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Sauber C31 livery pack

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by supla007, May 18, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody!
    I've been around this forum since F1 2010 and I enjoyed all your great downloads a lot. Thank you for that! Since then, I also painted textures for the games, but never released anything. Lots of awesome textures are in this forum and I thought it was time to show you my Sauber C31 texture, including the liveries that where seen during this season so far.
    The template is drawn from scratch, using ML2166's great wireframes, which helped a lot to make the car look accurate. All the parts in my template are drawn and I used the so far released C31 texture as a guideline for the logo placements.
    Unfortunately I couldn't make any ingame screenshots. Therefore I'll just post the shots I've done in ZModeler.
    It would be nice, if someone could post some pics of the car ingame.


    Melbourne - Sepang

    Shanghai practice

    Shanghai qualifying/race


    Mugello test

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  2. WOW,
    This is Stunning work, in game the colors are nice and bright
    Thanks and welcome.
  3. very nice thank you :roflmao:
  4. Thanks for job!!!
  5. wow, thanks very very much for making all these versions. Finally getting to race my favourite team in the most recent livery :D
  6. Thank you for the kind feedback. As soon as I come back to Germany, I'll try post some ingame screenshots. Unfortunately I couldn't bring my wheel to Tokyo to test the livery.

    My next project is the Williams FW34. The seams and metal parts are based on the 2011 livery. The rest is painted from scratch. i must say, that the red and gry-blue lines took quite some time. A few logos, the spec texture and the cameras are still missing. Here a a some pics of the progress so far:

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  7. wow i have wating for a good verison for this car
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  8. Stunning Work!!!! Looks great!!. Thanx!!!
  9. brilliant work indeed!
  10. amazing work. thank you.:cool:
  11. Amazing!!
  12. GO CHELSEA!!!!

    hahaha Thanks for the great job man!
  13. These look stunning in-game. Terrific job. Thanks so much.