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Misc schemaF12014 for EDE. 2014-10-17

schemaF12014 for EDE.

  1. RedHeaven submitted a new resource:

    schemaF12014 for EDE. - schemaF12014 for Ego Database Editor.

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    Last edited: Oct 17, 2014
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  2. Thanks :thumbsup:
  3. thanks ;)
  4. vAx


  5. Thx
  6. saxoross


    Good job with this but there is a sub menu called "track_difficulties" in previous versions of the game which I used to edit the ai speeds for each track. For this version there isn't. Have codemasters changed the way this work or could it be you have missed it off?

    Edit - Looks liKe they have added a file under the "tracks" directory which now controls this.
  7. It was already a relic in 2013, which had no effect. Codemasters changed it so one has to edit .xml files in the tracks folder.
  8. Thank you :D
  9. saxoross


    Well it seems now this file does nothing too from a test i just done. Can you confirm?
  10. Didn't play around with it yet. I don't play 14 I just mod some stuff if I feel to :D (didn't play 13 much either, 90% modding and trying stuff :D)
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  11. It can't edit F1 2014 .XML files? I need better grip (surface_materials.xml). I still can't afford a wheel, so I use a keyboard only.
  12. I need help It keeps telling me failed to convert what do i do?
  13. @SpaceManMonster Run the Ego Database Editor.exe and then from file/open find your database file and open it. I do that everytime. Hope it helps
  14. Hi guys, me neither i can't modify the db, it write me "cannot open database" instead i've put the schema in the folder of the ego db editor. Someone can help me please?!
  15. help me ... help..... file editor EGO gives an error
  16. Kris

    #16 | F1 Youtuber Premium

    I too am having trouble opening the Database.bin :(
  17. you must put this sheme file inside the folder where are the Ego Database editor exe is ..... that you can open the database.bin with that exe without any error
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  18. Kris

    #16 | F1 Youtuber Premium

    Than you worked like a charm :)
  19. I've edited the two Marussia driver names, as well as the team name.

    The team name edit works fine, however, every time I edit the driver names, I get a '??' come up for the driver names in game, followed by a game crash when I go to race.

    Any ideas?