the result was a smooth pleasant car to drive (my apology for mentioning all these details but I like to pay credit for the people who have been helping a lot with their setups and videos for many races :thumbsup: ).

    My race was good and had some good fun with few drivers in the 1st and second stint , my race was looking good and I was running in P3 at one stage before my second and final stop around lap 29 , my target for this final race was to finish ahead of Nico :p who seemed to be a one stopper and was in 8th at that time behind me but things did not work out as planned ,I lost so much time on my way to my scheduled final pit stop, I had to keep changing the setting on my steering wheel from slicks to wet to slicks because the rain % went down ( changed to slicks ) then up( changed back to wet ) then down again ( changed back to slicks ) ,all that in one lap , Tim was behind me during that lap and might have noticed my weird driving at that moment , so while i was busy adjusting the setting I reached the pit entry and just remembered that I did not call my pit crew out yet so I had to call them out and waited a bit before entering the pit lane making me loose even more time :mad:.
    I went out in P8 with 20s behind Nico , I pushed hard on fresh tires and reduced the gap a bit but Nico was not an easy target , then the race finished , well done m8 :)..

    My special thank you list for season 11 :
    To Nico for a superb league :thumbsup:
    To Rd for a great forum .
    To Daniel for a fantastic weather this season, I believe it was the best weather of all .
    To David, Sean and Reaik for posting setups and l videos .
    To all the guys for a great racing atmosphere .
    And finally thank you Vale for starting the race and incident thread ahead of every race :D..

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  19. My Race Report
    Qualify (13th): I had even less focus on qualify for this race than usual, partly because of the weather forecast. I was more than 1 sec behind my pb and started 13th.

    Race (7th): I went for a 1 stop strategy because Valter was online on the 30 min server when I was to practice my first stint :)
    My first stint was very good and without any mistakes. I had the pleasure of close racing with Jim, Nicolas, Valter, Bob Laube, Anthony and probably more who I am forgetting atm (sorry).

    When I pit after 20(?) laps I look at the telemetry, it sais 37% wetness on path, and I decide to go with wets. (Contrary to most, i have not "learned the art" of chosing setup while driving before pitting, I wait for it to automatically appear when passing entry line and then select the prefered pre-made setup on my way to the pit box). Wet tyres was my 2nd pre-made setup, and I am used to just pressing enter to confirm 1st pre-made setup. Intensified with the fact that I needed to brake long before pit entry line, I messed it all up, chose the wrong tyres (dry) and missed my pit box with 10 meters.

    I was very angry with myself for
    a) losing 5-6 seconds (missing pit box)
    b) picking the wrong tyres

    However, I quickly learned that the dry tyres worked well in 37% wetness and I kept good pace. And as it started to dry up it turned out that dry tyres was a much better choice than wets, so I was lucky there :)

    Not much action after a while in the 2nd stint, far up to Vince (and others after he passed ppl) and far down to Anthony. I had the luxury to pay attention to the exciting championship fight.

    Grats to David for winning the race

    My league report:
    First of all, big congrats to David for winning the most exciting championship battle we've ever had. The fact that David has evolved from a "poorly skilled driver" in season 2 (5 years ago), to becomming the Champion 10 seasons later is a true PrestoGP fairytale story :thumbsup: Also big congrats to Dino and Sean for making it exciting the whole way in.

    On my own behalf I managed for the first time in 11 season what has always been my main target for a season, namely to finish all the races. I share the honer with Jim, Tim and Dino who accomplished the same this season :thumbsup: I ended 7th, with 6th at Imola as best and 13th at Singapore as poorest result.

    I would also like to mention that I think we have been very fortunate with our new signings in season 11. Although all (Julius, Nelson and Guus) deserve a special mentioning I would like to elevate Alberto and Peter who both made 9 out of 10 races and finished 6 of them, and April, who has 100% (5/5) finished races after she joined mid-season. I really hope all 6 of you continue into season 12 and continue your progress.

    Thanks to Jim, Anthony, Nicolas, Alex and sometimes Vincenzo for being roughly at my level of pace :thumbsup: And also Valter who always is close behind if I make a little mistake and keeps me honest.

    Thanks to Daniel for providing us with weather for the 7th(?) season (since season 5, or was it sesaon 6?). If making weather for racing sim league without any kind of reward was a category in Guiness book of Records, I think you would hold the record :thumbsup:

    Thanks to David, Reik and Sean for being outstanding in the setup thread, without it the league would be a different place.

    Also a big thanks to all the veterans for still going strong after all these seasons. You are the back-bone of PrestoGP :thumbsup:

    In your dreams mate ;) I challenge you to beat me in season 12 :whistling:
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