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Tracks Sandown Raceway, Australia - wip

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Reference92, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. The Springvale suburb of Melbourne, Australia, is home to a rather special motorsport venue. 1.9ish miles of changing tarmac surfaces, suspension testing kerbs, long straights with punishing braking points, and the echos of the V8 supercars.

    This is, The Sandown Raceway.

    Inspiration to work on this circuit came a few months ago, with Daniel Ricciardo posting a video of him thrashing a Holden Sandman V8 round this track - which I retweeted at the time.

    Inspiration = Motivation.

    Discussion with @learie, originally allowed permission for a conversion of work completed a few years ago for rFactor, however since this discussion, his mod has been used more as a handy elevation tool, working side by side with Google Earth, to inform my rendition of Sandown. Thank you @learie for enabling me a little head start in this modding process.

    This is a work in progress thread where I can share my progress, others can input into the process, where feedback, improvements, issues and ideas can be made and methods can be shared etc. I have learnt a lot from my first expeditions in Modding (which I am still working on – that Rockingham mod will be completed) and there are a number of things I will do to push me further still. I’m going to think more about the process by describing the steps I do in #Method posts, give #Tips, maybe even tutorials too, and also [time notes] with the aim of firstly recording how much time goes into completing the project and secondly to focus my own mind to being time effective.

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  2. #Method
    I started the mod by creating a Bezier curve for the form of the track. The lefts, rights and elevations were derived from @Learie’s rendition and Google Earth (which I set as a Background image in Blender). [2hr]

    From this, I worked section by section extending track (Arrayed with the Bezier) and then using Ctrl+R to put in the appropriate number of polys to each section. This initial track will form a visual layer (and physical layer in early imports into AC), so I have included more polygons in corners and less on the straights for efficient use of polygons. This will ensure that the track edges look smooth in the tight corners of Sandown. [1hr]

    Next I extruded in the Y direction (outwards) from each side of the track, selecting the newly created polygons and using Ctrl+P to set as a separate object. The nearest edges of the newly created landscape I move slightly into the track, 1-2cm. Using a Shrinkwrap tool I set the landscape to -0.01 beneath the track – this means after testing if I wish to change the elevations of the track, the landscape edge will follow. Then it is a case of extruding, shaping, thinking about the polygons shapes and densities, following the contours of the likely topology. This will be a preliminary immediate landscape to the track that will enable me to start using the track in game, without falling off too much! As it is preliminary, I set the low resolution satellite imagery as the texture – I will update this at later stages as I find it best to get function (mesh shape) sorted before form (visuals). [4hrs]

    I created a few quick ultra-low poly blocks to provide some context when testing (stand, bridge, and warehouse). I added the statutory items for a track to work in AC (Useful reference guide - http://site.hagn.io/assettocorsa). [0.5hr]



    My most used Blender tool is Mira Tools, which includes CurveStretch - excellent for shaping lines of vertices (which aren’t part of an array). For Blender-users it is an excellent time-saver. If the community demand is there, I may provide a tutorial on its use in the future.
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  3. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

    WOW great work Ref :) looking good
  4. #Method
    Onboard real life videos can provide a good sense of the track surface tilting to the left or right and the camber of corners. With the bezier curve in control of the track array, I am making fine adjustments to the track tilt all the way around the circuit. This is done in edit mode in Blender, entering degrees of tilt in the transform tab, such as in the screenshot (note only temporary low res textures at this time) where I perceive the track slopes down to the right very slightly at the bezier point selected.

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  5. LilSki


    I'm sure you already know but make sure you have the spline set to Z UP otherwise tilting one section will add a slight tilt to the whole thing.
  6. Hi Lilski, already aware but yes great tip :) Thanks

    Edit: For anyone else reading this thread this is the Z-up selected on the Bezier:

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  7. I don't now if it's me, but your screens aren't loading here.
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  8. Thank you! It was loading fine here but not anywhere else. I have re-hosted the images. Fixed?
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  9. Sadly not.
  10. I can see them fine now.
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  11. Looks awesome. Looking forward to the finished version :thumbsup:
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  12. Good luck with this , love Aussie tracks!
  13. Sandown was my favourite V8s track on the old TOCA 2. I'd love to see a detailed version pop up - there was a fairly bare one turned up a while ago but I think it was a conversion. Good surface though.
  14. Just imagine racing some Kunos made Classic Porsches on it! Next level of fun.
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  15. I love all of the Aussie V8 tracks, so each one is high on my wanted list!! This looks like another gr8 project!! :)

    We just need some quality V8 Supercars to race on them!! ;-)
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  16. #Update
    Physical mesh going well, will post details of the process when complete. In the meantime had a fun hour producing these two objects, the Jim Bean bridge and the cart at the start finish straight.

    [​IMG]5 by Reference 92, on Flickr

    [​IMG]4 by Reference 92, on Flickr

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  17. Hi. :)
    I've only just stumbled upon this thread and was pleasantly surprised when I found out that someone is working on an updated version.
    I was just curious on how progress with the track is going?
    By the way, great work so far!
  18. Hi! Not so much updated but reworking entirely, and very well on progress. Limited updates in this thread as I have not had internet for a while, once I get internet again I will post progress. Thanks. 92
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  19. That's great to hear!
    And no worries. ;)
    I really appreciate the effort you're putting into re-working this classic Aussie track - I look forward to future updates.
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  20. My internet is working. Fired up Google Earth and they have released an updated Terrain Model for Melbourne! The model is far superior to the version they had before for details and accuracy. Hopefully this will be good news for checking elevation changes and maybe even corner cambers. Update to follow soon on progress. 92
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