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Saturn saying Hi

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Saturn, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone. I love a wide range of motorsport and mostly F1, though I first got my interest going fairly late in life, a bit after I became 20. It started with dirt 2 and later 3 and that got my interest for rallying as the only viable racing sport, but as dirt 3 has rally cross and other ventures those where of interest too.

    After playing Forza 4 on a crappy madcatz2 wheel I invested in a g27. Came over to playstation 3 and 4 and to my horror realised that my wheel probably only would work for the old titles on ps3.

    So now I just fixed my computer and can enjoy whatever racing game I want. Mainly F1 2014 with some mods to make it more realistic, but I'm trying different simulators and types of racing. GT6 and forza was kind to me, to introduce me to different racing experiences from karting to GT3 and so on.

    Lastly I would like to add that I cheer for the C34 Sauber, it has a lovely livery that matches the first drivers home country to the spot, and with his blue and yellow helmet that's really beatiful with the three crowns of Sweden on the top back, I hope he will prove that he deserves the place at Sauber and that the car is ready to get some decent points this year!

    I thank you for your time reading my introduction and hope to see you soon.

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2015
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