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Saturday Night League - 50% Race - Pre-Season Test [10/25/14 @ 21:00 GMT]

Discussion in 'PS3 | Saturday Night League' started by Jeremy Sheppard, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. Before kicking off yet another season on the SNL, we'll have a non-points race to allow everyone to get a feel for the cars and each other on the track. Please confirm your intent to participate in this event, vote on the track you'd like to race on, and the track with the most votes will be the track chosen for the race.

    Track: TBD
    Race Host: TBD

    More info to come as we near the start of the season
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  2. Good idea. I voted Hockenheim but Japan might be a good idea to try and test out the new cars and their downforce. so either of them
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  3. Spa for me but dont mind just one of my fav tracks
  4. I voted Brazil. Been a good hunting ground formme over recent games.
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  5. You can count me in guys ;)
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  6. Are u going to be taking part in the league?
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  7. I'd be down for this.
  8. Are you going to take part in the league?
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  9. Make sure you sign up and provide the information in the Sign-up thread or you may not get an invite
  10. Oops I just realise I have made a fool of myself. I though for some reason this was PC.
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  11. Anybody know what track we will be testing on Saturday at 9.00pm ?

  12. At the moment Hockenheim
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  13. I've voted Hockenheim and i'll be racing tonight.
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  14. Voting poll is closed and the official race for tonight is Hockenheim
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  15. Make sure everyone has added me on psn.

    Anyone keen on hosting or think your connection is good enough to host?
  16. What's your PSN ?
  17. It says in the sign up thread
    i think thats it
  18. I'm in guys
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  19. Give me minute guys need to change my internet settings