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Sauber signs Gutierrez and Frijns. Kobayashi out.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, Nov 24, 2012.

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  2. Bram

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    Great step up for Robin Frijns :thumbsup:
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  3. poor Kamui, just about matched Perez all year and now he's going to Mclaren and Kamui is kicked out of Sauber. sounds fair...
  4. I'm extremely sadden by the news that Kamui will probably be out of a drive for 2013.

    He's the only reason why I follow Sauber and well, there's really no point in me continuing support for them next year. I hope this move works for Sauber and doesn't blow up in their face, shame to see money rather then talent play a big factor in F1 nowadays. Worked on the development of the car for the past 3 years where it's now a real competitive car then gets the book, seems harsh.
  5. Hmm Gutierrez and Perez are in F1, two Mexicans, I have a hunch Bernie will run to get the Mexican Grand Prix on the calendar ASAP! Maybe even before New Jersey xD
  6. Devastating for Kobayashi, but another indictment of F1 - talent means less than funding, as it always has of course.

    I'd like to think that maybe Toyota could set Kamui up with a nice wee summer job...? He'd stand an excellent chance of becoming a national hero should the cards fall in his direction
  7. nico, perez and gutierrez have a lot of talent. just try to find out their accomplishments before judging young mexican drivers-

    kamui is good, but he is older than the 2 mexicans and nico-

    money helped too. but they are not like narin kartikeyan or pedro

    dont get confussed
  8. Nah, it's all about the money, especially as Sauber are hard pressed for funding at the moment. Real shame that we're even having to discuss drivers paying for seats, because to my mind that is contrary to the entire premise of racing.

    Good luck to Kobayashi, he deserves better.
  9. Kamui out? really Sauber?

    I guess is all about how much $$$ a driver brings into formula 1.

    shame really, but I guess thats reality.