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Skins Sauber Replacement (Complete team) 1.0

It's a lot easier to look at! I promise

  1. mysterion157 submitted a new resource:

    Sauber Replacement (Complete team) - It's a lot easier to look at! I promise

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  2. The first one would be mostly possible but I honestly prefer the black version I made.
  3. Could you do me the Favor and made maybe, if you have the Time to do that and made me a red Version? I want to made a "Alfa Romeo Sauber" Team in Formula 1, so that would very nice :)
  4. If there are a lot of people who back you on this I'll consider it. It would take way too long for 1 person as a favor.
  5. Ah ok :) No Problem :) but thank you :) I dont knew it that it so hard work :)
  6. It's not hard once you know what you're doing. It's just very tedious
  7. ah ok :) but thanks :) Than I hope more People want a Alfa Romeo :D

    /EDIT: I mean, I would be very happy with only the Car Skin, the Teamworkers, Overall and so, can be black. :D
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2016
  8. Mig-VTS

    Premium Member

    Very very good this work. But can we change a helmet with Photoshop or Gimp?
  9. There is a little bug. When you enter the pit, the crew outfit is blue and then, when the car turn for the pitstop, it becomes black. And it is blue again when the car leaves. It is not a big problem of course, but i just wanted to know if it can be fixed. If you can't, it is not a big deal. Other than that, the mod is really great !
    Thank you
    (And I hope my sentences make sense, English is not my first language)
  10. I'm aware of the textures changing at distance. Unfortunately that's a problem with the game and I don't believe modders have the ability to change that.
    Any photo editing software will do the trick
  11. Probably a stupid question, but still - I am playing a career in a Sauber, what happens if I install this?
  12. realitychecked


  13. It only changes visual elements. Nothing will happen to anything other than that.
  14. Desculpa mas nao falo ingles so sei falar o portugues brasil mais admiro muito os mod do formula 1 2016 tem como voce faser um mod completo da manor branco e preto carro e piloto
  15. realitychecked


    Write in English or don't write at all.
  16. For some reason I though installed all the files, but only the car livery changed and the put crew are still blue and white? Which files would I have missed?
  17. Nice looking skin! However, my game crashes when i use it, do you have any clue why?
  18. You must have installed something in the wrong place.