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save a race

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Renatomass, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. How can I save the game during the 100% race?
    Thanks a lot.
  2. BBFred

    Premium Member

    Simple as this: you can't.
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  3. As BBFred said, you can't.

    This is also one feature of GP4 that I really miss. :(

  4. I agree!
  5. This and 100% race full replays.
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  6. Somehow I doubt if CM will have this in their next "attempt" [F1 2013]
    Jeff Crammond "et al" must be laughing at this debacle. So much could've be learned from his version from all those years ago and applied to this game but "Oh, No!" CM... Don't think so!
    It saved you loads of time as you could just pick up at any saved point in any race and continue and not have to sit there racing until the wee small hours until you finished a race with your eyelids dropping... after being up since sparrows-fart working away all day! {what makes you think I'm referring to me? :sleep:
  7. Absolutely agree. Really miss the ability to save a game. Lost count of the amount of times I have had to abandon a race part way through because something comes up that prevents me finishing it. Sims like Grand Prix Legends and Geoff Crammonds GP series, etc. all had it so why can we not have this facility now!!

    If this was available I would have probably had at leaast double the amount of races I have had so far... it actually prevents me playing as much as I would like because I am reluctant to just leave it on pause for any great length of time.

    On the issue of pausing races... would doing so cause any particular problem for the long term life of the Xbox?
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  8. Peter Hooper on the issue of leaving the xbox on..I don't think it would cause too much lasting damage if its on the odd occasion. The only issue is the heat generated and the fans will be running most of the time - which doesn't help with minimising dust accumulation inside the machine, oh and of course your leccy bill.
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  9. Chris Benham The overheating is what concerns me. I have done it on occassions but the majority of times I just reluctantly abandon the race and switch off. Buying a new Xbox is not an option so I try to do anything to maximise it's longevity. You mean I have to PAY for electric these days!!!
  10. Peter Hooper I don't think it'll overheat, I'm sure it will shut itself off if its gets to a limit and although its designed to cope with heat dispersion to a point I can't see it doing any favours to preserving the longevity of the components or the xbox as a whole tbh
  11. Chris Benham thats it then next time I turn it on its staying on lol. Thanks for the info.
  12. Im not certain for sure it'll shut itself off if heat becomes an issue, but common-sense tells me it should!
  13. To be honest whenever I have left it on it doesn't tend to get very hot anyway so I am probably being a bit overly cautious.
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  14. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye? Premium Member

    Do you install your games to the HDD Peter? Stops the Xbox working as hard and should improve longevity.

    Had mine since 2008 without a single problem :confused: got to be some kind of a record.
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