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Schedule of Events: INDYCAR

Discussion in 'Xbox One | RaceDepartment INDYCAR Series' started by Rob, Mar 30, 2016.

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  1. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium


    by [​IMG]
    Director - Peter Hooper
    Director - Robert Waddell
    Chief Steward - Eric Cline
    Pre-Season Indy: Apr. 2nd: All INDYCAR tracks, Selected Touring: 5 min. warmup, 3 lap race.
    Indy 1 - Apr. 16th: Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Grand Prix - Road America - (30 laps)
    Indy 2 - April 30th: Desert Diamond West 100 - Mojave Oval - (3 x 33 laps, 1/2 pts X 3)
    Indy 3 - May 14th: The Budweiser GP of California - Willow Springs Intn'l Raceway - (45 laps)
    Indy 4 - May 21st: Casino De Monte Carlo GP - Azure Circuit (30 laps)
    Indy 5 - May 28th: The European Classic - Hockenheim Classic - (25 laps)
    Indy 6 - Jun. 4th: The Palm at Atlantis Grand Prix - Dubai Autodrome GP (25 laps)
    Indy 7 - Jun. 25th: California Wine Grand Prix of Sonoma - Sonoma National - (35 laps)
    Indy 8 - Jul 23th: IndyCar Grand Prix at The Glen - Watkins Glen GP (30 laps)
    Indy 9 - Jul. 30rd: Death Valley 100 - Mojave Oval - (3 x 33 laps, 1/2 pts X 3)
    Indy 10 - Aug. 6th: Grand Prix of Monterrey at Big Sur - Laguna Seca - (40 laps)

    All events start at 5:45pm USEDT, 9:45pm GMT, 10:45pm BST
    Distance: 45 mins. approx.
    15min. Practice, 15min. Qualifying, 5min. Warmup (except Mojave Oval)
    View: Any
    Assists Allowed: None/Realistic
    Penalties: Realistic (except Mojave Oval)
    Damage: Full (except Mojave Oval)
    Tire Wear: 3x
    Weather Progression: none, 2x or 5x, depending on the weather
    Weather: track location @1pm, day of race
    Time of Race Start: 1pm
    Time progression: 2x or 5x
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.