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Season 10, Race 1, Istanbull, 6th Feb

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by David Turnbull, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    discussion for the first race of the new season :)

    heres my hotlapping setup, its good for a low 1.38 so far, its probably not the best as a race setup but someone may get some use from it :)

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  2. Here we go guys ehehe (=
    I leave here my setup, well i'm not the fastest driver at Istanbul, and i still working on setup, but, for now is what i have ^^ i did 38.7

    Lets goooo!
    Lets start the season! :thumbsup:

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  3. Jim Hawley

    Jim Hawley
    PrestoGP Veteran

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  4. Is the race format to remain the same as last season? i.e. a 67 minute race, no pit-lane speed limit, blah , blah...

    Or will there be any significant changes?

    Still 70% damage? Start time?
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  5. OMG Peter, not more decisions :)
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  6. Special request from one of the aliens :) Could you please turn on MoTeC capture(I can provide instructions on how to do this), run a few laps and then post the MoTeC data file here or upload it to mydrive? It would be a big help. Thanks.
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  7. Hahahaha..:giggle:

    I am truly sorry [as opposed to the modern use of the word ;)]. Apart from the start time, I guess it really doesn't concern me. I'll be there...:thumbsup:

    MoTeC actually 'works' for the F3000. And Time Attack too; which I can remember using once upon a time. It has been a while....
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  8. I think this is default, in other words, we'll use the exact same setup as last season unless/until someone argues for a change that the rest thinks is for the better.
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  9. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I think we should use 100% damage with f3000 or atleast try it on servers atm, im sure we used to with f3000, these are pretty strong so i think it needs 100% to be losing wings etc with heavier contact, at 70 i think u could drive straight into wall and your wing will still be on. Im sure we only recently went to 70% with mmg to change its damage etc.

    Also heres old D2 me David Chirlie Dale and Fonzo and more raced, it was our 1st time so be gentle :rolleyes: I made a Cleric racing skin(This was our clan we used pwn at counterstrike:p) with paint lol for me Chirle, Dale and fonzo used Scotland flag designed 1.

    Im sure its Vale i just manage to get passed and had a good fight with in race:thumbsup:
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  10. I think the same as Sean about damage sensitivity.

    About race length: Steeve has announced that he could attend some races, if we started events a bit later (30 min). One chance is to shorten races (by ~ 30 min), and start a bit later.
    Full fuel tank of a F3000 car (125L) can last about 40-45 minutes. That is one possible race length, which would probably divide drivers into 0-1 stoppers. If we use race lengths 45-60 minutes, everybody will opt 1 stop strategy. Longer than 60 minutes could maybe see some drivers choose 2 stops.
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  11. I'm ok with 100% damage, and then rather reduce it again if we feel it is a problem :)

    About race length I would personally not want to shorten the event, I like the fact that one have to fuel and that there might be both 1 and 2 stop options. EDIT: I deleted my stuff on Steeve because Sean said it better :)
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  12. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    On race setup i think we should go with the same we have now 67 min race superpole no speed limit, we have developed this with mmg and really have found limits i think in stratagy with anything we try because of pit stop times. We will see how it works with f3000 but i predict 1 stops best for anywhere.

    On Steeve i know changing schedule has never really happened before, i have no problem with being 30 mins later but if some do then we cant really change, also though remember we go to bst i think end of march so by race 5, that would help Steeve by 1 hour right ?
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  13. Was it not a girl i saw there Sean, who finished 3 places ahead of you ;) A Canadian chick called Bri :)
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  14. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Here's my so far best setup (PB is a 1:38:4xx). It's completly developed by my own, so there my be some issues I'm not aware of. It's for qualy because of no radiator. ;)

    I agree with 100% damage and keeping the rest like the season before. I think the long 67 minutes race gives the weather god more opportunities than having a shorter distance. And I think super pole will be trickier this time as most of us don't have the same consistancy with the F3000 as they had with the F1 (or is it just me?). ;)

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  15. Just glad we now have a car, it's practice time!:geek:
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  16. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    im fine with 100% damage, im also fine with everything else being the same as last season.

    regards the times and steeve's participation, id gladly have steeve in presto and me personally i dont have a problem with being 30 minutes later, but... theres a lot to consider beforehand, how does it affect our aussie drivers? will it affect when we move to bst? and will everyone agree in time?, its quite short notice before the season starts so if we are going to change the times we really need to get cracking so everyone knows in plenty of time.
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  17. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    nice memories Sean ;) yes was me with Ian Wells skin it is incredible me and Sean in battle:D
    no prob for 100% damage but sure 67mins race

    mmmmm 30mins later and the Aussies? is early morning for their I think work call.

    EDIT also in thread I come after, true David:roflmao:
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  18. I can start the race 1/2 hr latter.

    However, there have been regularly examples in the past when time delays, due to players losing their internet connections, rebooting, etc, that have caused us to start the race nearly an half an hour late. Add another half an hour to that start time and I may well miss some pre-BST races. During BST, it is an hour earlier where I am so.... all good.

    Don't misinterpret what I write. I will be happy to start an half hour latter to accomodate Steeve joining our races. If we then need to pickup players and time gets away and significantly delay the race start then I will simply write in chat/ forum that I will see you next race.:)

    Touch plastic [keypad instead of wood], my "poor" tin-can-and-string internet connection has only ever LC'ed once in five years of PrestoGP competition. Amazing. And even then I think it was an nVidia card "lock-up".

    P.S. more apologies to Bob for adding to the discussions.:giggle::)
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  19. No problem for me about the "delay"... But someone can clarify me about the time schedule??
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  20. You guys are very kind considering the time delay for the events to accomodate me :) I really appreciate it and i could not feel more welcome than that as a new presto member :thumbsup:. But I don't want to cause anyone's bug by the 30 minutes delay. Though it seems you all don't mind so far.... that's cool :) I don't know exactly what BST is, but here in march, we move the clock forward 1 hour.... i guess that's what you call BST. If yes, that won't change anything for me. :(

    Please keep in mind that i won't be disapointed if you stay with you normal schedule. I will come and practice on servers with you on other days, but just won't make the races :)

    From the small experience i have racing with you, i realize i'm doing much more mistakes than you all average. I have not fight with a big bunch of fast riders before joining you, so i lack experience managing the traffic. Remember i've been racing for less than 5 months ;)

    We had a few 3 laps fun races tonight and i look at the replays to see what i did wrong. Of course this was not an official season race, so the "be carefull spirit" was not that important. I would be much more cautious in an official race.

    Here's what i think about the last 2 races i had tonight:

    Race1, i was qualified 2nd, had a good start and was ahead of Marko in T2 but i didn't know that. When i enter T3 i leave way too much room for him so i was out of line a lot. i spun a bit when i accelerate so Eliezer had no space and we touch, than Eliezer touch Sean :(. I got out of track in T4 and came back gently, but in T5 i had no idea Sean was there and my rear wheel touch his front at the exit. Even though i stayed quite on the inside. Sorry for that Sean. Then i had a good battle with Eliezer but nothing went wrong.

    Sean, as you asked me to be carefull when re-entrering the track, i'd like you to look at the replay, if you have a few minutes, and tell me what you think i should have done there!?!? I don't think i was so wrong...... was i?

    What i think is: as i was in front of Marko, i should not leave that much room, get out of racing line and make a mistake. Its the responsibility to the guy behind to figure out how much room he have.... right??? But that was all my fault...

    Race 2: Start 2nd last, i brake early enough in T1 to not hit anyone in the back, that was ok. I had a few stupid mistakes that got me out of the track, but except that little touch with Steve Crossland "out of the track" lol, nothing to cause anyone's problem.

    Please ev-1, feel free to give me your thoughts about what i should work on to be better for other drivers.


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