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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

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  2. Congratulations Helder and the podium, Marko and Dino:unsure: :thumbsup:

    My thanks to all and in particular to Bob Luneski for an epic battle. Great racing with you :thumbsup: You were robbed I think.:) more latter...
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  3. Expecting rain so a complete hash by me, wings 24/35 and still sliding everywhere. Pedals only gave 70% power for last 15 mins was lucky to get into 6th. Tried my best to keep out of everyone way, but think I managed to block someone while kicking my throttle, really sorry.

    Congrats to the podium and everyone else.
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  4. Strange, it seems some fastests laps of this track were done during the race! Maybe entering the pits...
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  5. Qualifying in Pole-Position the night began well for me.

    Start of the race I got a good start and maintained the first position, with David behind, I was opening a GAP but after Marko can get the 2nd place and began to close the GAP after some attempts and 1 little touch side by side he can't make the overtake before his pit-stop, so time to Marko enter the pits at lap 15 i think, sooner than i...after breathe better, and trying to keep a good pace. Time for my pit stop everything ok with my pit-stop left behind Marko around 20s with Reik on my rear, and i was in my head I will not hinder the overtaking i know if Reik is faster and too close from me he should make another pit-stop, unfortunatelly i saw Reik in troubles at 1st corner but he can keep the car on track, and after he overtakes me, good.
    After i was thinking if the rain comes before Marko or Reik 2nd stops i'll lose the race :rolleyes: so i was waiting for Marko's and Reik's pit-stop before the rain lool well the rain "stays home" and Marko's pit-stop came and he left just behind me, at this moment Reik on the lead, and i was thinking now i need to get a stronger pace than Marko and i did it, seeing Reik stops, i was now quiet in leadership and ensure that only took the car to the end without errors, with the GAP opening for Marko, and no problems with "blue flags" i win at Silverstone. :)

    Good race to all! Another great event for us...
    See you at Nurburgring... :cool:
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  6. Congratulations to Helder for winning, Dino for podium finish, and all who finished! ;)

    In my mind this track was tricky, and I never really learned to master it like I would like have wanted. As a result, I hope I learned something I can use in the future.

    Qualifying: 1:45.256 (2nd )
    Ok lap. I was hoping to get front row position and that's what happened, so I am pleased.

    Race: 2nd

    I chose two stop strategy, because there was pretty obvious chance of rain, and I thought 2 stops would allow more flexibility. I had also decided to change rear tyres in the first stop and front tyres in the second stop. With this strategy I was supposed to get weight advantage and shorter pit stops over my rivals.

    My start from 2nd grid was not bad, but David got an excellent start and managed to overtake me before T1. It was visible that I had lighter car, and after some good fighting :thumbsup: on 2nd lap I got a perfect slipstream for Hangar straight, and made a successful overtaking at the braking for Stowe. By this time Helder had been able to build up a gap of 2 seconds, and I started to push to catch him. By lap 8, our gap was only 0.4 secs, and I could really start pressuring. There was some good racing moves again (will be a good highlight compilation video at the end of the season, if it continues like this ;) ) and my best chance was on lap 9 when I actually led the race for 5 seconds, but Helder managed to re-overtake. On lap 14 I went to pits for my first scheduled stop. The stop went without problems.

    I came back at P5 right behind Jim, and I could immediately feel that my car was very understeery now with rear tyres changed. I made a double change at Luffield in my first lap out of pits and lost around 2 seconds. On lap 19, I was so close to Jim that I could have tried overtaking, but then he went to pits, and I found myself in P2 as Helder and David had also pitted. I then tried to push with my understeery car, so that I could build up a decent gap for my second stop. On lap 24, when I pitted second time, I had around 21 second gap to Reik and Helder.

    I exited pits right behind Helder at P3, and when Reik pitted in the next lap, I was in good position at P2 just 1.7 seconds behind race leader Helder. The problem was that my car now was dangerously oversteery due to my fresh front tyres and worn rear tyres. I quickly noticed that it was impossible to put up a good challenge for Helder, and he was able to pull away. The car was very tricky to handle, and towards the end of the race Dino was catching fast, so it was pretty stressing, but I managed to make error free last stint and secured second place finish by just some 2.4 seconds.

    Conclusion: I will not try changing rear tyres and front tyres in separate stops anymore :) that is for sure. I doubt that I had had the pace to challenge Helder in here even with perfect strategy, but I think he got his points a bit too easy in here. I have to make sure next time he has to fight harder for winning :)

    Thanks to Presto GP, RaceDepartment, SimBin, and all drivers!

    See you all at Nürburgring!
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  7. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Quali rear:(
    Race rear:( but finished the race and did a true overtake in lap2 not happen often so i did a video for remember this rare event:D Nice battle with Chirlie he appeared from nowhere behind me:) not bad race until 2 or 3 laps before pits I lost car in Stowe than Abbey in same lap all the advantage was lost Kurt pass me Im angry for my fault feet at floor I was Kurt's shadow :roflmao: than we did pits in same time but I have to put reverse gear:rolleyes: at box and lost time so Bob M and Kurt leave pits with 4sec of advantage after pit I recover mine concentration and push for close this 4sec but some little loooong brake and firsts lapping the gap was 12sec. so I push for beat my pb on race and finished the race.Strategy was 1pits

    Congratulations to Helder Marko Dino

    Thanks PrestoGP and RaceDepartment

    PS rad must set on 3 ? me with rad at 2 never smoke but on chat warmup someone before race start wrote set rad at 3 I did was right ? only a curiosity:)
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  8. Q- started 15th :(

    R- DNF
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  9. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 3rd

    happy with the lap and happy to be 3rd :)

    race - 4th

    started very well and was past marko for t1, i knew that i was much heavier after the first couple of turns, id went with a safe setup of 24/26 wing, radiator 3 and brake duct 2, my strategy was 1 stop on lap 19 for tyres and fuel and goto the end, id loaded up with 99 litres at the start so just set about sticking to my own race but trying to defend as much as possible to slow marko, reik and dino down, i couldnt hold marko off for very long he was much lighter and faster so off he went, reik was also much faster being on a 2 stop and we had a good few laps fighting until a smal incident but reik managed to catch up and pass me, i got a twitchy finger during the first stint and spun at the old last corner so dino caught up with me by 4 seconds at this point, and with the incident with reik id estimate id lost 6 seconds, going for my pit i decided id go for it on lap 18, on the way in too busy looking at my pit menu i slid off track and smacked the wall, another 5 seconds lost :( dino managed to get in front when he went for his pit and from there it was drive to the end for me, reik was pulling back the gap at the end being on a 2 stopper. was a great race though with some good fighting and strategy, id say 11 seconds i lost due to incident and mistakes so couldve been slightly diffrent at the end, i was happy with the choice to 1 stop as even after 19 laps in my second stint the lowest my tyres got where 82% front and 81% rear, only a fuel stop might even have worked.

    anyhoo good race guys, grats helder, and thanks to dino, marko and reik for some good racing.

    cyas at nurburgring :thumbsup:
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  10. Congratulations Helder, Marko and Dino and everyone else who participated.

    I put in quite a bit of practice for this race and it resulted in my best race. So practice really does help. Duh :)

    Q: 10 Highest qual ever. I ALWAYS choke during Superpole, often being several seconds slower than what I was running a few minutes before. But all the laps over the last 2 weeks gave me more confidence and I put in a respectable lap.

    R: 9 1st top 10 finish. Had an intense race long battle with Peter but lost it due to several big errors on my part in the 2nd 1/2 of the race.

    Settled into 8th after a few laps with a 1 sec lead over Peter. Raced error free and slowly built the lead up to 5 seconds by lap 18. I decided to pit the next lap and inexplicably spun going into the front straight and found myself doing 2 360's. In all the laps I've done over the last 2 weeks I never once spun there. I have no idea what happened. Lost all of my advantage and shook my confidence some as I came back around to pit. Pitted with my usual slowness and came back out ~ 4 seconds behind Peter.

    Spent the rest of the race playing cat and mouse with Peter, but the cat never quite got the mouse(chewed on his tail a lot though :) LOL). I was quicker and I would reel Peter in and follow within .2 sec for several laps trying to set up a pass before I'd make a mistake and the gap went back to 4 seconds. Then I'd reel him back in and pressed hard for several laps and I'd make a mistake and the gap would go back up. I made my last push with a couple laps to go and caught up before making one last mistake trying to setup a pass and then coasted in to the finish. Regardless, it was a great fight and I'm very happy with the result.

    Peter, you mention above that I may have been "robbed". Nothing is further from the truth. I spent the entire race pushing you hard. The first half from in front extending a small lead and 2nd half of the race chasing you hard with many entire laps within .2 seconds and you never made a single mistake. You earned every bit of it. Great race!!!!

    Again grats to the podium and everyone. Practice does indeed payoff. Thanks to Nico and RD and everyone else.
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  11. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Q: Bad superpole lap (1 sec behind pb) including an annoying slide which took ages to end and costed a lot of time in the mid-sector

    R: It looked like a good start in which I came away better than the row in front of me, but unfortunatly I hit Sean as I was focusing on turn1 with 2 guys on my repective sides :mad:
    sorry again

    2 or 3 guys passed me back with the incident and I was just fokusing on simply driving my normal strategy. Vincenzo in front was fast enough to not hold me up, that was nice and also the others respective strategies allowed me to have a free track which was important.
    Car was always on the brink of sliding, that would have been even harder with someone in front (or with rain), even though I did adjust my setup a bit for rain.

    I wasn't really happy with my laptimes and lost a lot of time to the top 3 early.
    Only reason I came out in front of David was his mishap in the pits.

    Second stint was better, but still not great, except for maybe the last 5 laps, with the fastest lap on the last lap :D
    But still, I had lost too much time in the beginning to get near to Marko and ended the race on p3.

    q: 7th / r: 3rd

    I'm dissappointed with the incident in the beginning and the driving afterwards was ok.
    Well done to all and see you guys next time :)
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  12. It seems like i'm missing a legendary season, congrats to all finishers and better luck for the rest ;)
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  13. Q:8 was happy with that, 1:46:1xx

    R: DNF
    Start was good, i meet my goal of not causing any accident in T1, 2, 3, 4 :) i got out of T4 in 6th place behind Vincenzo. Then in T7 Vincenzo looks like he was going a bit wide so i point my nose inside but he close back in. I avoid him by running on the curbs and i almost spin. Lost 4 postitions there. Then i was chasing Tim and Bob and i made a few mistakes on my own. Fought back at them each time until I followed Tim passing Bob, that's where me and Bob had a little touch. Then i made another noob mistake so Bob got by again.

    After the 2nd touch with Bob i thought i'd better pit early and comeback alone on track so i can run my pace. So i pit on lap 10, that worked good and i was able to have a better pace (not as good as i would like though). Until lap 18 when i start thinking "i have to raise my pace a bit" and made a stupid mistake T8 (the fast right hander) where I wreck my car badly.

    So overall, my goal as my 1st presto race is acheive. It was to not wreck anyone. My 2nd goal was to finish but i failed.

    Conclusion: I found i am able to run a good pace in practice, but i'm far from any presto members experience when it comes to long distance race. And only practice concentration can solve this. If i try a slower pace to be safe im doing even more mistakes so..... its a debut :)

    Thanks to all and gratz podium!!


    Here's a video that show what i'm talking about :)

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  14. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Helder, Marko and Dino and thx all who participated.

    2 stops 85+51+51 liters and a small whisky on each brake.

    Q: 20th quite near my pb.

    R: 15
    I got a lot of places for free at the beginning due to pure luck.

    A very amusing race with a lot of action. Even the lapping cars was fun to meet.
    I had the pleasure to fight with Valerio, Chirlie, Nicolai, Kurt, Anthony, Bob Laube and Sean, believe it or not (-:
    Who did I forget? I chased Nicolas in the beginning, it didn't go as I hoped it would.

    My pace wasn't good enough to have a really successful race, still a lot of enjoyment.

    I like the good sync between mine and Anthony's car. He is driving his rig on the opposite side of the globe - amazing.

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel, RD and Simbin.

    CU on track guys
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  15. Steeve Fournier: One word: confidence ;) on your skills, pace and overall performance. Makes it a lot easier when doing long runs. Only comes thru practice and experience (which comes from practice and races). Safety first, ambitions later.
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  16. @Steeve : The pace is not so important if you want to finish a race, or even have a good place. I practice almost exclusively race stints, in order to be at ease with the car during the race, and it's very important if you want to push hard at one moment during the race, or to try overtaking someone, because you'll know the car behaviour and you're not likely to make any mistakes. It also ease a lot of things in the rain, because once you have a race setup that suits you well from the beginning to the end of a long stint, there's a big chance it's also good in the rain. The only exception of all this is Monaco or any other track that makes overtaking very difficult. There the pace in qual is very important, the pace in race is not, since you'll be blocked by someone in front of you, or you'll block someone, and the situation is not likely to change unless in the pits, with a fine strategy.;)

    My race :

    Q 16th
    PB with a big mistake at T1

    R 11th
    My strategy was a 1 stopper with 100l fuel for each stint. I chased Peter at the beginning of the first stint, then was battling with Bob Laube, who passed me after a mistake, but I managed to win my place back in the pits. The second stint was less eventful, unless near the end when Tim was gaining on me. He made a mistake in T3 so I had a few more laps without his pressure, but in the end I made a mistake too so he passed me easily. Sorry Tim I couldn't offer you a better challenge, it would have been great. Finished without being lapped, and with a fastest lap :)

    Thanks everyone, this season is really great and I don't miss the MMG F1. CU at the ring.
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  17. Congratulations Helder, Marko and Dino and everyone else who participated.

    I am very glad that we can finally go back F3000:)
    It was pure fun and I did it, to the finish line:)

    Thanks Nicolai, Daniel, RD and Simbin.
    cyas at nurburgring :thumbsup:
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  18. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Secret strategy revealed

    mmmmm... now I understand ;) this is the reason because many guys here say I will do 2 or 3 pits. I can not imagine what might happen at the 24 Hours of Le Mans:roflmao:
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  19. Another very enjoyable event.:thumbsup:

    Qualified 12th with a low '47. I was perhaps a little disappointed with my lap time, although I do not recall any errors. Most likely, I did not get a 'great run' through the new first sector.

    Race ended with an 8th place. The first lap was the most anxious, as is normal, with a few cars off the track to the left of Turn 1 and Chirlie in close pursuit behind me.

    In the early laps I was under pressure from Nicolas and watching Bob battling ahead of me with Steeve. Bob Laube was in there too I think...:cool:

    I was over-taken by three drivers that I recall, Steeve, Sean and Nicolai all making clean moves that I could not defend against. I'd like to think that they were all on two stoppers and so had less fuel than me; very nice work from them.:thumbsup:

    Mostly, I recall chasing Bob Luneski for the first of my two stints and then trying to keep him behind me for the second stint. Not an easy task to be sure.;)

    Bob was quite a bit quicker in clean air than I was. My only salvation was that Bob had a similar fuel load to mine and so found it difficult to out accelerate me leading on to the straightaways.

    Race long battles such as this one are very motivating; though not for a win, nor podium, the resulting feeling of satisfaction is a similar elation.:cool:

    Thank you all! :)

    P.S. Great to see Steeve and Richard join us for the race. Looking forward to seeing you both again along with Kaiser. :thumbsup:
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