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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    mandatory amusement:)
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  2. Richard Hill

    Richard Hill

    Well what can i say! Quali wasnt a good lap but managed to qualify 11th or 12th not too bad for me.
    The race started well was up to 10th at 1 point. my only problem was i was too heavy footed coming out of turn 14 and ripped a front wheel off which ended my race :( was enjoying it till then.
    Cant wait for the next race now
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  3. Q- 11th

    R- DNF

    I didnt check my setup for rad and after 3 laps was smoking like mad :thumbsdown: sorry if this affected anyones race , i quit soon as i noticed soz again :(
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  4. Guys, if you can tell me at what lap you had your best action, will be easier for me to make a cool video! TY :)
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  5. Congratulations David and podium

    Q 10th...

    R 9th. I went back one positionally on my previous race performances. I had a, ermm.. [*cough*], a fuel problem at the end of the race.:giggle: Wasn't certain that I was going to finish there as I coasted across the line....

    On the plus side, I managed four competitive overtakes during the race. But I also managed to make contact with Anthony's car, so not a very good event really.

    Thank you all, I had fun for the most part. :)

    Edit: Missed Tim and Helder. We waited for you....
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  6. Maybe all drivers could scan their replays and send highlight timecodes to Steeve via PM? Two or three per driver, that's now a lot effort individually but would most likely cover the important moments?
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  7. I love your idea Kennett! :thumbsup:
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  8. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations David Marko Sean and all us:)

    Q strange near my pb:)
    Race a long and fun battle with Kurt with a gap from 1th and 1sec. I was in front and managed my race with Kurt behind me after first laps i decided to push a bit for take a bit of advantage on Kurt but in T3 I did a mistake only one mistake brake a bit late and run wide with 2 wheels out so lift the feet before recoverr the track because Kurt would be very close avoid any hit and Kurt pass:mad::D than I tried in any place an overtake also we have same strategy go in and out pits together a fantastic race:) great race Kurt.

    PS true Peter. We are curious what's happen guys?:roflmao:
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  9. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    Q: Very normal q lap for me (~6 tenths off pb) considering by how massively off I was on this track on hotlaps in general. Still only p6 even with 2 faster guys unfortuntaly missing today.

    R: Same story like almost every race so far. Bad first stint and almost unrealistic second stint :D

    First off I did take a setup which would help with a mid-race shower by beeing a bit faster on this conditions and a bit safer in general.
    This was clearly a bad idea, like in Silverstone :facepalm

    After a tight start with passing Reik and beeing repassed in a nice move by him a couple of laps later, I did try to chase Jim and him for some laps (lol "Jim & him" sounds like a name for a bad tv series...).
    Jim had a slip-up on the fast chicane at some point which helped me pass him there for p5.

    Afterwards I had a free track to try to close the gap to Reik until the pitstops came, but I did just not drive well enough, also beeing angry about my stupid setup change messing up with the balance into some particular corners.
    When Reik pitted I've decided to just start some angry risky pushing, seeing that I had enough of a gap behind me to risk it.
    For some reason the car went so much faster now by throwing it around some corners that it overcame the not optimal balance this way.
    I've also had a prefect pit-entry this time :)

    Funny enough all this pushing led to beeing in front of Reik after the pits and even quite close to Sean, that I thought "why in the world was I not pushing earlier?" :mad:

    On the second stint I simply started throwing around my car from the get go and it worked well, even closing the gap to Sean a bit to about 1 second over the finish line, which was hillarious considering he was 0,5s to 1s faster than me on every single qualy-lap :D

    -> q: 6th / r: 4th

    But well done to Sean who never did any mistakes from what I could see and drove this one very well; also well done to all the others ;)

    Shame I simply coudn't get what I was doing wrong on the qualy-laps, or this could have been a bit better overall.

    Cu guys next time and btw: Tim wake the h*** up!
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  10. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Again not as much race practice as I would like, due to work pressure and Wife in hospital (don't panic, she's ok now!)

    Q, P3:laugh: a so so lap but good enough

    R, P6

    Got off the line ok and through T1 in 3rd, managed to more or less hold my own for a few laps, but got caught and passed by Sean:notworthy: ,then Reik:notworthy: , then Dino:notworthy: after a huge slide trough the fast chicane, I was a man on the move:rolleyes: ... just in the wrong direction, once settled into P6 that was about it for me, I was in my usual bubble between thems upfront and thems behind

    Nico had me worried at one point as he was catching me big time but then he dropped back, (did you 2 stop Nico?), after that just had half an eye on the gap to Steve but fairly cruised through the last 1/3rd of the race:sleep:

    Good fun though, as always

    Grats to David n Marko n Sean, Thanks to Nico


    Tim!!! wakey wakeeeeey!!!
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  11. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - pole :)

    happy with the lap, nearly half a second quicker than second place, practise finally paid off.

    race - 1st

    started very well and managed to be at turn 1 clear of marko, the first stint was straight forward, go as fast as i could get to roughly half distance and pit, i started on slicks obviously and 100l fuel, i went into the pits on lap 19 which turned out to be a bit too early, another 2 laps and my 2nd stint might not have been so nervy at the end, everything went well with the pits and when marko took his i ended up back in front although he had gained 6 seconds by going longer in the first stint and refueling with less for the second, we were always around 2-3 seconds gap until i had a coming together with valter while trying to lap him, this upset my rythum for a lap or two until i settled back down, by which time marko was on my tail and within the 2 seconds, we had a very close battle for the last few laps that culminated in us crossing the line within a second of each other.

    was a great race, looking forward to the next race.

    cya at sepang :)
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  12. Grats to David and Sean for podium finishes, and everybody who finished! Seems like competition is getting closer race after race :thumbsup:

    I had practiced quite a lot for this race compared to two preceding races, but I have never been especially quick at Melbourne. I was expecting tough competition from David and Sean, because they had set some good times at practice servers. I also expected fierce competition from Helder, but that was not to be this time as Helder missed the race :(.

    Qualifying: 1:37.8 (2nd)
    Two first sectors were the same as David's on the pole, but I made big mistakes in last sector.

    Race: (2nd)
    I decided to go with one stop strategy, with heavy car at first stint. Right from the start the gap to David at P1 and Jim at P3 started to get bigger. After 5 laps Sean overtook Jim and started to eat up the gap between me and him that was then around 3 seconds. Finally on lap 17 he was right on my tail and started to look for a chance to overtake. By this time, David was already over 6 seconds ahead of me, and pitted on lap 19 from 8.5 seconds lead. In P1 I managed to defend my position against Sean's attempts on laps 18 and 19, and he then decided to go to pits on lap 20, after which I started to push as hard as I could to be able to gain some time with my now light car. On lap 22 I pitted when I saw some cars ahead that I would have had to lap. Unfortunately I overshoot my pitbox and lost 3 seconds there. When I exited pits I was in P2 only 2.6 seconds behind David and 8 seconds ahead of Sean. First David seemed to pull away to an easy victory, but after few laps the gap stabilized and then started to shrink a bit by bit. I was pushing hard and taking considerable risks also to be able to catch him, as I saw a chance for victory. I have never pushed so hard for so long time with f3000 before. It was like 10-15 qualifying laps in a row, and finally on lap 36 I was on David's tail ready to use every chance to overtake. Interestingly we were just about to lap some guys, which I thought was even better chance for pressuring David into making a mistake. A couple of times we were side by side in the braking zone, but I didn't manage to come out first in the corner, and finally David reached chequered flag 0.6 seconds before me.

    Conclusion: It's obvious that competition is getting closer now as the season goes on and F3000 starts to be familiar for everybody. I had the keys for victory in this race, but I lost them in three small mistakes (two short excursions on the grass and overshooting pit box). The coming races will be exciting :)

    Thanks to PrestoGP, RaceDepartment, Nicolai and all the fellow drivers!

    See you at Sepang!
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  13. Q 14th
    Very far from my PB, it was an awful lap.

    R 8th
    My strategy was 2 stints with with 100l of fuel and fresh tyres, pitting at the end of lap 20. I started not bad but was hit from behind at turn 3 by Bob Luneski who had his Windows Update popup at the moment. My car wasn't damaged but I was last when back on track. I then made some overtakings to gain back some places, making great battles with Kurt, Valerio, and Valter (sorry Valter if I touched you when I squeezed my car on the inside of T3 :) ). I had one scary moment also when I passed Richard who was spinning around between T14 and T15. At the end of the stint I passed both Anthony and Peter who had an incident. I managed to keep Peter at 2-4 seconds behind when I pitted, but he was right on my tail when I exited the pits.
    He finally succeded in passing me a few laps later, and shortly after that I had a nVidia freeze that cost me 5 seconds on him. My pace was almost the same as him, so I could stay between 5 and 8 seconds behind, and I hoped for a mistake from him so I could make contact. In the final lap, I saw that I gained on him, and I finally passed him entering the last straight : he had run out of fuel, lucky me!
    In conclusion that was a great race for me, I made almost no mistakes except minor ones, and it's good to see that practice paid off.
    Thank you for great race, CU at Sepang!
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  14. Gratz David Marko and Sean for podium

    Q: 7 Very bad lap, 3 or 4 small mistakes where i had to lift up the pedal !

    R: 7 Absolutly no action except my 2 mistakes offroad. 1st for 5 seconds lost and 2nd for about 10sec. I was still at P7 some 21 seconds behind Jim before pit stop. Came back 17sec behind Jim so i guess i had a good pit stop. Finish 11 sec behind Jim so we could have got a good fight if it was not from my 2 mistakes.

    Thanks again Nico, Daniel, and Racedepartment!!

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  15. Congratulations David Marko Sean and all us:)

    R: DNF my own mistake on lap19 :(

    Thanks again Nico, Daniel, and Racedepartment!!
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  16. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Congratulations David, Marko, Sean and all participants!


    R: 12.
    One stop 100/96 L fuel. A nearly unchanged Mr Brownstone setup felt quite good. Thx Jim. Now I have two good setups, this one and Ventis setup from his days with us.

    A very entertaining race. I had a very long chase trying to catch up with Anthony. When he started to fight with Peter they slowed down a bit and on lap 31 I was pretty near him. Then on the next lap Nicolai came steaming by and I couldn’t do anything. My tires was completely gone from chasing Anthony. I had wheel locks in every major braking zone. I went four clicks to the rear with the brake balance and that helped a bit.
    On lap 35 I break early for the fast chicane and that was a big mistake. David, who is closely pursued by Marko and right in my tow for a lapping, is not expecting my early braking and hit me so I go off. Sorry for that optimistic and not very well planned braking David, I will try to avoid getting in that position in the future. I guess I just got nervous when the leader was on my tail.
    Lap 37. Sean and Dino laps me in the fast chicane. They took the inside line, so luckily no contact this time.
    I never came close to Anthony again after being lapped.
    It was an eventful race with a lot of exciting battles. Thx Anthony,Kurt,Valerio,Nicolai, Richard,Bob Laube and Nicolas for our nice dueling. More of that please.

    Thanks Race Director Nicolai, Weather Director Daniel, RD and Simbin

    CU on track mates :)
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  17. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Q. 4th slight mistake early in lap
    R. 3rd 1 stop

    Overall really good race had some good racing with Jim and Marko and Dino chasing me at end. Never really made any mistakes slight early in pit box had to move again but better than usual overshooting :thumbsup:, out lap I slowed slight when car spun ahead also cost me a little time but after that I knew 3rd prob best could do without mistakes from leaders so concentrated on not making any of my own :thumbsup: .

    Grats David, Marko and Finishers, Tim awake yet ? :sleep: unlucky for Helder to :(

    Thanks Nico RD Daniel and presto ! cyas at Sepang :)
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