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Helmets Scott Dixon Helmet 1.0

Done for a friend.

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  1. No made them in photoshop looking at dixon's helmet pic.
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  2. Great Gerald. Thank you.
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  3. awesome job as always,Gerald!
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  4. Oh yea...now the team is nearly complete...great job like always:notworthy:Thank you for this helmet!:thumbsup:Now the 2013 Indycar Champ can drive F1:DThanks
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  5. Chinoy ....

    Good Afternoon ...

    Would it be possible for me to create the helmets Helio Castroneves and Nelson Piquet sponsorship of Lotus?

  6. Awesome as always mate :thumbsup:
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    • Please stop spamming this link to helmet threads
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  7. Thank you,another masterpiece.:cool:
  8. other great job,thank you Gerald:thumbsup:

  9. Someone had a reply to this request?
  10. [​IMG]Hi can you please do this helmet for Lewis Hamilton
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