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Cars Saulnier Racing 2008 LMS 1.0

Pescarolo JUDD P1 P2 LMS 2008

  1. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg
    Premium Member

    Stefan Woudenberg submitted a new resource:

    Saulnier Racing 2008 LMS (version 1.0) - Pescarolo JUDD P1 P2 LMS 2008

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  2. Very nice! I'll check it out but I have no idea how these cars drive like. :unsure:

    Thank you!
  3. I've tried it now, I like it =) The FFB is a bit weak, and a buddy of mine complained about the screen going black occasionally, didn't happen for me though. Also, my rev limiter on the HUD was maxing out at 8000 or so rpm, don't know if that has to do with the mod.

    Now I must learn how to setup the car correctly, so I can drive it fast and stable. But it is certainly very driveable :D
  4. How nice downloading it now:)

    and thanks Stefan!

    the feeling of the car is good at my first try out on circuit. when I let the Ai drive I noticed when the car get lifted from the ground it bounces like it is one a trampoline, gets higher and higher:p very funny to see. does not happen when you drive yourself.
  5. I'm the buddy.... and that problem was with the new version of Malaysia (screen going black). At first I thought it was the mod but that was my first time going to the new South Loop. I took the car to Mid-O and all was well.

    I adore this car. It is one of my favorite rF2 cars- well done Stefan! The default setup is among the best default setups of any car I have tried out-of-the-box. Awesome.

    If I had a complaint- I'd make the anti-rollbars adjustable in the cockpit.
  6. Craig Booth

    Craig Booth
    Premium Member

    Not had chance to test it yet (no energy), but congrats on finally getting it out and for sharing. As Stefan says, get it on the ISI forums for extra exposure (before someone else does), it would be great to see all the servers running your mod!
  7. thanks for this, will try it out this evening :)
  8. Hi
    Possible templates ?

    Very good work
  9. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg
    Premium Member

    Yes, go here and download the source files. All templates are inside psd subfolder.
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  10. i installed this after update to build 198 but when i try to load tracks i always got this error [​IMG]
    after close this error the car looks like this ingame [​IMG]
    any help? really want to drive these cars
  11. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg
    Premium Member

    It seems to be a problem with one of the gMotor materials which is uded for the diplay in the car.
    Never saw that one before. My suggestion to try first is uninstall the car and re-download it and re-install it.
    On the other hand you say this was after the update, so probably something went wrong during that process?
    A fresh full install could also help to solve the problem.
  12. ok thanks Stefan , will do a fresh install

  13. OK, so I have done some more testing on more tracks and have figured out the issue- so this is a bug report for you, Stefan.

    First off- the car is awesome and the issue is minor with an easy work-around. So thank you for the mod. With HDR enabled (any track) as I go around the track the lighting will randomly for just a second go dark as though day became night. It may happen once in a lap, it may not happen at all or it may happen 3 times. when I disable HDR it does not happen. The HDR profile I choose (or none at all) makes no difference.

    -This only happens with this mod with HDR enabled
    -this has never happened before nor does it happen now with any other mod
    -the same track with HDR enabled and with the same HDR profile loaded will do this when I drive the Pescarolo mod but if I drive a different car it will not.
  14. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg
    Premium Member

    Thank you for the report Guy. :thumbsup: I had tested this on a few computers (2 have an ATI - and one with a Nvidea card onboard) and never had any issues at any track I tried where the screen was going black. I always have HDR switched on.

    As I mentioned in the release notes, it's for the community to make this car better. All source files are available. With all the source files available it should be able to get fixed, as I won't spend any more time on this car.. :)
  15. Thx
  16. Stefan,
    thanks for making this information available, great job. Over the years I keep wanting to start these things but it is very difficult to get enough information to learn so I never got round to it.
    Can I ask, did you manage to continue in Blender or other free software, or did you have to move to 3DsMax? I cannot afford 3DsMax, which is the major stumbling block for me.

    Anyway, downloading and looking forward to checking this out :)
  17. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg
    Premium Member

    Keith, at the time I was working in Blender there was no way to get it into the game as the plug ins which are needed to make the gmt files were not available.
    I heared they were working on that, but I have never looked back after I switched to 3dmax. That info you will need to find yourself.

    Good luck!
  18. Thanks Stefan I'll look into that :)
  19. One guy over at the ISI forums is working on a addon to Blender for exporting to rF-GMT-files ;) it's a WIP and I don't guess we will see a release soon ;)
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