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Scenarios - Online Only ? Why ?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by gamer19, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Hi.
    Can anyone tell me is there any solution for me to play "Scenarios" and/or "Time attack" (and maybe some other game-in-game that our beloved F1 2013 has to offer, can't remember right now, I'm at work). I don't have internet at home. I don't really need it, I have broadband here, at work, and anyway I always play singleplayer, never multiplayer. But, somehow, Codies decide that I MUST have connection to be able to enjoy these (especially "Scenarios") fine parts of the game. So, you guessed my question by now I assume....
    Is there any way to somehow.... override... this Codemaster, let's say, unintentional :rolleyes:...glitch ? Can I somehow, somewhere, turn off... some option (I doubt that there's something in game itself but maybe some little textual hacking you know;)) and FINALLY be able to play these scenarios and to FINALLY enjoy the game 100%. And not 90% - like right now.
    Btw, option for turn off all those "trying to connect to server" after, practically, every new screen would be handy, too. Dunno what Codies been thinking... I played game for my personal joy, don't really need to show off to anyone, my lap times are only mine and, beside that, they nothing to yell about.... :)
    Thanks guys in advance. This problem bothers me for a long time actually but now I finally decide to ask for some help here. I really don't know how it look for you who (and that's must be like 99% of you, right?) has internet connection on your gaming PC so, please, try to understand my frustration here...
    Thanks once again. Sorry for long post.

    G19. Go Massa. :)
  2. Is it just the classic scenarios you cant access? I think the classic content needs to be verified online each time because whatever, regardless of which method, race, time trial, scenario, whatever... but the normal 2013 stuff should be available online or offline. I think time attack needs other peoples times from online to work so thats out too if you have no internet.
  3. No, it's not just Classic races. I never said that. When I enter into "practice mod" there's three option - I think it's "scenarios", then "time attack" and "time trial". So... I ONLY CAN play the last one, one that's positioned on right. Time attack is not something I regret much for, I don't (read can't) compete with some wunderkind from the other side of the globve but Scenarios category is something I would really like to play. But, since I don't have connection - can't. How sad is that. I really don't understand why Codemasters have to tie these part of the game with online connection. It's just beyond me.
    Btw, I can't remember now - is there the same "Scenario" mod into "Classic" part of the game, but I'm sure - if there's one - I can't play that also. :geek: And Time attack, of course..
    So, to conclude,
    I can - play races, play time trials;
    can not - play Scenarios and time trials.
    Any thoughts ? :unsure:

  4. Maybe because of highscore + online leaderboard? Just a guess.
  5. I'm afraid that I don't understood what do you mean.
    Can you explain please ?

    Is there any (and anywhere) option that I turn off some kind of... online log in, online confirmation, or any similar connection requirement ?
    I doubt, to be honest. I guess Codemaster assume that in these brave new gadget prone world everyone have/need internet connection.
    How shortsighted. if you asking me. :-/