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SBK 2011

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Isaac Chavira, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hey all just thought I'd start this topic since the game is out now. I have successfully modded SBK-X concerning bike liveries and the career suits. I managed to get Leon Camier's leathers, boots and gloves on my career character. What I plan on doing is creating custom suits. Meaning these leathers with those boots and gloves for that team. I'll keep you posted!

  2. Nice work, im thinking of buying this game myself :)
  3. N1 Spektre76 Ive been waiting for SBK11 to come out, i just hope its better than 09 and x.... :)
  4. I have the Xbox 360 version and the 2011 game is pretty much the same as SBK X. The biggest difference is the arcade mode is gone, replaced by the "SBK Tour" mode. This is a series of tests, much like those found in SBK '08 and unlocks riders, pictures and helmets.

    Graphics have enjoyed a slight overhaul and it appears the framerate has been upped but that is where the improvements end. Sound & gameplay are very much the same as SBK X and even the track intro videos are the same as SBK X.

    Physics on full sim are somewhere between X's medium and full sim mode, which may be of concern to the so called "hardcore" simulation buff. At the very least, now the Superbike and Superstock classes steer and brake more like the real thing (SBK X was horrid in comparison)

    Overall, SBK 2011 feels like a "greatest hits" release. Lots of content you've seen and heard before but enjoyable if you are a fan.

  5. I'm still having the problem i had with 09 and X and that is really bad stuttering frame rates, Ive tried different settings but still no joy. Not sure if its just me or just another badly ported game...:frown:
  6. Here's what I did with SBK-X.





  7. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Just bought a digital version of SBK2011 and it runs clean and smooth. Not much new from sbkX, but this games feels alot more polished its like everything is 2% better but when you add it all up its the same game just got alot better.

    and now we got some legends bikes ....It doesnt get much better...

    I love the full sim mode for me its about spot on, hard enough but not frustrating. Id love to try a race bike game with the control system from mx VS atv REFLEX. ( thats also a great little game, best one yet with its control system)
  8. is this game moddable?...had a quick look to extrackt the files but cant find it..
  9. Not to sure maybe spektre76 knows how.

    Heres a lap of Assen on board the BMW in full sim mode....:)

  10. Yep I sure do. Any requests?
  11. Can you please post these mods? Because now I'm trying to play career mode and original career suits looks pretty ugly.
  12. I can tell you how to do it if you like it's very easy. Is there a free fully functioning video capture software out there I can use? I haven't tried SBK-2011 yet. Because th MIX File Re-MIXer only let's me compress to SBK-X standards. Because what I do is not a MOD persay....I just manipulate the original files to suit my needs. Infact if you look closer at my Aprilia you'll see it has more decals to match the official bike that actually races rather than what the original file has.

    If you want me too make you something, let me know. I think I can mix and match boots and suits. The helmets, the shape thereof, is impossible to change. The player model uses a generic design. However I can make a custom livery for you and career number. Then I'll just upload the .RES file via a .zip file and then all you have to do is just copy + paste it in your folder directory.

    Eventually I want to make blank templates for all the bike models.

    My Ape with Max3

    I made the decals set you see below. It was a custome design for Mr. Stuberg.


  13. Hi, I'm sorry, but I read your instruction, but I can not open the MIX. file, and I don't understand how are you doing with other files....Yes, I am stupid, but can you send me detailed process? It's possible? Thank you so much :)
  14. Hi, I'm sorry, but I read your instruction, but I can not open the MIX. file, and I don't understand how are you doing with other files....Yes, I am stupid, but can you post a detailed process? It's possible? Thank you so much :)
  15. LOL, your not stupid man. It took me a awhile to do this. If I can find a 'free' functioning' screnn capter w/ audio I can do a vidtut. Yes I know there are so called free ones out there but they limit you to something like 30 seconds or someting.
  16. Thank You dude:)
  17. DR3D9

    Banned on request @Simberia

    it was the coolest thing to find and ride the zx7r in the legends. motivates me to get my zx7.9 conversion going.
  18. Thanks a lot for all this informations Isaac Chavira.
    After moding the file how can I recompress the file to make the .mix.
    Have you done template for bike and bikers
    But I've problem to change the circuit template , any idea ?
  19. does anyone have a blank rider template?