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searching 3x 32" TV

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Erik Hafner, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys :)

    im about to sell my GTX 580 and my 47" tv switching to a triplescreen setup.
    Do somebody know a good 32" TV for about 250€ each?
    ATM i looked at the LG 32LK430. Do somebody have experience with it?

  2. I spent ages looking at screens for my triple screen setup and unfortunately the one I settled on is quite a bit outside your budget but the IPS panel on the Panasonic Viera L32E3 seriously won me over
  3. yeah a bit.. im looking more to something between 250 and max 300..
    i know that the IPS are quite good but imo for racing a normal LCD will make it.

    what did u have before? and whats the difference in ur experience?
  4. 720p projector onto a prepared wall, triple screens blew that away :)

    The biggest issue with racing is input lag, I tried a 40" Samsung LED and it was virtually useless
  5. yeah inputlag on tvs is still a big problem.. and its hard to find infos about that on specific models. thanks for the infos :)