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Cars SaReNi CAMARO GT3 and GT Race Car Mod 1.3.2

SaReNi CAMARO & Reiter Engineering for Assetto Corsa

  1. Pset submitted a new resource:

    SaReNi CAMARO GT3 and GT Race Car Mod - SaReNi CAMARO & Reiter Engineering for Assetto Corsa

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  2. Great car, great sound and great modelling job.
    Only one thing - seems to be a bit quicker than all the other GT3 cars. Bit of a tweak needed?
  3. Nice model, but i'm not fan of the steering wheel and the engine sound.
    And the car is way too heavy.. Don't understand how people can reach other GT3 performances.

    Anyway, huge amount of work !
  4. Great mod, thank you!
    I love the sound of this monster - If you permit me to make a joke - for a moment I thought I was driving the Fury :roflmao:
  5. well the car is i think realistic enough drives like the sls gt3 but i think the peformnce against other gt3 is too good (i think)
  6. Is there a fix for this car since ver 1.1 ? I changed the data file along with the C6 with updated changes, but it tanks when loading Camaro GT3.
  7. Hello
    we have decided to release a compatible version AC 1.1 by the end of this weekend, Sunday evening at the earliest, or Monday evening at the latest.
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  8. Thank you for planning to release the update. It's such a great car and when I discovered it wasn't working I was distraught. It's one of my favorite cars in the game.

    Speaking of which, are there templates to make more skins? I'd love to do a Camaro spec season, but I'd need a lot more skins to make it visually appealing.
  9. Thank You :)
  10. Pset updated SaReNi CAMARO GT3 and GT Race Car Mod with a new update entry:

    Compatible AC 1.1

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  11. Probably the best mod in Assetto Corsa, I wish you could see the rear wing in the mirrors of the other cars like this one
  12. This is one of those MUST have cars. Incredible sounds, feedback thru wheel is good, but Buttkicker2 is incredible. Somehow the exhaust note even comes back the back of the headset. I have this car in a couple of other games and you put them to shame. Well done Sir. :) :) :):):)
  13. Since 1.1.4 i have had stuttering in races. I added one mod car at a time and narrowed it to the Camaro, it takes longer than other cars to load also, has anything changed since 1.1 update?
  14. I have not had any problems with it.
  15. Well slap me self, the stutter was simply fixed by turning reflections down, it wasnt just the camaro. I think the latest updates have added graphics details that my four year old build cant handle.
  16. I keep having to adjust mine to adapt to the changes these games go thru too. :)
  17. Pset updated SaReNi CAMARO GT3 and GT Race Car Mod with a new update entry:

    New version 1.2.2

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  18. really nice update, one of the top mod cars for sure, the "fake" view of the rear of the car in the mirror is an awesome touch, slight issue with it:

    when driving you can see the gap between the plastic of the mirror and the overlay

    and also the damage is cool but you can see through the car too much:
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  19. Very nice mod, Very immersive. We notice the search of realism (look at the cocpit mirror).
    Just one question :
    Why that so tiny steering wheel. It's too small I would enjoy the same as the corvette one for exanple.