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Saturday Night League - Monaco GP - [12/12/14 @ 21:00 GMT]

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Jeremy Sheppard, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Circuit information
    Lap data
    Lap length 3.34km (2.075 miles)
    Race laps 78
    Race distance 260.52km (161.88 miles)
    Pole position Right-hand side of the track
    Lap record* 1’14.439 (161.528 kph) by Michael Schumacher, 2004
    Fastest lap 1’13.532 (163.521 kph) by Kimi Raikkonen, 2006
    Maximum speed 283kph (175.848 mph)
    DRS zone/s (race) Pit straight
    Distance from grid to turn one 210m
    Car performance
    Full throttle 30%
    Longest flat-out section 669m
    Downforce level Maximum
    Fuel use per lap 1.2kg
    Time penalty per lap of fuel 0.024s
    Quickest complete pit stop in 2013 24.316s by Red Bull (see full list)
    2014 prime tyre: Soft (2013: Soft)
    2014 option tyre: Super-soft (2013: Super-soft)
    *Fastest lap set during a Grand Prix

    Data sources: FIA, Williams, Mercedes

    Monte-Carlo circuit track map

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  2. I will be there
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  3. Yeah this track is a beast on this game. It's naturally difficult and with limited practice that doesn't help my cause. Be happy to not break three wings and still finish.
  4. guys come on u need to let us know
  5. I'll be there
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  6. Good luck tonight guys, whoever wins will deserve it.
  7. Who's the host? I haven't received any friendship request yet.
  8. I will send u one now
  9. Unfortunately my connection failed. I never had such a problem before in my life. I was having fun though. See you guys
  10. come back
  11. we will restart with u from a safety car start
  12. Please reply to this in 2 minutes or we will start without u
  13. Sorry, I was talking on the phone. No big deal, see you next time
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  14. Q- Felt confident but a simple mistake at the swimming pool put me into the wall.

    R- Was pleased with performance in the first half of the race, safety car saved me for a few laps. But in the second half it all fell apart, it was really hot in my room and made me feel sick for a while, my downshifter started acting up causing me to down shift randomly, I crashed, got a puncture, crashed, lost my front wing and got tons of wheelspin. The only thing I can take from the race is getting 12 points.

    Congrats to Chris, great drive. But I hope @Veraj Paruthi will improve for Canada. See you all next week.
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  15. only see that message now and I lolled :p
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  16. Anyway, Quali was bad but was happy to be in 3rd, as my plan was to start on primes. Race start was ok, well.. I got away well, going next to Jeremy, but then I got hit from behind, making me cut the corner, I waited for chris to get past and then got on my way, but I think the 2 other guys also got past, hmm can't remember well, anyway, a little later I got held up by Paruthi and was pretty scared to pass him, I think cian got past me then, anyway, I got past Paruthi then and later on as well past cian since he made mistakes. Then I was around 10s or so behind Chris, don't know for sure, he could pull away more in that first stint and I carried on, I saw that 2nd place was quite safe and then I pitted , as scheduled, in lap 10. The lap after the SC came, I lost my focus a bit during safety car and hit a bollard or what's it called, making me spin into the barrier losing a bit of my front wing, I was like "fml" there. anyway, I got back into 2nd as the others pitted during SC, but with a broken front wing. I saw that Chris was on options as me and that he still had to go to primes in the end where I was on the options, so I felt confident. Then I tried to follow him in the 2nd stint, but the longer the stint went on, the more mistakes I made and time I lost, maybe also cuz of that front wing dunno. with the broken front wing replacement and new option tyres as last stintI was 9s behind him as he was smart and pitted right after to cover me. by that time it was 7s already and I was gaining a lot when I could keep it clean, unfortunately when I didn't do a nice lap, I didn't gain, so I wanted to push even more, at this time I was like 4s behind I think. Then I made a mistake into the chicane losing me around 3s. Gained up on him after that to again around 4s but then I locked up into first corner costing me my front wing and the race was over. 2nd place was secure as the other guys pitted a couple of times after crashes I believe.
  17. Q-1 more than half a second of my best but i'll take it
    R -1 Got a good start for the first time on this game. Took advantage of the carnage behind and made a gap. Was glad safety car came out as it brought the pack together meaning that the carnage that had come before didn't make a huge difference. Didnt make any mistakes but was getting caught by Karl in the last stint due to him being on options. Luckily he made a mistake and i held out for the win.
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