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save file need

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by aticska, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Hi

    I started a 5 year career, and I was in the 3rd year, when my save file corrupted. I was in McLaren, when the autosave overrited my old save file. I don't want to start again the career. Would somebody please send me a save file.

  2. somebody? anybody?
  3. Use a back up that you made - you do back up your save files don't you? Surely you do?
    Everybody does now after the early corrupt save problem don't they.

    All save files are different - my save file probably wouldn't even let you start the game.
  4. I had the same problem, was on season 4 in a Ferrari, save file corrupted, didnt back it up.

    now i have my whole F1-2010 folder backed up
  5. I can send you 7 years career 3th season on ferrari. I have saves from 7th to 10th races. Just PM me your mail.
  6. I tried it and you cant start the game with someone else's save file.
  7. Hi
    Could you send me Your ps3 save. I have a problem with the save after 3 season. Thanks
  8. and what if you reinstall the whole game?
  9. I didn't write it, but I need a PC version.
  10. hi there!!
    dum question, but what files do i need to backup to make a backup of me career?
  11. you will find your save games in Documents\My Games\FormulaOne\savegame just back up the whole save game folder it self.
  12. tkx!!
    grazie mille!!