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Released SchottenRing_67, GTL Conversion...

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by Alexander Knoll, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hello all,
    ok here it is, the first Public Beta from SchottenRing_67.
    Please test it and give me a feedback if there are some errors...


    ...small update to V1.01:
    - Fixed / changed some shaders...
    - Fixed flickering of Merc Logo...
    - Fixed bushes...
    - Fixed ...new ai default.ini

    DivShare File - SchottenRing_67_v1_02.7z

    EDIT2: Link updatet...
    EDIT1: Pic's removed....oh Ian...get a good DSL...;)
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  2. Great job on a nice track. :)
    You might change the dust color to brown for grass (have never seen green dust IRL).
    I'm trying some things to speed it up a bit.

    Alex Forbin
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  3. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hmm...ok...i change it...(i like this green color...:()

    EDIT:...Bob use it for Sounds and Surface track too....:(...but here you go, replace the .txt with .ini

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  4. Congrats! :laugh:
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  5. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    THX Luke!
  6. Hehe if it makes you happy, leave it green buddy! I feel bad now with all of the sad faces.

    Alex Forbin
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  7. Alex,
    Wow!!!! Fantastic track! NO ERRORS just a few comments. The grass is too green with no variation, should look more natural with a bit of shading imho.

    I get 27 to 69 fps which could be due to the large number of trees, among other things. I looked at it in tracked and note that all trees are in about three dofs, berhaps braking these up into smaller dof's would help. Also some of the people and other objects could be removed without spoiling the overall great look of this track.

    The default ai ran me into a fence about 80% round the track. waited a moment and I was off and running again.

    The grass dust can be changed in special.ini for anyone that doesn't like the collor. I'll look at the one posted. Thanks alex.
  8. Are all the trees many small shaders but a few big DOF?

    If that is the case then taking an hour to make all the tree objects into one texture/shader (atlas) would boost FPS by maybe 25-35%

    Downloading now!

    Looks good so far from the images :D

  9. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hi Bob,
    i tested it with smaller .dof's and this was for me the best solution...

    I already try with no luck to change the grass to vertex color, Luke asked me some days agoo, he was my alpha tester, THX!
    I only can use Zmod, if some one is able to help me out, PM me and i send you a copy of the files...
    I've not planed to remove any of the eye candy^^ i will the same look like in GTL...

    Öhm...default ai? Ups, delete it, i was sure i uploaded it without...sry...

  10. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hello Dave,
    yes no atlas, i tried it with the Nürburgring 2007, after ~10 objects i had the problem to remap them, because they disapear in zmod and i cant see how the UV moves on the atlas....so sorry not started....

  11. I can take a look for you.

    I think you can get trees from zmodeller to max via 3ds format. I can then just make a big atlas and apply new uv's appropriately to the meshes pretty quickly.


  12. Soooo nice track, put it on my site, hope you don't mind it! :)
  13. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    i saw it already...but you forgot the WIP prefix!
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  14. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    no problem Alex, you are right, grass gives never a green dust IRL...i already changed it! :)
  15. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    öhm...i found a bug....lol
    i forgot to finish the road shader...urgh...
    If i'm ready i post a update...sry...
  16. This is a blast to drive. :thumbsup: I hope you have others planned.

    Alex Forbin
  17. I tried some things to get the fps up a bit. Did find that using ver 090 rc2 gave a 8-10 fps increase for one thing.

    I took the 4 biggest dof's, tree, lptree, treewall and people(lockern) and commented them out in geometry.ini and got the same 27-59 fps. Then I took all dofs except track dofs and got 50-122 fps.

    Then I looked at EFIN and Nurburgring tracks which are big tracks and get only slightly better on then than this track. Anything above 25 fps is an acceptable frame rate imho.

    About the only way to get the fps up a bit would be to redo the track dofs and only have the track in the dof and the rest of the track side stuff in different dof's.

    The trees are the best trees we have ever seen on any track.

    The ai is good just that one spot is bad, and when posting the track shader just post the shader as a ,txt file and we can insertit into the track.shd file.

    This track is 090 ready inho.
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  18. It all comes down to batching and LOD management (mainly turning stuff off)

    There is always a compromise between just showing everything in as few shaders as possible, but not filling the GPU with too many triangles at once I guess.

    Obviously it's hard work and who knows what the best way to achieve the results we want are, but I'm just playing Crysis 2 here in maximum everything and it's really very smooth and it's sooooo detailed hehe.

    I bet this track FPS could be doubled with the right optimisations.

    Obviously it's damn hard work to optimise for Racer because of the tools we might have to do it, and converting tracks makes it even tougher to optimise...

    But it's just good to aim for better.

    I'm happy to help. If we can find a load of 5% improvements all over the place and get an overall 20% boost then that is worth doing.

    For example, how fast is it if you have shadows turned off for all the track shaders?

    Turn off certain objects that are small and not so noticeable by 250m maybe... etc etc...

    Still not downloaded yet haha, Crysis 2 was 12gig to download hehe.

  19. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    THX Alex,
    no for the mom i have not planed to convert a other GTL track, but i was hoping Luke ask me for testing Machwerk :D:whistling:
    ...will see if i ask der Dumeklemmer (Uwe) for the "Motordome Schotten", a version witch never was build in reality, but it was planed...and the GTL Version from CY33 and der Dumeklemmer is realy great! At first i have to finish this one^^

    @Dave, PM sended...
  20. Hehe, I will, but have been focusing on textures for GTR2 the last month.
    I'll PM you when I have a beta ready :)