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Skins Sauber Mercedes Fantasy Skin 2014 1.0

sauber ferrari mercedes

  1. dadostirlo submitted a new resource:

    Sauber Mercedes Fantasy Skin 2014 - sauber ferrari mercedes

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  2. they will not bee sponsered by telmex anymore probably ;) because a rusian company is gonna take it over :) but quality skin man!!!
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  3. Thanks
    already, you're right...
    thanks :)
  4. no problem i think it aeroflot or some kind of aircarrier company :) and they want for next year a russian driver again in the F1 or they wont sponsor them :)
  5. 2 of the 3 new sponsors of sauber are = Investment Corporation International Fund και State Fund of Development of Northwest Russian Federation

    the 3 is National Institute of Aviation Technologies
  6. Thank you,nice job.:thumbsup:
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  7. I don't like it , personally i think it won't be white, maybe grey with blue stripes on it.But still i appreciate your try on this.Maybe update with the new sponsors and it will look good
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  8. ok :thumbsup:
  9. Not a bad skin, will probably use it.:thumbsup:
  10. I'm glad if you will use it :)
  11. very Good job but i don't like the green sorry :(
  12. quiet tastes are ok;)