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SCE - The Modding Questions Thread

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Tom, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Please feel free to ask questions about modding for GSC 2013!

    Please do not
    • post unfinished and / or finished mods in here, this thread is for questions only
    • push your request / repeatedly request the same if you don't get a reply
    • request mods, this is what the modding request thread is for
    • post your WIP mods, this is what the WIP thread is for
    Please do
    • link to your mod in case you have a specific question and people have to check it out to understand
    • quote the person who asked the question if you answer it, that way they'll receive a notification
  2. I dont have the game yet, but something i want to know, can we create new track or new car model like we can on Rfactor's game ?
  3. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    In theory yes.
  4. I didnt really find what kind of car they got inside, but are they have some open wheeler car and may be some F1 one ?
  5. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    F_Classic old F1 style
    F_Reiza F1 style really nice model
    F_Retro old F1 sytle:inlove::inlove::inlove:
    F3 slower F1 style
  6. I will check it, may be i will join the community and do some mod, and surely some F1 skin ( 90S)
  7. Does anybody know for sure wether modders are allowed to publish mods/tracks that make use of reiza's original models/textures/etc...?
  8. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

  9. Hi guys,

    I tried some pokey jiggery with GSC2012 tracks and mods in GSC2013.

    Results -
    >Tracks work flawlessly, I am unable to find any functional issue's with them in GSC2013. :inlove:

    >Mods, Install fine and the cars models show on the spinner fine, They also display in their car set category as desired. The only flaw I can find is in the sounds. Basically sounds don't implement nor run what so ever...:cry:

    In closing, it would appear GSC2013 will run all earlier community made content without major issue. All that would be required is a detailed brief on how we can correct the sound file issue's and she should be sitting pretty... ;)

    So, At this point, I would ask anyone here whom know's the solution to kindly share their knowledge.:ninja:

    Thanks in advance.
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  10. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Hi guys as long as the content is legal conversions (not ripped, and with permission given)
    i have no problems with discussions been held.
    but please no images, vids or talk of how to do illegal ripping.

    with thanks Rupe
  11. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Modders can adapt any of our textures to their mod. Models are trickier - it´s fair use if you need to pick bits and pieces like a wheel or a wing for your new car mod for example, or a few trackside objects for your new track, but full car models or tracks should not be part of a separate package.

    Keep in mind this is for modding within GSC2013 / FTruck2013 only.

    We´d also like to request the community to please respect other people´s IP and don´t convert anything without permission from the original author(s).
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  12. Most of the mods around are for GSC2012 and have their sounds in Gamedata/Sounds/StockCarV8. Because GSC2013 doesn't have folder named StockCarV8 you need to move those sound folders into Gamedata/Sounds and it works again.
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  13. Hmmm I tried that Jeebus... While it did release a few of the sounds such like being on the rev limiter, others like the engine, brakes or gears still don't function... On this basis I don't think it worked entirely...

    Their must be a need for further tweaks or perhaps editing of files or formats perhaps?
  14. That's strange because every mod I've tried this trick has worked. I don't use all mods available tho.
    There is a new folder for Stock V8's, can't remember the exact name for it and can't fire up my simrig atm, try to move them there and see what happens.
  15. Question:
    I downloaded two kart tracks from here http://m3challenge.webs.com/stockcar.html, but they don't show up in the Kart tracklist. They do show up in all other lists, which is ironic. I looked for a rfm file where I could change this, but I only found targa files.

    Question 2 (DLC related):
    Are you guys planning on doing a version of the Florianópolis kart track where Felipe Massa hosts the kart das estrelas ("Karts with the Stars") every year?

    The game is fantastic, by the way! It's great to race on Brazilian tracks! A very proud Brazilian here in Atlanta!
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  16. I'd love to know how to get the windows working. I got everything else just need a decent explanation on how to get ur name and number on the windshield. Ive tried and havent got it to work... in game i cant see through the windshield... any help is appreciated.
  17. I figured out on my own.
  18. hi mates!
    i'm working in some 70's f1 cars (maybe you see my pics in other forums....). When i see the copersucar and BT44 in GSC2013, thinks...why not?
    I have dudes, about the polygon limits in GSC2013...
    In the screen, you can see the polygon quantity used in this Hesketh 308... not finished yet...
    the polygons quantity, is good? high? low?
    thanks and greetings from Argentina!
  19. I have Brands Hatch installed in GSC 2013 and I keep getting a "cut track warning"....does anyone know a fix for that?
    It also happens in 2012....
  20. I don' t know the answer to your question, I suppose if you just keep the polys as low as possible while still getting a good appearance, you will not be far wrong.
    It is looking great so far, and it would be good to have some more of the various car shapes from the 70s :)
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2013