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Saturday September 26th 2009 - Camaro Cup @ Rattlesnake Point

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Yves Larose, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member


    Class: Camaro Cup
    Track: Rattlesnake Point
    Weather: Dry
    Practice: 45 minutes ( 22:00 GMT )
    Qualification: 15 minutes Superpole
    Warmup: 10 minutes
    Start Procedure: Rolling Start
    Race: 15 laps + 1 for the formation laps
    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!​

    If you witness or a victim of an incident there is a new and easy way to report it, just click ---> Click here to report an incident
  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    Special notes
    1. this event is a late night event under the stars.
    2. the race is in the format of the RDCCC so the race will be between 55 and 80 minutes long.
    3. this event will use a superpole qualification.
    4. this event will use a manual rolling start, after joining the grid for the start when the red lights will go off we will start a formation lap and not the race. the person on pole will take the field around the track at about 100 KM/H after the last turn the leader will start the race. no overtaking is allowed before the start/finish line.
    5. this event will be a good practice for anyone considering entering the upcoming RDCCC league that will take place in January 2010.
    RDCCC Forum RD Chevrolet Camaro Cup
  3. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    1. Yves Larose -SKIN-
    2. Rhys Gardiner
    3. Philip Antonia
    4. Glenn Petersen -SKIN-
    5. Gary Lennon
    6. Dariusz Swiderski
    7. Gregory Degreef
    8. Andreas Löffler
    9. Lewis Fergusson
    10. Andrew Evans
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Dave Gardner ( maybe )
    20. Keith Barrick ( maybe )
    21. Amir Margalit ( maybe )
    22. Ben Tusting ( maybe )
    23. Christopher Aponte ( maybe )
    24. Bob Miley ( maybe )
  4. i hope i can buy the game by then.. :)
  5. Put me down for a maybe Yves, have the F1 earlier and may have to spend some time with my good lady, but will try to get out of that for this, fingers crossed.
  6. Had so much fun at the last race, I wanna do it again.

    Put me down please, Yves. :good:
  7. I'll join you again please Yves:).

    I'll make sure I learn the track first though:smile-big:.
  8. maybe (to a most likely yes :))
  9. Maybe for me

    I'm guessing Chirstopher is going to baby sit again, so he doesn't have to get his ass wooped :)
  10. Glenn Petersen

    Glenn Petersen
    Premium Member

    Put me on the list, please. I'll give these monsters another try.
  11. loooooooooooooool Ben
    well i'm hoping for the babysitting..but don't tell anyone :)
  12. just a heads up
    since yesterday my internet is not working anymore and don't know when it will be back...
    so there is a big chance that I won't be there....a bit shame, but crossing my fingers that my internet will come back by tomorrow
  13. What did i say :D
  14. either way Ben you better start training as I did a (if not mistaken) 2:43 :)
    don't know yet if that is fast enough lol.....now only to make the car use diesel instead of unleaded and I will be ok :)
  15. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    2:43 is what i did but i'm pretty sure we can squeeze a bit more speed :giggle:
  16. Sign up plz,hope the lad Aponte makes it for this one :good:.
  17. 2:42.6:)
    but I go to wide in some corners, so I think there is a chance for a 2:42 flat
    BUT, I don't think that will be my race pace as I can only do 2:43 constant :)

    crossing my finger that my provider works on my internet today...if not me screwed :(
  18. 2:42s?


    I'm lucky to get a 2:50. :p
  19. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    Chris the event is only the 26th so plenty of time left to solve your internet problem mate
  20. oooOOOoooh lol
    and I was thinking it will be this weekend....then I can breath a bit more relaxed and practice less :p
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