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WIP Saukonoja Sprint

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by nots, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. looks great keep going:good: Lenght?
  2. It's about 5.2 km
  3. It looks good mate! I conclude an agreement with Plankgas as he just give me the rights to start working on a PTD Rallysprint Xpack for BTB which is part of my future plans. Maybe it will be useful in your case if you want to add a little more variety and color to your vegetation! :bye:
  4. Aahh, just forgot... there is also a very user-friendly tool in BTB which let you blend terrain textures together to give a better transition between each others. I notice in your pics you doesn't use that feature yet, so check that.
  5. I will do the transition thingy, its now just a raw draft where all terrains sit :) same thing with the trees and vege.
  6. Wow, veeery nice work! :)
  7. Great work and some new ideas solved with track creating. That work will be good and newkind track. You are talented track maker in future, i can see it even now!
  8. What news in this project?