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Skins Sauber Mercedes C9 BISON 1.0

Sauber Mercedes C9 BISON formulaHEINE

  1. formulaHEINE submitted a new resource:

    Sauber Mercedes C9 BISON - Sauber Mercedes C9 BISON formulaHEINE

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  2. I like the groovyness of this, that scheme reminds me of Stefan Bellof too so good vibe!

    Quick question, how did you get the helmet and gloves to appear? What sort of .dds do you have to export for those? Or does the C9 have a different glove/helmet shape?
  3. Thanks! Somtimes a 'simple' desgin has more effect than an 'excessive/ornate' scheme.

    The official skins are fu**ed up, the skin maker didn't know to use the 80ies driver suff.
    No need to export anything, just need to know which driver model is used for that car. In case of the C9 it is the driver_80.kn5 from '..\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\driver'-folder. You could open th *.kn5 file with an texteditor and serch for terms like helmet, glove, suit to find the used texture names.

    So for the driver you have:
    • Helmet: 'HELMET_1985.dds' + 'HELMET_1985_Glass.dds'
    • Gloves: 'DRIVER_70-80_Gloves_WHITE.dds' (same layout as standard gloves)
    • Suit: 'Suit.dds'

    For the pit-crew:
    • Helmet: 'Crew_HELMET_Color.dds' (very obvious ;))
    • Gloves: 'DRIVER_Gloves.dds'
    • Suit: 'DRIVER_Suit2.dds'
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  4. AWESOME! I had a feeling some stuff was dodgy but couldn't believe someone paid to do that could actually screw up as much.

    Thanks bud :D. Did you convert the .dds to .psd and edit over - basically creating your template - or is there an existing file somewhere?
  5. For the helmets and suits here are some templates on Racedepartment AC-Section, use the search function. The gloves are more or less reverse-painted, very simple and quality could be better. In the near future i plan to make all new gloves textures.
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