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Sat. 4th Oct. - Night Owls GT Sport Endurance at Silverstone International

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Gary Lennon, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Welcome to another GT Endurance Event!
    This time we move up a class to GT Sport and make it a full 1 hour race,no mandatory pits required,pick a car,decide a strategy,and best of luck to all!!

    Class: GT Sport (GTS)
    Track: Silverstone International
    Start: 10:00pm GMT
    Practice: 30 Minutes
    Qualification: 30 Minutes
    Race: 1 Hour Race
    Server: RaceDepartment.com EVO

    Weather: Dry​

    Password: Click Here

    Track Downloads: RapidShare HERE

    ** NOTE ** : There is a fix for the track bundled inside the rar you download, be sure to apply this as well, or it'll online mismatch city.

    Copy/Paste this form to sign up:
    Real Name:
    1. Michael Herrmann - BMW M3 GTR [skin]
    2. Thierry Marchand - BMW M3 GTR
    3. Nils Wijk - BMW M3 GTR
    4. Neil Tennant - BMW M3 GTR
    5. Stirb Iuliu - BMW M3 GTR
    6. Olaf Mechau - BMW M3 GTR
    7. Hansi Josefsson - BMW M3 GTR
    8. Andrew Evans - Mosler MT900R
    9. Gregory Degreef - Mosler MT900R
    10. Driver - Mosler MT900R
    11. Driver - Mosler MT900R
    12. Driver - Mosler MT900R
    13. Driver - Mosler MT900R
    14. Lewis Fergusson - Marcos MarcoRelly
    15. Nigel Atkins - Marcos MarcoRelly
    16. Karl Westman - Marcos MarcoRelly
    17. Marcel vd Aa - Marcos MarcoRelly
    18. Lee Downham - Marcos MarcoRelly
    19. Darren Gardner - Marcos MarcoRelly
    20. Gary Lennon - Spyker C8
    21. Sam J Simpson - Spyker C8
    22. Driver - Spyker C8
    23. David Lemon - Spyker C8
    24. Victor Shaw - Spyker C8
    25. Simon Trendell - Spyker C8
  3. so in; i have no idea what a mosler is, so i'm taking that :becky:

    edit: always forget this bit!

    Real Name: Andrew Evans
    Car: Mosler MT900R
  4. bmw m3 gtr for me
  5. Real Name: Thierry Marchand
    Car: BMW M3 GTR
  6. Oki, I'll take a Beemer!
  7. Neil Tennant

    Neil Tennant
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    mosler sounds like a beast while idle, so ill take an M3 pleash :)
  8. Provisional again Gary :rolleyes:

    Sam J Simpson
    Spyker C8
  9. Yeah ... I'm sooooo in on this one ... night owls racing idea is sooo perfect for me ... now I can have my cake and eat it by spending the evening my kids and wife, then when all is quiet and everyone else sleeps, I get to sneak off and race you lot, no guilt and no aggro!!! :rockon:

    ... Gary defo gets my vote for president :thumb:

    Name: Lee Downham
    Car: ... errrrmmm ... dunno any of em TBH - pencil me in with the Spyker would you, and I will let you know later tonight after a quick blast in it how desperately I want to change my mind :wink:

    Footnote: I never understood what the point of having cake was if you couldn't actually eat it :confused:
  10. Real Name: Lewis Fergusson
    Car: Mosler MT900R

    (wheel should arrive on saturday)
  11. Never mind. Just noticed the late start time. Not finishing till 2am is a killer. Imo next time it should be earlier, like 9pm GMT as that goes to midnight over here.
  12. that is why it is called Night Owls Oliver :)
  13. ... youth of today ... nay stamina :rolleyes::pound:
  14. Hmm I am probably at a party with loads of A1GP pit babes :p
  15. we demand PIC's :D
  16. I'm in with the M3. If no M3's available, my car choice is at your discretion.
  17. gary mate, in the pack there is silverstone gp and silverstone 79 - i assume we're running silverstone gp (ie. that's silverstone international mentioned in the top post?)

    also - i added a note about applying the fix - veh important! y'all need to do this!

    in other news; i just drove the mosler for the first time... ho ho! fiesty AND throaty!
  18. The version i dont my test runs on is deffinately the International ver.,infact the GP version now lives in Extras!,this one i intended to use in Add Ons and has a choice of Inter/Nat/Sport?,its the same layout BTCC run,where you veer off right at Maggots.
    I planned on doing the track fix bit when i got back from GTL Knockhill (honest) :( .
  19. ah ha! i may have missed that... found the silverstone options under one menu and assumed that was it... glad i checked now!

    (and i knew you would, i have the faaaaaith maaaan! :))
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