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Saturday Night League - Brazilian GP - [3/21/15 @ 21:00 GMT]

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Jeremy Sheppard, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Dry race

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  2. Changeable conditions

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  3. Full wet race

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  1. Lap data
    Lap length 4.309km (2.677 miles)
    Race laps 71
    Race distance 305.909km (190.083 miles)
    Pole position Right-hand side of the track
    Lap record* 1’11.473 (217.039 kph) by Juan Pablo Montoya, 2004
    Fastest lap 1’09.822 (222.171 kph) by Rubens Barrichello, 2004
    Maximum speed 310kph (192.625 mph)
    DRS zone/s (race) Pit straight and Reta Oposta straight
    Distance from grid to turn one 190m
    Car performance
    Full throttle 50%
    Longest flat-out section 1394m
    Downforce level High
    Gear changes per lap 42
    Fuel use per lap 1.4kg
    Time penalty per lap of fuel 0.042s
    Quickest complete pit stop in 2013 22.342s by Ferrari (see full list)
    2014 prime tyre: Medium (2013: Hard)
    2014 option tyre: Soft (2013: Medium)
    *Fastest lap set during a Grand Prix
    Data sources: FIA, Williams, Mercedes

    Interlagos circuit map

    Race Host: Aidan (PSN: TheTubbyNinja)
    Backup Hosts: Karl (PSN: Desimpele_K) or Michael (PSN: mikmakmok)

    1.) As another SNL season draws to a close and real F1 starts anew, what are your thoughts on the season based on what we have seen and heard both from team, driver, and other parties involved?
  2. Should be there

    The question, is it about the SNL season or?
  3. Lol the real F1 season
  4. I'll be there

    McClaren are worse than I thought and despite button saying they have the package to beat mercedes I just can't see it happening soon.
    Mercedes look by far the best with Hamilton bossing showing he is best driver on grid
    Ferrari have surprised me in how well they are going so far as are dauber showing the Ferrari engine this year is really good,

    Hamilton will win title and Mercedes will win constructors
  5. Regarding the real F1 season, should be interesting battles amongst the team's for the battle behind the Mercs. Looking forward to seeing what Nasr can do. If he's consistent he should do well in his rookie season. I always enjoyed watching him race in GP2.

    Good race tonight. Congrats to Chris on the win. Abu Dhabi should make for an interesting end to the season. It is yet to be definitively decided if double points will be awarded the last race. After the points are updated, I may put the decision to a vote. Until then, I'll let the title contenders sweat a bit :)
  6. It's looking unlikely that I'll be able to race today.
  7. It's season finale abu dhabi right?