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Saving in race

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by andrea81, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. it's impossible?any mods?
  2. As far as I know, and, all the research I did in various foruns, I didn't see any mod that allow us to save in the middle of the race, which is something that I'm really looking for, it's not all the time that I have available 2 hours to run a 100% race. I hope the experts we have here will find a way to do it.
  3. I would like this option also, that's for sure.
  4. This is just one of the multitude of things Codemasters neglected to include or implement in the game.
    If they had spent a little more time on market research rather than many hours blogging and tweeting about how great the game was going to be, it could have been a great game.

    By the way Tobchina, if it takes you two hours to finish a race you are driving too slowly - the majority only last between 1:30 - 1:40. :D:wink:
  5. CeeGee, I know the time to finish a race, I'm not too slowly like you thought, with the age I'm not so fast like I was before, but still fast enough to win races in the expert mode, it was a way to talk only, because in the end, until you load the game, sometimes you have to stop to answer your wife and kids/grandkids (by the way, let me present to you, I'm 62 years old, gaming F1 for more than 30 years, from the old time of Grand Prix 1), or stop for anyother reason, as you can, at least, stopped it, and be back later without turning off the PC, counting all of this, it will require that you don't have anything scheduled to do for, at least, 2 hours, do you agree?
    And, also, I have some friends that are accostumated to receive reports from my races, since the GP4, and, need time to take the screenshots, etc. etc., one more reason that, if Codemasters had taken sometime to think about it, they will have this feature, they forgot to attend guys like me, and other, like you saw here, that have the same desire.
  6. @ Tobchina

    OK, young man, hold steady there. I included the smiley :D and wink :wink: to indicate that I wasn't being serious about your driving skills.

    When you get to my age (which is a older than you by a couple of years) you will find you have to pit every 25 laps to use the toilet.

    Grand Prix 1: Monaco in the rain after lap 5 - 1hour 56 minutes for the actual race. I started in 4th, a timely pit stop to go on wets moved me up to 1st where I stayed. I had trouble letting go of the wheel and getting out of my seat at the end, I was so exhausted.
  7. @ CeeGee

    Don't worry, I was not angry, sorry if it seemed like this with my comments (I'm Brazilian, English is not my natural language), and, UAU, I'm so happy to find somebody older than me here, most of the foruns I participated before (mainly on GP4) I was the grandpa of the guys...eheheh.

    And, I'm also in the same boat as you, sometimes need to do a "piss stop"...ehehe.

    Great to meet you here.