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Saturday Night League - Malaysia - [11/15/14 @21:00 GMT]

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Jeremy Sheppard, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    Circuit information
    Lap data
    Lap length 5.543km (3.444 miles)
    Race laps 56
    Race distance 310.408km (192.879 miles)
    Pole position Right-hand side of the track
    Lap record* 1’34.223 (211.783 kph) by Juan Pablo Montoya, 2004
    Fastest lap 1’32.582 (215.536 kph) by Fernando Alonso, 2005
    Maximum speed 303kph (188.275 mph)
    DRS zone/s (race) Pit straight and final straight
    Distance from grid to turn one 650m
    Car performance
    Full throttle 45%
    Longest flat-out section 1029m
    Downforce level High
    Fuel use per lap 1.7kg
    Time penalty per lap of fuel 0.051s
    Quickest complete pit stop in 2013 20.736s by Red Bull (see full list)
    2014 prime tyre: Hard (2013: Hard)
    2014 option tyre: Medium (2013: Medium)

    Race Host: Mikmakmok


    1.) What are your thoughts on the financial situation of the smaller teams in F1?
    2.) Are you enjoying the game?
    3.) Have you become comfortable with the setups for this game at this point or do you require more time still?
  2. 1.) What are your thoughts on the financial situation of the smaller teams in F1?
    Well; some time ago there was an aggreement to lower the prices, so you could compete in F1 with less money. That was the time new teams aggreed to join. This aggreement has been removed thus the new teams can't keep competing; It's all quite logical to me. If you want those new teams, you have to stick to your aggreement. I also do think we need those new teams, or in general, we need more teams.
    2.) Are you enjoying the game?
    More and more, Atm it's only getting better, I was frustrated at first of how little was changed with this new game and what was wrong in 2013 is still wrong, but I find new things to be interested in now for me and making the most out of that.
    3.) Have you become comfortable with the setups for this game at this point or do you require more time still?
    Not yet still, but I feel I'm getting closer. I only hope it's actually like that as well ^^
  3. 1st time hosting this weekend so hoping everything runs smoothly.

    1. I feel sorry for the smaller teams as they put so much into the sport with little return. Personally I feel there should be customer cars in F1, it would make it more exciting for us fans.

    2. As a pad user I love the game, feels like a PS3 version of Mario Kart.

    3. So far i've been copying the setups I used last year however I know there is at least 3 tracks that i'm gonna have to come up with new ones.
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  4. 1.) What are your thoughts on the financial situation of the smaller teams in F1? The situation is very unfortunate and frustrating at the same time. It is equally important to have the teams as it is the drivers and by eliminating the teams that makes for fewer seats for fan-favorite drivers. If a fan-favorite driver is no longer in the sport, there goes thousands of fans watching the sport, purchasing memorabilia, etc Even if it's a smaller team, if all of Japan follows Kamui Kobayshi and only him regardless of the team he's in because he represents their country and he's no longer in the sport, what do they think is going to happen in terms of attendance at the Japanese GP? That's just one example and one person affected by one team resulting in thousands losing complete interest in the sport. It's sad they can't see the ripple effect that this sort of indifference will have. I guess they figure with fewer teams and drivers the ticket sales will skyrocket or maintain at the levels they currently are. Foolishness really. The mass effect is that the revenues will fall which will lower the prize money and the sponsors and teams will have to eat the additional cost which may put even the larger at risk as sponsors are only willing to invest in a team or sport to the point that it is profitable to them. If they're putting out more than they are getting, they'll pull out as well as many have done. History always seems to repeat itself
    2.) Are you enjoying the game? I am actually. I seemed to have gotten a grasp of the game quicker than the previous ones. Mostly because I'm used to F1 games and online racing/league racing whereas when I first started on F1 2011 I had never used a wheel, never had a PS3, and certainly never participated in an online racing league so the learning curve is much smaller comparatively.
    3.) Have you become comfortable with the setups for this game at this point or do you require more time still? I wouldn't say I'm comfortable but I think I'm on the right track. When I can drive out of a corner in the wet like a pad user while using a wheel (assuming no patch is ever released) then I'll say that I'm comfortable. Until then, there's always work to do.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2014
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  5. Not sure where to post it but I'm not sure I can join this saturday. I have something to attend and not sure when I'll be back home. If I'm online, I can join, otherwise, I won't. ow btw sidequestion, are there somewhers championship standings?
  6. Yep thanks for the heads up and yes the championship table is coming
  7. don't think I can race tonight. if im online its because I forgot to go to my other commitment. So at this time count me as unavailable
  8. I'm in
  9. Ok we will see you on track after you have forgotten about your other commitment
  10. Oops... Not played for days and I got no setup so this will be interesting... But oh well :rolleyes:
    1. Sport won't survive without them so treåring them this way isn't really ideal.
    2. Not completely in to it yet but I'm enjoying it more and more
    3. Need more time, for sure.
  11. Hope I haven't missed the start just thought its daylight savings here a hour more in front than usual ive been on for over a hour think I might have missed it bugger
  12. nope race is in an hour
  13. 1.) What are your thoughts on the financial situation of the smaller teams in F1?
    I feel bad for the back marker teams for keeping another championship going op between them, I feel that they should be able to stay in the sport.
    2.) Are you enjoying the game?
    Kinda, but it is annoying how pad users get an advantage online with 'secret' traction control.
    3.) Have you become comfortable with the setups for this game at this point or do you require more time still?
    I think I would need more time for the setups.
  14. Well a bit disappointing of a race. Never figured I'd break into the 1:37s in quali or grab pole but somehow did. The car in the race was completely different. So much oversteer on options and understeer on primes. Only thing I can figure was tyre temperature was causing me issues but after some laps the car came to me.

    Thought I had a decent setup but I guess not. Oh @CianLynch going forward ABS will be OFF since you were dive bombing from five car lengths back in every corner. That's not considered clean racing at all. That's not how we race in this league and is the very reason why a lot of leagues don't use assists at all. I spent more time trying to avoid hitting you in every corner than actual racing. Yes the game allows you to drive like that but this is a league and we drive a bit more respectfully than in a random online lobby. Let's clean it up please

    See you all next week and I'll try to get the standings current before the next race
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  15. Enjoyed my first race in a leauge alot wasnt overly quick couldnt get under 1:40 need to do alot more with my set ups in run better on primes and @CianLynch what you was doing to Jeremy the first few laps was disgraceful and unsportsmanlike sorry bud your my team mate and would back you if someone knocked into you and stuffed your race but sitting behind and watching what you was doing was ridiculous you wrecked jeremys race he had pace to keep with top two and possibly win except you decided to come and be a knob dont take offence to what I have wrote young fella just making a observation we will have to get together and have a practise at bahrain and work on our set ups and get t o know each other a bit.Go and dive bomb a few in a some random online races there are plenty of people doing that and even worse at time just not in the leauge please bud we come here to have clean as possible races and not have to worry about some moron running you off the road lets hope next week is a great race really looking forward to it congratulations to the top three cheers everyone
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  16. Qualifying - 2nd - Set a decent banker lap on my 1st. Mucked up my 2nd and then left myself with not enough space in the 3rd so decided to retire.

    Race - 1st - Had a decent start but thought 3 of us were side by side going into turn 1 so I ran quite a bit wide which put me back to 2nd. RS99 was putting his car into really good positions so I couldn't find an opening but I ended up getting through on lap 4 I think. Even when I was leading we were putting in roughly the same times so I knew I couldn't make a mistake. Coming out the pits from my 1st stop into turn 1, I almost got my front wing swiped but just managed to squeeze through and push away. I was really enjoying the prime tyres and if it was a different situation I may have done a longer stint but decided to play it safe and go for another set of options, by the end I was pushing like crazy to give myself breathing space if I didn't make a mistake but thankfully I didn't.

    So it's another result where I wouldn't say it tells the story of the race. I'm just grateful I somehow got a win on what I'd regard as one of my weakest tracks.

    Also are we doing a sweepstake for how many times people will go off the track at the double left hander next week?
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  17. damn I have a problem to know which names on forums belong to the names in the game ^^ anyway, grats with your victory. Can I ask what your lap times were in the race? and/or even in quali?
  18. I'll refrain from any bets as it might come back to bit me. Congrats on the win. Bahrain should make for an interesting race assuming there aren't any incidents
  19. Fastest lap time in quali was mine being a 1:37.9. Fastest lap time in the race being Michael's (mikmakmok on psn) was 1:38.5

    Not to worry about the names as you'll learn them eventually but it's easiest to look in the sign-up thread for that correlation between forum names and psn ids
  20. Had decent pace in quali and 2 first sectors were purple but lost alot in the second last corner, just can't get it fight.. Second time out I took a trip to the gravel and that was it

    Got a great start and somehow took the lead but couldn't hold it for very long. Michael was slightly faster and I simply couldn't keep up with him. Went for primes on the second stint and the car felt awful, same in the third. Also had an incident with Geoff's ghost car which tried to kill me when I was about to lap it.Incredible lag on this game...Congrats Michael for the win