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Save game

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by lover_boytje, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I just re-installed windows 7 but made a back-up of f1 2010 save games first(my documents/my games/formula one etc.).

    Now when i put the save game back in the folder and start f1 2010 the game says: Autoload failed.

    Does anyone know what to do, i just finished my first season with torro rosso and i don't want to start over.

  2. Deleted
  3. thnx but i don't really know what you mean with : Also, dont try and start the game up with your old save data already in place.
  4. Deleted
  5. I undertsand it has to create a new save game and i did that, but i didnt copy the gfwl data and know it just say's autoload failed
  6. I'm sorry to say it but......Are you using a legal copy of the game or cracked? Because its sounds like cracked tho.
  7. What makes you think that? This is actually a very common problem when re-installing F1 for whatever reason.
    Nothing indicates to me that we are talking about an illegal copy here.
  8. Cracked version but what does that matter?
  9. Oh I stand corrected.

    C'mon lover, get a life. We support developers on this forum not steal from them. And if you dont know why that matters, maybe the authorities can explain it to you.
  10. I support them to i'm gonna buy 2011 i was just trying 2010 to see what its like
  11. I am not gonna buy f1 2010 to play it 2 weeks and then buy 2011 as well
  12. Hmm, not quite following your logic tbh.

    I only stole a car for 2 weeks till I bought my own - wouldnt really fly with the police. Maybe you should have just waited.....
  13. Yeah iam a bad boy, i know. Now can you help me or not
  14. Bingo!
    P.S well lover 2 things:
    1st. Talking about and supporting illegal software it's not loyal and this is not the place for it.
    2nd. Yes cracked versions are with this problems.And nobody will help you in here about your problem even if someone knows how to help you out.You need to check other sites and forums for this.

    Nothing personal buddy , but you have chosen wrong site to ask about that. :)
  15. great thnx
  16. I wont lie, I cracked it, played one race, saw that I liked the controls, uninstalled and bought it on steam. After my terrible experience with NFS Shift I couldnt risk any more money on a game that couldnt control worth a damn. But if you have had it enough time to play, save, uninstall, reinstall....you have tried it. time to buy its only $20
  17. James Chant

    James Chant

    As above have said, Race Department do not support or offer advice to persons who have illegal software.

    Piracy is a crime punishable by law, so advertising that you have such a thing on a very popular public forum is not a good idea.

    Thread closed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.