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Helmets Scuderia Ferrari Career Helmet HD 1.0

Red Silver Edition

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  1. Nice job, your mercedes helmet was awesome and this one is good too ;). By the way next time let the Keyshot load the model correctly as i can see those little black areas which is due to not finished loading of models. :). I know they are not on the helmet it's just that you didn't let the program finish the render, it can make your render look far better if you let it finish it :)
  2. the renders are finished ;) normaly i dont work with keyshot as 3d senior artist but for simple things its good enough.

    thanks btw
  3. They aren't , those little black areas are the reason why they aren't beleive me. I doubt you would put those little black points onto the white paint.
  4. problem is that the model is very low poly. (of course because its a game model). i normaly work with maya, max and vray and do stuff like that. (modeling and rendering) ;)


    some stuff from my portfolio just for example...
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  5. Yeah nice job , but i guess the models aren't done by you i guess. You made the renders only, am i wrong ? If you made the car model and these others from scratch then that's quite something. Although making textures for the models aren't easy too.
  6. you are wrong :p

    all models are made by me. i do 2d/3d over 10 years. So what you can see is all made by myself. i do also nurbs modeling.

    maybe it comes from the export from maya because for me the template model is not straight on the xyz axis (maybe its my ps version...dunno) and there is a solid plane. so i imported the collada to maya and fix it, remove the plane and export the whole model again.

    but i don`t do game mods usually (only for f1 2013 cause i like the game)...and the renders are good enough for my presentation ;) important is how the helmet looks ingame :)

    but thanks for your hints :)
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  7. Wow. Learning that you did all these yourself is quite a huge work. I bet making the car model itself takes you a week or more. Good job. You must have quite a large experience and skill by doing this over for 10 years :)
  8. big thanks....the gtb 599 took more. and i didnt finished it...no interior. maybe sometime :)`

    i also worked at a huge cgi company some years ago and learned alot there.

    ye i started with cinema 4d at 2002 :) haha...at this point i didn`t know nothin about it and did a lot of tutorials.

    one more example, poly modeling combined with nurbs:

    ok...back to topic....
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  9. Looks nice but yeah these discussions shouldn't be posted in the mod thread , my bad :ninja:
  10. no problem :)
  11. very nice job:thumbsup:thank you tom:thumbsup:
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  12. Nice helmet there!
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  13. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Funny I thought the black areas as they are being reffered to here were all part of the design, as they don't appear on the logos....just on the base paint?
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  14. Grey horse on the top looks not very good...
  15. i thought about it to make it black. maybe i upload one with black horse ontop if more guys want it.


    dunno where they come from.
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  16. :thumbsup:thank you:thumbsup:
  17. This looks beautiful :) Loved it.
  18. RAP


    Could tha autor do this helmet with blue, green and yellow, please :thumbsup:?
  19. Filip Carlén

    Filip Carlén

    Um, hi, I'm a guy looking to start making 3d-images and have tested some in Solidworks. Now i just wondered which program u guys are using. I know it's hard and all, I dont wanna hear all that (again^^). Thx for any answer!