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Saturday Night League - Hungarian GP - [1/24/15 @ 21:00 GMT]

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Jeremy Sheppard, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Circuit information
    Lap data
    Lap length 4.381km (2.722 miles)
    Race laps 67
    Race distance 293.527km (182.389 miles)
    Pole position Left-hand side of the track
    Lap record* 1’19.071 (199.461 kph) by Michael Schumacher, 2004
    Fastest lap 1’18.436 (201.076 kph) by Rubens Barrichello, 2004
    Maximum speed 295kph (183.304 mph)
    DRS zone/s (race) Pit straight and second straight
    Distance from grid to turn one 610m
    Car performance
    Full throttle 54%
    Longest flat-out section 908m
    Downforce level High
    Fuel use per lap 1.4kg
    Time penalty per lap of fuel 0.042s
    Quickest complete pit stop in 2013 21.343s by Red Bull (see full list)
    2014 prime tyre: Medium (2013: Medium)
    2014 option tyre: Soft (2013: Soft)

    Hungaroring circuit map

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  2. should be there...
  3. im there
  4. This has been a popular thread.......
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  5. I'll be there
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  6. I'll be winning.
  7. Hey...no sarcastic statements about my race threads allowed or heavy penalties will be assessed. It's a league rule
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  8. @dudrob-specialop Can you host tonight's race again?

    Settings should be brake assist off, pit assist off, 50%, dynamic weather, parc ferme on, safety car on.

    We'll need to send out invites for the actual race no later than five minutes before. We won't do like last week and start almost thirty minutes later
  9. He told me he wasnt racing :/
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  10. I h8 this track sooo much i cant even describe. A solid second off the pace i think
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  11. Correct
  12. So on lap 3 i get a message saying TheTubbyNinga has lost connection to the lobby. Two corners later i then lose connection. For this reason i though it may have been a mass dsc. Then as aidan had disconnected i decided to invite him to a lobby to talk about what will happen next. I also stupidly decided to send him a message saying join. It then clicked that
    he may not have actually dsc and that the message was wrong. I then sent another message saying dont join if u havnt dsc. By this time it was too late and he had left the race to join me.
    What a monumental **** up on my behalf. So sorry @Aidan Sabin, things have just not gone ur way recently.
    Is it possible guys to at least give him the points for 4th

    Also apologies to @Jeremy Sheppard for sending u a message that may have put u off

    This time it was my fault and i hold my hands up
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  13. All is forgiven :)
  14. Unfortunate that you dsc. Initially I thought Aidan dsc'd but if he left the lobby willingly then there's nothing that can be done. I contemplated awarding half points to finishers, re-run the race next week and put that to a vote but I don't think it best at this point. There's plenty of races left in the season.

    We'll move on to Belgium
  15. I guess it just makes my rise to the top of the table all the more heroic ;)
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  16. Q: 2nd. I thought everyone was bottling his laps because I didn't think I would qualify high and nobody had posted a low 22 yet, which is my pb. So in the end I set a 22.3 and came in 2nd, surprised but happy, changed my strategy because of that; because I thought I could take Chris before the first corner.

    R: 2nd. Got a good start and was up to first, made little gap but then already a mistake which errased the gap, again slowly going away as Chris I think Dc'd at that point. Then it was easier for Michael to get close but couldn't overtake me. I decided to 2 stop and went to lap 10. Michael pitting in lap 8 must have been a 3 stopper I thought. I came out ahead of Michael and we were both on primes, then I made a "huge" mistake in the last corner, losing me 4s and the lead to Michael, from then on I made too many mistakes to stay close and lost time, only was able to get closer as he went 15 laps on those primes going for a 2 stop. I came in a lap after him for another set of options in lap 24, not thinking that you could do 12 on options tbh... But he just could as I rapidly closed the final gap in the last lap, but I lost the race with that mistake after my first stop and with all those mistakes in my last stint being mad at myself.

    Sorry michael for the lame comment, there was no reason for that, I was just mad at myself for not believing I could win today as I would have at least touched the track today then. I do believe I was the fastest, but it wasn't my day. I did actually get a lot of experience out of this race which I'll carry on to next races and seasons.
  17. It's ok, I can understand as it could have been deemed dodgy but like you said it was just my desperation to make my tyres last as long as possible which done it.

    A very tense race despite the disconnections but an enjoyable one.