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Season 1 Rules

Discussion in 'Xbox One | F1 Championship' started by Jamie Cottage, Aug 22, 2016.

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  1. Races take place Sunday nights either 7:30pm BST or GMT. Please see the Season 1 Calendar thread for dates and details. Please be in the lobby 5-10 minutes prior to the start time.

    Lobby Options

    Session host to be confirmed.

    Session Options

    Maximum Players: 22
    Practice Type: None
    Practice Length: N/A
    Qualifying: One-Shot Qualifying
    Race Distance: 50%
    Starting Grid: Qualifying
    Quick Weather: Dynamic
    Customise Weather: N/A
    Session Start Time: Official
    Customise Session Start Time: N/A

    Race Settings

    AI Driver Level: N/A (if registration numbers are low we may consider adding AI)
    Car Performance: Equal
    Parc Ferme Rules: On
    Collisions: On
    Vehicle Damage: Full
    Safety Car: On
    Corner Cutting Stringency: Normal
    Formation Lap: On
    Race Starts: Manual

    Assist Restrictions

    Braking Assist: Off
    Pit Assist: Off

    All other assists (anti-lock brakes, traction control, gearbox, racing line) are permitted and used at individual player discretion. This is not a 100% distance all assists off championship and we are trying to cater for players of varying skill and ability.

    Drivers & Constructors Championship

    Drivers will compete for both a solo and team championship. The driver and team with the most points after a 21 round season will be victorious!

    Points System

    1st - 25
    2nd - 18
    3rd - 15
    4th - 12
    5th - 10
    6th - 8
    7th - 6
    8th - 4
    9th - 2
    10th - 1

    Racing Etiquette

    • Warnings and penalties assigned by the game are final. There will be no seperate forum stewarding as naturally players are biased towards their own result. Also stewarding is time consuming and often down to a matter of opinion rather than fact.
    • Drivers must make every effort to have 2 wheels on track at all times.
    • Drivers should race as clean, hard and fair as possible. We all make mistakes from time to time but this means you cannot force another car off the circuit. If you do so accidentally the recommended action is to give the place back.
    • Drivers are allowed to make one move to defend and should leave a car's width of space when a competitior is alongside.
    • If you need to quit a race for any reason do not crash or park your car. Doing so could cause a virtual or full safety car and dramatically change the outcome of the race for others.


    • Work with your team mate to achieve the best result possible.
    • Recording and uploading of races is encouraged.
    • Finally have fun and respect the competition and your fellow competitors at all times!
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