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San Marcial Hillclimb (RBR)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by E.Zelaieta, May 6, 2009.

  1. San Marcial Hillclimb (RBR) Released!

    San Marcial Hillclimb (RBR)

    - Here it is my first official BTB proiect.

    - It's a real course, located in Irun, Basque Country and originally used for hillcimb some years ago.

    - Lenght: 2600 meters.

    - In the first V1.0 release, it will work with Black.f's RX Plugin and in near future, I want export to original RBR Format in a newest bug fixed V1.5.

    - Textures: Road ones, from original RBR Joux Verte and grass, extracted from Vratislav Honzalek, TrackTexturePlateOpaque.dds.

    - Objects from Jay_P_666 G.B Xpack.

    - It will be released in three diferente conditions: Dry, Damp and Wet.

    San Marcial Hillclimb progress screenshots:







    Download links:



  2. Looks great! I recognize the predicaments to produce a good looking RBR track. Thousands of objects are needed.

    Keep up, it's going very well.
  3. Current progress Info and Screnshoots updated :dance2:
  4. Beauuuutiful!:dance2:
  5. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    Cool. I missed this when I first read it.
  6. Released in 11 - 05 - 09 :dance2:
  7. the d/l limit of rapidshare has been reached! Please update the link (or sign for a free collector's account :wink2:)
  8. Great fun, thx very much :skywalker:
  9. Im at work and I can't upload the file right now.
    If someone have downloaded and wan't upload it, He can do it :giggle:
    When I arrive home, I go to update the Tread.

    Have a nice day.
  10. could somebody put video of this stage in youtube??

    couse i would asume that its for 0.7 plugin witch doesnt work for me...i would love to see what the stage looks like in action!!
  11. Updated with new download links :party2:
  12. It looks good, but I'd like to make a suggestion. Some of the corners could look smoother if you do the following:

    Add a new surface at the end of the corner, then add another one at the start of the corner. Edit this one and reduce the panel length. That can give you smoother curves without having to add any more nodes.
  13. Might explain that photo? I want to learn it :laugh2: Thank you.
  14. Say you have corners like this:
    You can see that they aren't very smooth.

    Solution: Add two surfaces, one at the start of the curve(s), and one at the end of the curve(s):
    Note the panel length.

    Go to the surface at the start of the curve(s), and reduce panel length value:
    You can see here that a value of 3 has made the corners much smoother. The purpose of the second surface is to set the panel length back to 5 for the rest of the track - we don't want poly-counts to be higher than necessary.
  15. Very THX R Soul, i in practice your system for smooth closed curves, a pleasure to learn and share with you.

    Edit . I tested and is a perfect solution friend thanks million.

  16. Thanks you R Soul :dance2:
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  17. Sorry , is only picture R.Soul system, I hope that it serves you also, put pictures fixed San Marcial in your post .


    PD: It looks lice.
  18. I finally got the chance to install the track: really nice and fast flowing, just I need to practice better the hairpins (they are not all the same).
    Should I list one defect? Too short :rotfl:, we waste time reloading it!!

    I'd like to make some general suggestions for the way a track is released for RX: the name of the export directory should not be "Your Bob Track Builder Track" (default). It should be personalized and unique, so that we can just extract to "tracks" folder without renaming other tracks' folders.

    I extracted only your dry version, I believe that also the wet versions make use of the same default export directory. Without much hassle, you could just export the 3 versions to 3 different folders and with different track names, so that one can extract once for all all 3 versions to the tracks folder and have them available under the plugin.

    One last thing: you correctly noticed that the file mat.ini contains absolute paths to textures, so you say one should correct them if the RBR installation directory is not the default C:\ProgramFiles\bla bla bla.
    I have a completely different path for the RBR I use for btb, but for me it works without correcting paths.
    This maybe should be explained by Piddy, because, only depending on the language of the OS, the mat.ini will be different from user to user and, in the frame of track sharing, this should not cause trouble.

    have a nice day
  19. Hello Eneko,
    I have finally played your stage. It looks really nice. The vegetation is cool.
    But I don't like driving on tarmac... :wink2:

    I find the road too narrow for having a line in the middle...
    May be the real track is as your track, but I find it weird.

    (Me resulta demasiado estrecha para tener dos carriles, con línea central. Quizá la carretera real es así, pero me resulta raro) :)
  20. you DON'T have to correct paths in mat.ini (or materials.ini), the plugin will only process the texture names regardless of their full paths, also, while BTB is aware of the OS localization the plugin ignores it completely(using standard english), so no changes are needed for sharing the RX content between OSs with different language settings.

    if you want to reedit the mat.ini with the material editor and you don't have the the referred dds files in the same place as they were at the time when mat.ini was originally created then yes, you should correct those paths by hand in mat.ini but again, the plugin doesn't care about the absolute paths.