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Saturday night ADAC galore!

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Emilio, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Well guys just wanted to that tonight races were just great... They've been heck-of-a-fun! It was really a small grid: @Ser_Renely, @memots, Blaine, @Robert Winzler, me and another couple of ppl met on the servers. Still it was intense! Especially Red Bull track
    Gotta thank memots and Ser cause I finally understood how to adjust the TC on the ADACs. See you next time!
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  2. Like i mention in our chat, It was nice to race with "normal" people and not alien lol. I am by no mean great online and everyone was about 5 second distance for most of the race and it was a lot of fun.

    Will definitely join again.
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  3. Yeah, was lots of fun. The ADAC cars are a blast bc they are so difficult to drive imo!!! I really liked Motosport Arena with them, nice flowing track. I was not very familiar with Lausitz or Redbull ring so I was sort of all about on those....think I utterly rammed someone at the Redbull ring.

    Some reason my settings were all lost for the car...that ever happen to people? It was like turning a boat until I figured out what was wrong....still don't remember what I had it set at. I did the best I could to tame the Nissan.

    @Emilio Collavino I had a question, since I am new to all of this, on our two bumps/collisions at Lausitz and Motosport arena. Were they dumb moves by me, racing incidents, bad moves by you or other?

    I watched the replay of Motosport and I wasn't sure if it would be considered bad racing of me to dive into the inside of you as we went into that corner...but I thought bc I was going faster than you on that straight away it was acceptable to try and gain that position.

    Not trying to put fault on you or anyone else, just curious if we were in a league how that would be deemed by the "stewards" and so I know not to do it again? Does that make sense? Don't want to be Romain Grosjean :D

    who is Blaine on here?
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  4. I don't think Blaine is on Racedepartment atm but I thought it was nice to include his name as well: just to be fair! :)
    As per our touch on Arena I need to check the replay as well. I think I went a bit slowly on that turn but usually if someone bumps you from behind is his fault. Of course if there's a sudden change of trajectory or a clear intention of obstruction then it's all to reconsider. In this case I had the better luck as I just needed to correct a bit my line and I've avoided the spin while you ended up off road (correct? I haven't seen the replay yet so I don't know what happened there). Anyway I'll post the accident here so our stewards can comment on the thing! :)
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  5. I just wasn't sure who he was, makes sense now! He was oin the orange r8? Got hit by oliviera?

    On the corner in question :-D I remember coming into that straight after the chicane, you sort of lost some control. I came out with decent speed, so I caught almost up to you on the straight but you seemed to brake early on the corner, so I got up on your right side on the inside of the corner hoping you would be forced to take the outside lane of the corner. You took the inside lane and me, but like I said it might have been stupid of me to try that move, far too aggressive for sim racing, as you have the right of way sort of speak :) just want to learn good etiquette :)

    I guess I just don't know, yet, where the line is for yielding to the other person and when a proper time to go for it is?

    Hope I can be out there tonight!!! Have a dinner party so might not be able to.
  6. Jyri Kettunen

    Jyri Kettunen
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Old school rule is that if you have front tyres on the same level as the driver in front of you, then you have the right to keep your line through the corner. Doesn't mean that one can suddenly dive into that position though!