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SCE & Steam.

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Dethrone1427, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. So forgive my possible ignorance, but is there a way to have several installs of sce. It seems that if I have multiple versions on different drives it will always revert back to wherever my initial steam install was. I tried launching SCE from my E:/ yet it loaded the D:/ orig install.

    I would like to have an Endurance only mod install, Nascar & Indycar only mod install, F1 only install etc etc...other than having a separate rfm/gamedata folder for each style game I want which I would then need to copy and paste into SCE dir prior to each time i played...


    Often times I'm having to check my diary prior to clicking on that lovely .exe file that I don't have any other pre arranged plans with family or friends that I wont be able to make due to fortnight waiting time I currently have...i know, I know I shouldn't have sooo many mods but the game is epic! Any help or advice??
  2. There's no way to have multiple copies installed on steam... but there is a way to direct the game to different track/rfm folders by swapping a single config file instead of all folders. Look in SCE root folder, there should be a file called config.ini. Inside there are lines like that:


    That just tells the game to look for data in the root subfolders only. But you can change the lines, for example, like that:

    GamesDir=C:\GTmod\Stock Car Extreme\rfm\

    So you can create folders in any drive with any combinations of data (even user data, controller configs, replays) and then create a single config file pointing to these folders. Then you simply swap in the config for the mod you want to play.

    Actually, it should be pretty easy for a programmer to write a simple app that can edit the config automatically...
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  3. Brilliant! I was utterly unawares of that, I only tampered with the config file for graphical reasons, I'll have a play around tonight
  4. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    You can create shortcuts that load different configs too
  5. Forgive my ignorance, too. When it comes to doing stuff like this to programs/scripts I always get lost. Does this mean you can maintain a vanilla copy and not have mismatch online?

    I just tried this. I copied root folder to a diiferent folder/drive, changed the config file. When I run this, I can only see the modded tracks in-game without the stock content even though I didn't touch them. How can I have both modded and stock tracks in-game?
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  6. You can have vanilla copy if you don't install anything in the game folder, and you have a vanilla config to swap in.

    I guess you can have a folder with both stock and modded tracks? I don't think you can add multiple locations in the .ini.

    I actually don't use that method; I'm not big into mods and I don't stockpile them, I don't even know how to find out which RFM is for what, so I cant really be of much help. I guess you will have to experiment...
  7. I did have stock and mod tracks on the copied folder locations and when i use the changed config file it only shows the modded tracks, no stock content. But I guess this is a good first step. I've been trying to experiment since last week on/off and I saw this thread today. It's a really good info for old guys like me. Just trying to get ready for the next Reiza game as I want to maintain a vanilla copy. Thank you very much.