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Season 10 - Incidents

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Nicolai Nicholson, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. This thread is a summary of all incidents of season 10 and is based on the information found in each round's incident report.

    We hope this will prove to be a useful tool for new and old drivers to learn about our racing guidelines.

    Please do not make any posts in this thread. If you disagree or wish to make comments, please use the round-spesific incident thread or the general discussion thread.
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  2. Race 1 - Istanbul

    will be updated soon...
  3. Race 2 - Silverstone

    will be updated soon...
  4. Race 3 - Nurburgring

    will be updated soon...
  5. Race 4 - Melbourne

    Incident 1:

    Description: The back marker lifts to allow the Red Bull, which is close behind, past.
    Solution: The back marker should have stayed in normal speed on racing line and waited for a move from the Red Bull. Alternatively he could have braked late and consequently gone on the outside of the racing line.
    General guideline: A back marker should not do anything unpredictable with someone close behind.
    -If the faster car is not right at your tail / within striking distance, you can move off the racing line and "lose a second" to allow him safely past.
    -If the faster car is right on your tail you should race normally and wait for the faster car to make a move and then make it easy for him or you can brake late / go deep / miss apex / stay on the outside at next turn (the faster car will naturally pass you on your inside / racing line)

    Incident 2:

    Description: Battle for positions
    Solution: The Red Bull should leave sufficient room on his outside in the exit of the turn. We would expect this battle/parallell driving to continue to the next turn and possibly beyond.
    General guideline: At Presto GP we do not accept closing doors to the same degree as in real f1 (although it is my impression that real f1 have been moving in our direction the later seasons). Our rule of thumb is, you can only close the door if you know there is noone there. The challenger on his side should pull out if roughly half his car or less is alongside the other car (he probably can't see you).
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