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Misc Satlab90 2001 MOD Database 2013-09-25

SATLAB90 MOD 2001 F1 2012 database

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  1. Great!
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  2. chianamik

    Premium Member

  3. Hi Satlab, how are you man?

    Could you clarify what it is for this MOD Database?

  4. Hello, I'm fine thanks

    This database contains correct drivers nationailities for my 2001 mod
  5. As I said in the official topic abuot the 2001 mod... I didn't have my 2001 mod anymore so I can't test your circuit or make videos about it... sorry

    ps. When you ask to someone to do something... try to ask it in a more polite way!!
  6. chianamik

    Premium Member

    ok sorry satlab90 :)))))....
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  7. The database is not working for me.....
    After trying to load the game, it collapses and starts again but never manages to completely load the game.
    Any help?