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sand traps?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by William Elgh, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. how do you make sand traps in BTB?

    i know one thing that is I making them WRONG!
    i taking an object place sand texture and put it in the corners.....

    no sand feel.....

    how do you make?
  2. Change the material of the terrain where the sand trap is to be. If you're not sure how, see the "Terrain is here" video (http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net/videos.aspx) at about 6 mins along. Also consider using blending around the edges to get a soft transition from grass to sand.
  3. I think you want to rather feel that your car goes into the sand trap - so, blending textures is one thing, but you would also create some new .rbr files that are attached to driveable surfaces. This means when working with tracks for RBR. These files have surface maps and you can make them with another editor (forgot the name, I away from BTB now, but the program is in BTB root folder - includes also instructions what to do). You would have probably to make some new xpack with these textures, I'm not sure if you can add those new .rbr files (with surface maps) to the project from outside... Also, it looks that the "sandy" surface has to be MAIN surface, then you can mix another material with it, because the "main" surface has priority to choose surface map. I hope you can understand my poor English.
    But for rFactor, I have no clear idea since I've never try it.. Maybe in BTB go to "edit materials" and change surface properties to something else (from e.g roada to gravel, grass, etc)
  4. ... more precisely - in the BTB root folder is a folder called Support, then RBR, then MaterialEditor... I found it very useful when making new textures/materials.
    But, you have to remember that the surface effect/physics is always taken from the primary material, not from blended one.
  5. remember that we can change the values of the materials associated with the textures once exported the project ... themselves as well as textures and can make a journey of asphalt on a gravel path, as well as playing with the settings of each texture materials without having to enter BTB.

    These values are in the file named "mat.ini"
  6. Oh, great! My BTB is blocked, but the MaterialEditor still works - just checked it. I wanted also to make some changes for the surfaces for my w.i.p. track. Thanks, liquido :)
    P.S. ...because I lost a hope to even open my BTB folder under Windows ;) ;) ;)
  7. What is the easiest way to blend textures?

    never mind :)
  8. I BTB? Go to Edit Terrain, then on the pop-up window choose "Materials".Sselect some polygons in 2D View (in 3D View you have to press "W" to see where the polygons are) there are two options - "single" and "lasso", then split (hit the button) to have new area. Then choose main material for the area and you can blend it with other one. I suggest you often use "hide unselected" option and after "Select all faces" to ensure the right polygons are selected. It often happened to me to blend already bended terrain with new (third) textures - a result was NO terrain from the area in the game, and of course errors while loading. If you use "lasso" tool to select polygons, sometime not all of them are really selected, then with "hide unselected" you will see, if they are there after spiliting. If not, select again missing polys from the other area, split them again and merge with previous splited area. Then, always remember to choose again materials for the new terrains even if BTB says they are choosen. Since I started to do this, I never would have errors with loading. Something what could be maybe corrected in coming (I hope) version of BTB.
  9. Besides my chaotic explanation, there are very good Brendon's tutorials for almost all features on the BTB Website. They are clear and helped me much. Thanks!