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Scripts2.. :d

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by Venusek, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Hi. Is could be done so that the scripts run on older versions of Racer? What files need to be transferred, or what would have done. Really care about.
  2. There was no scripting engine running in older versions of Racer, so it's not really compatible.
  3. Okk. :(
  4. If graphics performance is the reason you haven't upgraded, you might have some luck running racer_nocg.exe in the latest betas.

    To make cars/tracks compatible with the nocg version, they need:
    * version=090 or higher in car.ini/track.ini
    * car_nocg.shd / track_nocg.shd
    The _nocg.shd file, for older content, is just what car.shd and track.shd were, you can rename them. New content might not include it, and you'll have to live with stuff that looks like this unless you know how to write the old style shaders:
    (Before release I'll probably at least write a minimal nocg shader that assigns the right textures)

    Scripts do work in the nocg exe though.
  5. I'm fairly sure this is script related, but my Racer runs ok for 5 mins then just gets very slooooowwwwwww...

    This is pasted in qlog thousands of times :D

    Mon Oct 29 22:01:15 (WARN ): [racer] QScriptStackBase::CheckStackSize Maximum stack size reached (size: 64004 MAX: 64000 bytes). [\source\trunk\dev\include\qlib/scriptstackbase.h:50 / QScriptStackBase::CheckStackSize]

    I'm guessing qscript is the culprit here as I'm using it to set some on-car properties every physics step, but for some reason there is a stack or something that isn't been purged as we go along?!

    Cheers for any tips of alleviating this issue... unless it's my crappy scripting :D

  6. Have not had that happen to me yet, I guess my advice is avoid creating variables inside while loops to be safe.
  7. Seems to be better now I've removed all my "shared" variables...