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Cars Sareni camaro - gt3 et gt racecar

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Mods' started by Pset, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. A new young french speaking modding team is recently born.
    ACM Team Moding : http://www.passion-meca.com/Forum Assetto Corsa Modding/index.php

    A meeting of experienced 3D designers, mod creators and skinners from different backgrounds and different french speaking countries.
    With a common desire and motivation for a team work, cooperation and high quality realisations.

    Assetto Corsa, thanks to Kunos, is the best choice we could make in that meaning.

    The ACM Team :
    Pat2611 - Physics/Project Manager/Sounds
    jimmy - 3D Artist
    Julsengt - 3D Artist
    Bruno Piret - Skins/Texture Artist
    Jempy - Skins/Translations
    Pascal Martin - Skins/Texture Artist
    Anraviell - Test and IRL driver

    ACM has the pleasure to announce his first project:

    The Sareni Camaro.
    3D by Jimmy ( Body )

    Engine V8
    Type front-mid engine (longitudinal)
    Capacity 7883 ccm
    Bore & stroke 104.78 mm x 114.30 mm
    Max. power > 650 hp
    Max. torque > 800 Nm
    Cooling system One water radiators
    Engine management EFI Euro8
    Power management
    Fully programmable, electronic power management (MoTec)
    Lubrication Racing dry sump system
    Compression ratio tba
    Electrical system 12 Volts
    lightweight motorsport specification wiring and connectors
    electronic power management system
    membrane type switchpanel
    Data system 2D datalogger
    ergonomically positioned tablet PC based info center

    In action in the following championships :
    ADAC GT Masters
    Blancpain Sprint Series
    Thailand Super Series


    More news to come in the next days and weeks, especially waiting for the new important AC update to come.
    The ACM Team wishes to share from the start the best quality possible with all elements AC offers us.

    Our forum is temporarily only french speaking.
    English contact will of course happen here in the Official AC forum. Our english speaking members will provide a further link between you and our modding team.
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  2. <Mod Edit: English only please.>
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  3. Where can I find a download link?
  4. Jempy


    Sorry, James, but this car will only be available when it will reach its perfect finish.
    We are first waiting for the next important AC update in order to be able to use the maximum of what it will allow.

    In advance, thanks for your patience.

  5. One of my favorite cars and I see what you are creating perfectly.

    I really like how it is progressing

    I have really wanted to drive it and make many screenshots this beauty

    Thank you!
  6. New video 0.20
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  7. Looks good.
    Just out of curiosity, it will be a free mod or a paid mod?
  8. Free of course
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  9. Thanks.
  10. Great work guys! This looks amazing :D
  11. I found this mod a few weeks ago on Youtube, search assetto corsa, Car download. you will find many other car mods not listed on this site. I have about 40-50 car mods with close to 100 cars when you add in the STD, S1, and S3, GT etc in the game now. Youtube has 2 flavors of the Sareni Mod; Camaro GT3 and GT Race Car , both are absolutely awesome. Not sure who posted on youtube but it has a huge amount of downloads linked with the videos. Who would have thought to search YouTube for game files.

    It is obviously not the final version, but I have enjoyed this mod immensely the past few weeks. Great job to the Modding team, maybe you weren't even aware your mod was being hosted on Youtube. I can't wait for the final release here on Race Department, the best AC resource on the net.
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  12. Jempy