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Saturday Night League - Australia - [11/8/14 @ 21:00 GMT]

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Jeremy Sheppard, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    Circuit information
    Lap data
    Lap length 5.303km (3.295 miles)
    Race laps 58
    Race distance 307.574km (191.118 miles)
    Pole position Left-hand side of the track
    Lap record* 1’24.125 (226.934 kph) by Michael Schumacher, 2004
    Fastest lap 1’23.529 (228.553 kph) by Sebastian Vettel, 2011
    Maximum speed 312kph (193.868 mph)
    DRS zone/s (race) First and second straight
    Distance from grid to turn one 265m
    Car performance
    Full throttle 61%
    Longest flat-out section 843m
    Downforce level High
    Fuel use per lap 1.7kg
    Time penalty per lap of fuel 0.051s
    Quickest complete pit stop in 2013 21.509s by Ferrari (see full list)
    2014 prime tyre: Medium (2013: Medium)
    2014 option tyre: Soft (2013: Super Soft)

    Race Start: 21:00 GMT
    Host: mikmakmok (Michael Aird)
    Backup Host: Rivalshooter99 or Famous5cg
    Race Distance: 50%
    Weather: Dynamic

    Reminders to the drivers:

    • Please keep the radio chatter to a minimum during qualifying and the race out of respect for other drivers attempting to focus on their race
    • Only one person can start the race or end a session and that is the race host. Penalties will be assessed to anyone that ends a session or starts the race but the host
    • A maximum of three minutes will be allowed before the race is started. If you must step away, IMMEDIATELY inform both the race host AND Bones_FL in order to prevent the race from starting without you
    • In the event a driver disconnects during qualifying, the race ONLY with the conditions pre-determined for the race from the previous session (if full wet, race will be reset to full wet, if dry will be set to dry, etc) will be re-started. The driver(s) that disconnected should wait until the session is completed and he will receive an invite to the race. The race is then started with a ONE-LAP formation lap to allow everyone to get into their qualifying position. Disconnected drivers will go to the back of the grid if no time was set
    • Have spacial awareness of other drivers and always assume lag is in play and that you should wait a little longer before crossing in front of a driver that you have assumed you have made a clear pass on. This will prevent many incidents, assumed dirty driving, and excessive stewards inquiries
    • Most importantly, have fun and keep the racing clean

    Good luck to all drivers
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  2. Looking forward to this, see you there :)
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  3. I will be there
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  4. I will be there, but who's got which car now? :)
  5. I think you can choose yours since only the first four of us were racing last saturday, and there is only a couple of hours left before the race. :)
  6. I will be there what cars are left for me to choose one ?
  7. Yes please just pick something
  8. williams it is!
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  9. sad race for me. I tried an experimental setup and it didn't work in quali nor in race on primes. I started fine from P4 to P1 and I managed to make a little gap (3s) and then the safety car came (dunno how it's possible tbh). as I had to change my strategy I went for double prime after but I was around 1s slower per lap on those than the ones around me. it was like first stint I was fine and the other stints I was way off. Is everyone else wheel driver? could have something to do with that.
  10. Apologies to all especially organisers and my team mate I dont know what went on this morning I loaded and everything was up at 5 done some practice for a while on my own then went for a couple quick online races and couldnt connect me and technology this week have not got along $2000 laptop 3 months old just dies and wont work ipad blew up seems if I touch it they die not making excuses for myself just explaing what went on I hope that doesnt get me kicked out of season but if the rules say that has to happen fair enough and will take whatever decision is made and hold no grudges or animosity towards any one thank you geoff
  11. Whoa mate calm down. We just want to know if you want to race or not. As long as you abide by the league and site rules you're ok. We'll continue planning on you showing up but if all possible give us a heads up if you're experiencing some problems. We're not trying to leave anyone out
  12. Sweet cheers was a bit wound up when I wrote last post will be there next week for sure
  13. Race Report:

    Well my race was somewhat underwhelming. Knew I could go faster in quali but made mistakes. In the race was too conservative and allowed myself to get held up but the safety car allowed me back in the game but I was still suffering for conservative driving trying to not spin and kiss the wall.

    A very nice battle in the end with my teammate and William for the last podium spot. Hopefully that's just the beginning of things to come. I think I'm more comfortable with the car and the driving style I need to have to be quick so I'll focus on being more aggressive in my setups to maximize my pace. Good race everyone. Standings and results to be up soon
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