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Saturday Night League - Car Selection - 11/1/2014 21:00 GMT

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Jeremy Sheppard, Oct 28, 2014.

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  1. As this is a new game and season, to make the car selection process fair, we will be holding two (2) sprint races to determine the car selection order. The driver with the highest scored total points will be able to pick his car first. The second highest scoring driver picks second, etc

    Both tracks will be random, with one shot qualifying, with Parc Ferme OFF. After qualifying, drivers will have two minutes to make any quick adjustments and then the race will be started. Race length will be 5-laps.

    Race Format
    Track(s): Random x2
    Qualifying: One-shot
    Race Length: 5 laps
    Parc Ferme: OFF
    Assists Allowed: All except ABS & Pit Assist

    Teammate Selection & Gentleman's Agreement:
    Regarding selecting a teammate, you may choose who your teammate for the season is. However, if your selected teammate has first pick and you have fourth pick and you both want to drive the Ferrari but the driver with second pick wants to jump in a Ferrari, then the driver with second pick gets that second seat regardless if you and a teammate wanted to be in the same car.

    We have always had a "Gentleman's Agreement" that when two drivers publicly make it known that they want to be teammates that the other drivers, regardless of picking order, respect that agreement and forego picking the second seat in the car the priority driver takes for the team. Again, the picking order gets priority over everything else.

    Suggestions for Teammate Selection:
    • Choose a teammate that you can easily communicate with about setups, strategy, etc and whether it is easy or not you should communicate to avoid mishaps in the pit or other team-related debacles on the track
    • Try to choose a teammate that you can get together to practice with during the week
    • Try to choose a teammate that pushes you and vice versa to be faster and better

    Final Note: Anyone not attending the two races will not receive priority picking and will be placed in order of signup for this current season. In total this shouldn't take an hour to finish and drivers are free to practice or leave afterward as they see fit.

    The season will start Saturday Nov. 8th without exception as everyone will have had plenty of time to get the game and get plenty of practice in. We still are looking for a good race host so please let @Jeremy Sheppard know if you are able to do so.

    Good luck
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  2. I'll be there
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  3. yep i'll be on
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  4. Im in will be a bit sleepy at 7 am on a sunday but I will soon adjust is the assist rule staying all year been practicing without thought it was going to be no assists but sweet will change see how we go cheers geoff
  5. For now yes the assist settings will remain as defined previously until further notice
  6. No worries cheers see ya in the morning
  7. @Jeremy Sheppard I just found out i am going cinema tonight. It will be tight to see if i get back in time but i should just manage it. If im not there is there a possibility u could delay for a bit or not?
  8. Yep. It's just two really quick races within our normal race time so I'm ok with a delay. Keep us posted on where you are
  9. Guys apologies. The race should be at 9 p.m. not 8 p.m. I put the wrong time on the thread title and didn't realize it. If we can get everyone together earlier that still be find but for Geoff I know it's a difference between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.
  10. Sadly I won't be able to race tonight, I agreed to host a COD4 night on the other site I use. I'm not too bothered with regards to my car as long as it isn't the Mercedes as there are inconsistencys between the 2 cars.
  11. K thanks for letting us know
  12. Sorry about this morning guys got up teady to go and no electricity stuffed that has just came back on very sorry to organizers for being a no show was out of my control my generator isnt strong enough to run tv ps3 and wheel and internet at same time once again sorry hopefully wont be a problem again off to buy a bigger generator this week so it wont matter cheers what car does sixth give me?
  13. Am open to anyone as a team mate
  14. Thanks Geoff. You'll have to wait and see what the others choose for their car. Check the forum as often as possible
  15. I am willing to host but on internet connection test mine aint that gr8 and there is a small possibility it could crash during race. However when hosting as u have seen there is little if any lag
  16. Got a stable connection but its far from the fastest and since it's very unlikely that i will participate in every race I don't think I'm a fitting host... You decide
  17. I'm happy to be a host if ever needed to.
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  18. when does the picking start? Is it in this thread or?