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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valerio Vinassa, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    GOOD Season at all;)
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  2. Congratulations Marko and to the podium [Helder and Dino :unsure:].

    And thank you all for the entertainment.

    Qualifying seemed to go well. That was my only low fuel run for the session and so I was very pleased with myself managing a '39.7.

    The race started cleanly and I settled into a nice gap in between two groups of hard racers. It simply worked out that way. Great to see Vincenzo lead the group of four cars ahead of me:cool:. Bob M, Nico, Valter and latter Anthony were in the group just behind me I think [apols if not].

    A one stop strategy for me. I pitted chasing Tim and Vincenzo into the lane. Vince had a nasty turn in the lane; his pit crew must have forgotten to pour lemonade over his bay. :giggle: This allowed me to take position from him. And that was pretty much the race until the end position wise. Always a pleasure, and often epic, to race close with Vince:thumbsup:

    There were other moments of joy and some surprises as well. Great to be back in the seat and enjoying the "battles".

    P.S. Anthony, yours or our internet connections seem so much better now. Very low jitters. So good!!!:D
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  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    nice first race a lot of fun with Nicolas and Bob Luski:D sorry for cut your surname but many Bob here.May be first race but I think that with this mod Im more close with other guys along the race no more alone is a good thing for me
    Congratulations Marko Helder Dino and all Drivers:)
    CU on next track
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  4. Congratulations Marko Helder Dino and all others :)
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  5. Qualifying Practice goes well, 2nd place was good, i've tried the Pole of course, and 0.090 would be easy to gain, but one lap only isn't easy to manage, so happy.

    Race start, i had a good start and pull ahead of Marko, so feels good, but after, Marko push and attack me with more top speed, he overtakes me easy, and so i have in my mind, i've more fuel than you lool and trying to dont lose too much time lap 19, 6seconds behind feels good for me, but i found a "problem" a worry for me lool is that concentrate on driving and trying to do some account on strategy, isnt easy and i lost the concentration and lost the car, loosing 7 or 8 seconds so, i think well let me take some risk now, and did a short pit-stop, but no avail, behind Marko and seeing Reik so fast, passing me and Marko aswell, and i think in this moment here is the champion (= hoping he will stop into pits :)...
    2nd stint i just have a challenge, hold my second place and i can do it face Dino, just close but i can do it, a deserved place i think, behind the domination of Marko well done! :thumbsup:

    Was a good start of season, and let's see what's happen here in after (= but Marko looks strong! Impressive with Dino pace and consistency on race, and the season is long hoping for Reik revenge (= that today has no luck in Qualify and well David, Sean...So 9 more unpredictable rounds, and let's go for it. :cool:
    Well done to all! :)
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  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    qualifying - 4th

    had a great lap........until the last corner when....cough....splutter, id messed up the fuel :( i thought id put 11l in but id only put in 10l so all along the run to the line i was spluttering and dying, couldve been a place or two higher, i lost .4 from last turn to the line according to my delta. still happy to be 4th though.

    race - 4th

    excellent race, had a good battle into turn 1 with dino, some great racing with reik and a lovely battle against fuel consumption for 18 laps of the race :roflmao: i lost 11 seconds to reik in the last part of the race by short shifting and hoping it wouldnt run out, and tonight my luck was in, happy with the 4th and overall.

    heres some highlights of my race, although im struggling to think about the last time when my highlights have all been about being passed by reik :roflmao:

    cya all next race.
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  7. Congratulations to Helder and Dino for a podium finish and all who participated. Great feeling to win the season opener :)

    New season, new car, some new competitors. I was glad to see so many drivers in this event, and I hope we can get even more for coming rounds. I did not really know what to expect with new car, but good pre-season tests gave me some confidence to look for a good result here.

    Qualifying: 1:38.213 (1st)
    Ok lap that did not really feel that quick as it was. I was surprised and really happy to catch the pole finally. This was my first ever pole position in Presto league :thumbsup:

    Race: (1st)
    I decided to go with one stop at exactly at the half way of the race. I also decided to change all tyres, so that in case I would have to battle for the positions at the end of the race, I would have well performing car then.

    Helder at P2 got a better start than I did and made it first to T1, but I was right behind him. In the opening laps Helder at P1 seemed to be really quick, driving with a little bit risk too, but his car seemed not as fast as mine in the long straights. I followed him closely trying to sniff all the possibilities to overtake, and those were abundant in the braking zones after long straights. For four laps I tried to overtake at the end of back straight, but Helder was defending well and able to turn all the side-by-side situations on his advantage, until at the end of lap 4 I got a perfect slipstream for start/finish straight and was able to brake past Helder for T1. There was a slight touch, but no harm to anyone. After that my plan was to drop Helder from my pace, but he persistently kept on following closely. On lap 10, the gap was still only 1.8 secs and growing around 0.3 secs/lap. On lap 20, when it was time for my scheduled pit stop, Helder was around 6 seconds behind. This time everything went fine with my pit stop, and I got back to the track at P3 some 30 secs behind Helder and Dino, who had not pitted yet. They pitted in laps 21 and 22 respectively and I was able to pass both during their pit stops. After that I was in the lead again, but this time I could see Reik behind me and he was catching rapidly (~0.8 sec/lap). I was a bit confused about his pace as I did not know, if he was still going to pit or not. If he was going to pit one more time, I should let him pass, so that I would lose as little time as possible (Helder was very close too, and he had pitted like I), but if he (Reik) was not going to pit anymore, then it would be a battle for P1, and I should defend my position. Finally I ended up doing something like defending half-hearted, and as a consequence we both lost some time. Finally Reik overtook me at the end of lap 27 and went to pits right after that. At this point, Helder was 4.5 secs behind, so I had a comfortable lead for the last 13 laps with a car that had great performance (thanks to fresh set of tyres). At the end, I finished first and the gap between me and Helder was around 11 seconds. After the race I heard that Helder had spun on lap 20, exactly at the same time as I was pitting. I checked that he lost around 5 seconds because of the spin. Had he not spun, he had come out of the pits around 3 seconds in front of me instead of 2 seconds behind. This had made the battle for the win pretty fierce, considering how well he defended his position with heavier car in the opening laps of the race :thumbsup: .

    Conclusion: Great feeling to win for the second time at Presto league (first time was season 8 Shanghai) :cool: This was a perfect start for this season, and I am looking forward to continue strongly in coming races.

    Thanks to Presto GP, RaceDepartment, SimBin, and all the competitors.
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  8. What a fantastic opening race of the season. Only had one small spin, had great fun spending 36 laps chasing Valerio within a second or 2, and finished a full distance race with absolutely no pain in my wrist. All together a fantastic day. Congrats to Marko and the rest of the podium. Thanks to Nico and everyone else that makes this possible. See y'all at Silverstone!
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  9. That was great fun, qualified higher than I expected and managed to gain on that in the race also. Spent most of my time (thankfully) in a pocket, being chased down and chasing down the car in front and had some nice close racing with Nicolas Rouge and that was enough for me in this particular race. These cars close really fast in breaking zones, it's something I will have to get used to to avoid giving away positions when I'm in a pack.

    Really looking forward to Silverstone though, going to be a fun one but not sure how much practice I'll be able to do as I have a 2 hour endurance race on the Sunday before.

    Cya there!
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  10. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    Nice opening for the season yesterday.

    Q: Good superpole lap by my standads (~ 4 tenths behind pb) for p3. Sector 1 was very shaky and pretty slow though, but the other 2 sectors were nice.

    R: Had a normal start to the race. Lost the position from the inside into turn1, like on every other start too on this track, so this was allright.
    Was chasing David until I had a very silly and scary moment, when my car slid to wide in the triple-left corners and I slid off the curb to a half-spin, almost hitting the inside barricade :confused:
    I was very lucky to just loose a couple of seconds and no position without more consequences :ninja:
    A couple of laps after that David had something similar happening and I just squeezed by before the triple-lefts began.
    The bad thing is that I already had a relatively big gap to Helder in front, due to the big mistake and also some small ones, that I was now trying to reduce for the entire rest of the race.

    I pitted on the last lap I could do and came out about 7 or so seconds behind Helder.

    My second stint was great, by far the best drive that the car gave me on this track.
    I only catched up to Helder on the last lap, without a good chance for overtaking, when the finish already came early.

    q: 3rd / r: 3rd

    Well done to all and let's see how we do on the next race.
    The race was good overall I suppose, but there's still room for improvement if I look at the test-starts and the opening lap after them.
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  11. It was a great race, but we should not forget that 3 drivers (Kurt, Bob Laube and Henrik) did not get the fun they deserved after practicing and preparing for the race. I really hope all 3 of you get to have a great race at Silverstone (along with everybody else) :thumbsup:

    My race report will come later when I get to review my race.

    Results are now posted on http://www.prestogp.com/index.php?view=league
    Replay and result files are now uploaded to mydrive
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  12. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Ill do my report later but heres some fun 1st:)
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  13. Q: Did a big mistake during quali session and ended up at 21st

    R: Manged to pass some drivers during first lap as they made some mistakes.
    Had a decent race-pace and was looking forward to an enjoyable evening.
    Unfortunately at lap 3 I ended up T-boning Rouge and lost my front-wing and had to pit.
    The pitstop took 40 seconds and when it was finished I realized that I had not mapped the limiter so I moved at a snails pace oout of the pit.
    The remaining laps I had to let racers pass me and basically lost speed all along the way, midway through the race I totally lost my interest nd just exited the game.
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  14. Congratulations Marko Helder Dino and all others :)

    cya all next race.
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  15. Nice video resume Marko, sorry the block at the beginning of the race, but that's racing, i was so heavy lool anyway great win for you without chance. :)
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  16. Very nice racing :) Thanks for the video!
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  17. Very nice video marko! Thanks!
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  19. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Grats Marko Helder Dino and all drivers :)

    Q I think 13th

    R 10th
    A lot of fun and only one bigger mistake. Only a loss of aprox. one second. Henrik and I fought a bit in the beginning. I think he made some small mistake so he lost me. Nice racing:thumbsup:
    Had a long fight with Nicolai which he won. He was much faster in the long run. We had a second fight after pitstop. I gained all his lead back in my pitstop:thumbsup: So after that he could start over again increasing his lead:) Later I came close to Vincenzo. Never close enough to make anything of it though. I did my sliding off error behind him during the last couple of laps:notworthy::x3:

    I enjoyed our close fighting guys, and hope for more of the same:cool:

    F3000 are good racing cars. The field was divided in smaller groups but not as spread out as the F1 races. I like it.

    Thanks PrestoGP, Nicolai, Daniel and everybody involved.

    CU in Great Britain
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