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Season 10 - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Steeve Fournier, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, I just create a new profile with my Real name, Steeve Fournier, my previous one was husaberg6505. I thought its better to have my real name, thats all.

    I'd like to get in touch of what will happen in the next season, i'd like to take part probably in the league 2 if possible (at my day time).

    So for now, i just want to know, "Where should i look to get info for the new season to come??" For now i ride mostly in F3000 and practice sometimes in MMG. I've been on the prestogp servers a few laps at brands hatch and macau in F3000.

    Thanks for your help!

    Steeve :)
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  2. Hope to see you back here Kennett - motivation comes and goes in my experience.
    Have you thought about doing Rally for a couple of years ? ( ;) - a little Kimi joke...)

    Hi Steeve!
    Where you at in the world?
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  3. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Hy Steeve,

    I'm also interested where you're from. ;) Good to have a new guy here.

    At the moment we are in the very first stage of getting ready for the upcoming season. So it looks like a good time to get in touch with us. ;) At the moment Nico started with this thread to have a talk and finally agree the new time schedule for the next season.

    At the moment it's not decided if we'll have a car (mod? game?) change for the next season or if we stay with everything unchanged. That's why there's a F3000 server, because the F3000 car seems to be an interesting candidate if the majority wants a change.

    From the different opinions I've read so far in this thread it seems very likely, that we stay with everything unchanged for one more season. But that's only my personal feeling for now(!). You're very welcome to give your opinion there, too! ;)

    But no matter which decision about the car will be done, I recommend you to read this thread about our league. It's very much worth a read and hopefully encourages you to stay with us nice guys, he, he. ;) ;)

    In addition you may watch out for new upcoming threads related to the new season, read the other sticky threads (if you like) and of course go on asking and discussing in the thread.

    Have fun mate!
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  4. I am from eastern Canada, same time as east USA. So when you do your races at 7pm UK, its 2pm here, so i am at work. I could only participate if it starts like at 9pm in UK.

    Reik I will have a look at your link and read it all. :)

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  5. At what time of the day you will race this season??? All races are on wednesday if im right??? I am new here and try to learn more about prestogp leagues. I'd be happy to be part of someday. I have to read more for now, like how to become a license member and other things like that.

  6. http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/season-9-info-and-news.54021/
    In short, the crucial time to be present is 8pm-9:30pm uk-time. Practice session starts 7pm and lasts for one hour, but is not compulsory (everybody join during this session).

    And welcome btw :)
    EDIT: I see now that it might be a bit early for you :(
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  7. Just an update.. Couldn't stay off it for too long.. But. With considerable changes: Doing Kimis, ie doing some rallying.. And classic F1 in rFactor.. I might have something huge coming up, chance of a lifetime perhaps, that requires me to learn everything there is about modding for rFactor and then rFactor2... Best way to it is to get familiar with the physics and FFB, which is not that much different. Race07 FFB settings can be transferred directly. Downside is that it means driving with AI :poop: , at least for a while.. But i need to learn AI behaviour too and there's no way around that one without racing with them in various tracks, one car class at a time.
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  8. I installed Formula RaceRoom Add-On yesterday evening, but after that none of my Steam games have been working. Installation seemed to go ok, and I got a message that my installation was succesfully completed. Now when I try to launch my Steam games, they don't start and nothing happens (and this involves Race07, RaceOn, STCC: The game, and Formula RaceRoom Add-On). Anyone had the same problem? How did you solve it?
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  9. Maybe try to install this version of directX. I install the telemtry thing that shows tires temps, pressure, engine etc. In the installtaion instruction they said you need to install this version of directX or the game wont start. Maybe its the same problem.... i dont know.... anyway here is the link


    Hope it will fix your problem

  10. note: i also install formularaceroom few months ago but had no problem running the game after.

  11. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    notice for new drivers there is a school at PrestoGP and..........

    .......those who break the rules will be punished:roflmao:
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  12. where can i subscribe to that school?? :)
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  13. We have a lesson each time we have an incident, but it isn't always I that am the teacher. In theory it is the "perpetrator" who is the teacher, that is his "punishment" :)
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  14. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I always have to start Race07 first and from the second game-start it can be done from another title like Retro.
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  15. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    you open the config utility marko, either from steam, right click race07 and select video and language options or browse to the race07 folder and double click the config utility, set up your graphics options again then close and start the game as normal :)
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  16. edit damn, too late
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  17. David's instructions worked, my games run perfectly again. So, installing Formula RaceRoom Add-On had changed my graphics options for all my Steam games. Thanks David! :thumbsup:
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  18. Do F1 organizers read our forum and learn from us? :D

    Here are ten points that could be adopted ranging from quick-fixes to a radical look at the GP weekend...

    9. No blue flags any more. Leaders should have to pass backmarkers as though they were racing them. Backmarkers wouldn't be allowed to block or deviate from the racing line, but they would be encourages to just carry on as they are. Quite often a backmarker who is being lapped and generously moves over for the leader, then gets overtaken by a lapped car that is following it.
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  19. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :) Ye lol Anthony i think they do, i also heard the whole problem and delay with 10th race in f1 schedule is because we havent picked our 10th race yet :) ,, Bernie is waiting....
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  20. Nice Anthony, it is exactly what we tried to implement before season 9 :)

    (in my opinion) What they would be doing is to remove a rule that they finally have realised is counter-productive. Why would they want a rule that makes the racing less exciting and arguably unatural/unfair (see 3rd paragraph in this post).

    I think if no-one had made up that stupid blue flag rule in the first place (decades ago), we would have more eventful racing, both on TV and at PrestoGP. However, it was easier said than done for us to remove the rule. We were too set in our ways to execute it the way it would have been if the blue flag rule never had excistet.

    Arguing that not having blue flag rule is unfair, because one might loose a lot of time behind a slower car, I say it is the same for all. Is it unfair if it suddenly starts raining heavily just after you pass the pit entry? If anything I would say it is the blue flag rule that is unfair, because there the lapped car has to execute an action at a moment chosen by him; he decides how much the fast car will lose.

    My point is that if we could snap our fingers and the blue flag rule had never excisted, we would have even better races. However, I believe a transition (for us, not f1) very easily could be too painful for it to be worth while. So it remains a theory :)
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